General Overview of Honeywell VISTA Programming

General Overview of Honeywell VISTA Programming

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  1. I’m a tech that works on security systems and when I try going through the back door on a job I’m at the keypad won’t let me, I’m assuming that means I’m locked out?

  2. I have a Vista 15P Control panel, this is the only panel I have in the home. I would like to be able to program new 5816 sensors when old ones stop working myself without having to call service company ($200 last trip for one sensor replacement). I would like to purchase a 6160 panel just for programming, as you suggested in this video, but not sure how to hook it up temporarily for programming purposes. Is there another video that shows how this is done? I visited your website and see that you sell both the 6160 panel as well as 5816 sensors which I would like to purchase but need some instruction. Also, all of my sensors are wireless, would I need to purchase a 6160 RF for programming?

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