General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation

Something new is coming your way… The biggest change to data regulation in the history of the EU comes into force in May 2018, and every business and organisation needs to be prepared. How personal data is used and stored has changed hugely in the last number of years. The General Data Protection Regulation gives people greater control over how their personal data is used, and governs the way in which every business and organisation must handle consumer and employee data. Not only is good data management important for your business reputation, but there are sanctions – including big fines – for those who don’t comply. The Data Protection Commissioner has put together a straightforward twelve-step guide to help your business prepare for GDPR. GDPR is coming our way… Get aware and get prepared at

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  1. The data protection commission in Ireland is very weak, they have no accountability as they are independent of the state,(although funded by them) their mantra is to represent the rights of individuals, but they really represent the protection of organizations , when met with a complaints from data subjects that may be politically sensitive , they fob off the data subjects stating their claims have no weight ,and keep no records of the fob offs , but use these to boost their stats to how many complaints they receive per year , the DPC are a waste of money to tax payers just looks at the costs to the state in the
    Max Schrems and Peter Novak cases that the DPC said they have no case , it was just that these guys could hang tight and fight the DPC , look how the DPC messed up the Alan Shatter case too, if your an organization the DPC likes you will get away with almost any breach , ibec ,Yahoo it's public that firms lobbied the DPC Ireland .

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