Get Started with DCS-942L Enhanced Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera

Get Started with DCS-942L Enhanced Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera

D-Link’s enhanced wireless N day/night home
network camera. Or as I like to call it, the DCS-942L, is another product in an already great
product line up of my D-Link enabled network cameras. The DCS-930L made
it easy for a monitor you home, pets, and children when your way from home, from a
computer, or mobile device. The DCS-932L brought you
amazing night vision capabilities, and now the DCS-942L adds
enhanced motion detection controls, and a Micro SD card slot for local
recording all while keeping the same simple set up and no hassle configuration.
Let me show you how to get set up. First, open up the box in inside you’ll
find the product information and the installation CD. Followed by the main event, the DCS-942L
network camera, but more on that later. a blue ethernet cable, and the power adapter. Now let’s take a closer look at the
device. On the front mic, IR LED’s, the camera lens, and a passive infrared
sensor for better motion detection. On the back an ethernet port, a headphone
or speaker jack, power, and down below the WPS button, LED, reset button, in the power LED. Now grab the installation CD and head
over to your computer. Insert the CD and the setup will automatically begin.
Follow the prompts for the installation CD prepares a computer for setup. If you’re router supports WPS, or
Wi-Fi protected setup, like most D-Link routers do, setup is going to be a
breeze because WPS makes it easy for your devices to connect to your
wireless network without have to connect the device to your network with an ethernet
cable or having to remember your wireless password. But if your router doesn’t
we’ll cover that set up too in just a moment. For WPS plug in and connect the power to
your camera wherever you want it setup. The cameras ready when you hear a click
and the blue LED flashes once. Then press and hold the WPS button
on the back for three seconds, or so, until the blue LED’s begin to blink. Now head over to your WPS enabled
router and press the WPS button on it within sixty seconds and the DCS-942L will automatically create the wireless
connection to your router. You’ll see the green LED on the back to the
camera when it’s connected. Now head back to computer and complete
the setup. Select “Yes, my router has a WPS button”
and hit next. Follow along the prompt until your asked to
select the new camera, if you have more than one, and click on “Next” to continue. Create a new admin password for the device and continue until you prompted for your
mydlink account information. But before we move on here’s how to setup the
DCS-942L without WPS. Now if your router doesn’t support
WPS, start by connecting the included blue ethernet cable to the DCS-942L and the other end into an available LAN port
on your router. Connect the power, and then go back to set up on your
computer. This time select “No, my router does not
have WPS” and click “Next”. Follow the prompts and select your new
DCS-942L network camera when asked. Hit “Next” and create a new admin
password for device. Select wired, if you want to keep the camera always
plugged in directly to your router, or most likely select wireless to give you greater
flexibility as to where you put the camera. And now set up a scan for available
wireless signals in your area, select yours and if your wireless is
secure, as it should be, into your wireless key below. And then when asked unplug the ethernet
cable and give the device a minute to restart
but will skip ahead. Now that your camera is connected by WPS
or the standard installation method, you need to enter mydlink account
information. If you a don’t already have one, no problem. With an e-mail address, password, and your
name, you can quickly create one. But for now
we’ll assume you have one. Enter your information, and in a moment your new DCS-942L
camera will be added to your mydlink account, along with any other mydlink enabled
cameras for you to keep an eye on your house, kids, or pets when away from your computer or mobile device. Click “Finish” and setup will add a shortcut
onto your desktop to make it even easier to access
whenever or wherever. As you can see the DCS-942L
is a great option for home monitoring. And now, being able to record on the Micro
SD card slot on the device allows for greater flexibility and security by not
having to keep an constant eye on things because it will all be recorded right on the Micro SD
card for later viewing. Thanks for watching.

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  1. It's a easy setup, but I would like to know how to mount the camera on the wall? It's impossible to open up in the bottow to screw it in to the wall without breaking it.

  2. My D-Link DCS-942L Network Camera And A D-Link DIR-957L Router IP Cam I Viewed It On D-ViewCam And Dont Forget To Subscribe To youtube/bn/DLinkINTL

  3. So this cam only uses the infrared motion sensor to detect movement? so it would not work behind a window/ glass? correct? I want to monitor movement from behind a window then have any movement emailed to me. Any suggestions?

  4. Works great!! just as the description. this is my 5th camera and they continue to work great. I also have the ir night one. it work great as well..

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.toZAeyJv

  5. Ive tried the Dropcams and Foscam. Ive returned them both. Dropcam lived up to its name, it dropped signals like crazy. The Foscam was brutal to setup so i gave up. The Dropcam was super easy to setup. Now judging by this video, i may try it out.

  6. It won't find my camera 🙁 it only finds it if I re download the software …but then I try to hook it up wireless without we and it won't work

  7. Just tried this with my Mac. After much ado and emails back and forth to DLink, I finally took it back to the store. 

  8. Here are my thoughts, do not take it out of the box and return it while you still have the invoice.  It simply does not work and Support's solution is take it back to the store and get a new that also does not work.  The good news, I have been on the phone for so long to IT that I now have friends in India.

  9. I was not able to make my D-viewcam works for our 3 D-link cameras. I have 2 DCS-930L and 1 DCS-942L. Is there any video tutorial on how to configure those IP's and port? Thanks!

  10. Ya' know…  Your video tutorial even "shows placement of the camera ON THE WINDOW LEDGE" as if to record outdoor activity.  The video tutorial even states "Day / Night"…  Those points being stated… the tutorial, nor NONE I CAN FIND to date address any possible way to reduce or eliminate the IR glare you'll get whenever trying to record through glass!!!  I realize that the option of "an outdoor camera exists; but why did you "place the one shown on the window sill" if not going to address this issue?

    Do you know of any "window treatment" or other solution to drastically reduce the window glare at night when viewing through glass?  I'll keep trying ideas of my own while awaiting someone who's "been down this road" and has found a solution~  -Thanks!

  11. do i need to keep my laptop also on cable while installing the camera? I do not have WPS in router and I loose the wifi connection on laptop as soon as I plug the camera to router with a cable.

  12. does it have to be connected via a power cord all the time?
    So it won't work if i put it inside a car and use it as surveillance camera then ?
    Are there any cameras that don't need a power chord and can record for about 8 hrs and needs nothing to plug to electricity?

  13. I'd like to use this for outdoor recording. Would the night vision hinder recording at night when placed behind a window?

  14. I got the rev A model of this network cam and it sucks due to slow wifi performance. In order for it to work properly, I need to use an ethernet cable.

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  16. App doesn't work well. Both iPhone 5c & cameras have been updated. Cameras don't work on 4G when away from home only works on wifi. What good does it do when you have no wifi. Is it my phone or the cameras? It works on hubby's Samsung phone on 4G but not my iPhone. It should work on my phone away from home on 4 g. Does anyone know why? BOTH PHONE AND CAMERAS HAVE BEEN UPDATED PLUS WE HAVE SAME PHONE CARRIER. BUT HIS WORKS AND MINE DOES NOT!!!!!!! Not a happy camper with this set up. Will mostly throw away and purchase something better if no one can figure this out. It use to work on my phone the first time we bought them.

  17. I can hear sound from my cell phone from the D link but why can't I respond? Do I need a mic?

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