GetSafe Security Review with a Short Compare to SimpliSafe

GetSafe Security Review with a Short Compare to SimpliSafe

Hey, y’all, it’s Rose, and today we’re going
to take a look at GetSafe which is a no-contract home security system. GetSafe sent this system to me for testing,
and what I’ve found is that it’s different from other security systems in that it can
connect to third-party devices and services through IFTTT and it also connects to the
Nest Thermostat. So today we’re going to compare it slightly
to another no-contract option, which is SimpliSafe. I think the first area most people probably
compare while shopping home security is price, but there’s so much more to the story. If it’s price alone, SimpliSafe wins. They have plans that start as low as $14.99
per month, but it’s their $24.99 per month plan that is most comparable to GetSafe’s
plan which is $35 per month. Both plans add text and email alerts, remote
arm and disarm, sensor customization, and home automation integrations. With SimpliSafe, you’ll always buy the equipment
first. With GetSafe, you can buy the equipment first
if you want to go with their no-contact option or you can sign a contract. With a one year contract, you’ll get your
equipment for free. With a three year contract, you’ll get the
Starter Kit for free plus an additional $250 equipment credit. If you choose to pay for equipment, the Starter
Kit is $249. It includes a Hub, an entry sensor, a motion
detector, an 85dB siren, two window stickers, cables, batteries, and an AT&T SIM card. SimpliSafe sells a similar kit that sells
for around $230. But their kit also includes a keychain remote
as well as a keypad, a component that GetSafe doesn’t offer. Both systems rely on a central a hub, and
both hubs lack a visual interface. Using SimpliSafe, you can control the system
with the keypad, app, web app, or a key fob. GetSafe sells a key fob, and they have a mobile
app. Both hubs have a built-in siren, battery backup,
and a cellular chip which you can pay to activate. SimpliSafe can use a 100% cellular signal,
where GetSafe is broadband with cellular backup. Both hubs are responsible for controlling
connected devices, and both companies sell additional sensors including glass break,
flood, and even professionally monitored smoke alarms. I tested the GetSafe door sensor, which can
monitor for alerts and you can setup the siren to chime when your door is opened. I also tested the motion sensor, which includes
both a temperature sensor and a tamper sensor. And I tested the flood sensor which you can
purchase for $39.00, as well as a few other home automation devices, which we’ll get to in
a minute. The sensors perform as expected, but what
makes them interesting isn’t how they protect your home, but how they play a role in home
automation. And this, my friends, is where GetSafe begins
to pull away from SimpliSafe. GetSafe offers the creation of rules and shortcuts
which work out of the box, but you can add a Z-Wave Adapter that sits between the hub
and the power supply to connect the system to Z-Wave devices including smart bulbs, switches,
plugs, garage door controllers, and even thermostats. Smart Rules run using triggers and actions. You can even use multiple triggers. For example, you can say, “Weekdays from
8 am until 5 pm (which is a trigger), if my front door is open (which is also a trigger),
send a notification (which is the action).” My favorite trigger is called tap. When you press the created shortcut button,
your rule will run. For example, under shortcuts here, I have
Goodnight, which turns my connected smart light on, lowers my thermostat, arms GetSafe
to Night Arm, and then turns the light back off after a couple of minutes. The catch is that the rule will only work
with GetSafe devices as well as Z-Wave devices. Though the system supports the Nest Thermostat,
you can’t use the Thermostat in rule creation. The only integration that SimpliSafe offers
is with the Nest Thermostat, which GetSafe offers too. GetSafe also works with IFTTT. Both systems also support cameras. SimpliSafe sells their own indoor camera while
GetSafe sells indoor and outdoor cameras made by EZVIZ. Unfortunately, the cameras are managed through
a separate app, but they do have some benefits, for example, local storage. If you want cloud storage, you’ll need to
pay $5.99/month, which compares well to SimpliSafe’s $4.99 per month charge for cloud storage. Quality wise, SimpliSafe’s cameras are better,
and the same charge that you pay for cloud storage includes optional visual verification,
something GetSafe doesn’t offer. The EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus is the camera I tested
with GetSafe. It has a nifty auto tracking feature. Unfortunately, it has a limited 92° field
of view so it will only track if you’re within the camera’s range of site. Pick SimpliSafe is you don’t care about smart
home stuff and if you want a system that will work directly with an indoor home security
camera. But be forewarned that there are quality issues,
and they don’t encrypt the signal sent between sensors and hub. Pick GetSafe is you want a system that will
integrate with your third-party devices. Though IFTTT you can connect it to Philips
Hue, Amazon Echo, SmartThings, and more. Plus, Z-Wave, which is amazing. But be forewarned that the camera experience
is disorganized, and they recently increased their pricing, which would have affected anyone
using their no-contract option. That’s it for GetSafe, but we have a ton,
in fact, an overwhelming amount of stuff coming up. Logitech has sent Logi Circle 2, which is
one of two HomeKit enabled cameras on the market right now. Arlo has sent Arlo Pro 2. Then I’ve purchased Amazon Cloud Cam, Ring
Spotlight Cam, Ring Protect, and we’ve got even more stuff, so if you’re not subscribed,
please do so because I would love to share all of this fun experiences with you. And I appreciate y’all spending time with
me today, and I will see you soon.

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  1. GetSafe offered a self-monitored option in the past, but they only offer professional monitoring now. Let me know if you have any questions about the system!

  2. Pretty cool Rose. It's an interesting time and battle. I wonder what type of role that their paid monitoring service actually plays. I hope you'll review the Nest stuff. Do think Apple will get in this game?

  3. I am surprised you don't have a million subs. You are one of the best tech reviewers in youtube and definetly the best when it comes to home automation, security cameras and security system. Wish you the best. I hope your channel "explodes" and becomes super popular. Thank you for all the great info.

  4. Hey rose, Can you review the "New and Improved" SimpliSafe system, I currently have Simplisafe but the old system that i purchased about 6 months ago. I called Simplisafe and asked them for an upgrade path so I can get the new system and they told me they currently " do not" have an upgrade path. Its a little frustrating for loyal customers like myself. Thank you and your Awesome keep up the good work!

  5. 2 weeks already in the market I can’t make up my mind !
    There are so many things to look for!
    It’s overwhelming 🤦🏻‍♂️

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