GAME MASTER Take Down PROJECT ZORGO Date REVEALED! Underground Tunnel leads to top secret cave

– [Robotic voice] Warning. The perimeter has been breached. Self destruction sequence initiated. – Oh my gosh. Hey, Zamfam. It’s Rebecca, and you
guys saw in my last video that I found the game
masters secret meeting where he was with three other people in the game master network. And so I followed him into
an underground tunnel, and it took me here. The game master is in that room right now and I wanna see what he’s doing. Oh my gosh, you guys. There’s a window right there. I can see what he’s doing. Shhh. He didn’t hear me. Maybe this room’s soundproof. Hello? The room’s soundproof. I wanna see what he’s doing, you guys. He’s on the computer right now. He’s doing some like, weird chant. Do you guys remember
what those moves were? I feel like I’ve seen them before. He went into the other room. Okay ZamFam, this is our chance now. Okay, so the game master went over here and punched in a code. Did you guys see what the code was? I could not see from the tunnel. We need to figure it out,
if you guys see any type of code in here let me know. Just need to look. It’s like a flashlight. Look ZamFam, if you think
that this is the code to push in that will open
that door, comment below. 5
5 D L
k I think we should try. – [Robotic voice] Access denied. Warning, the perimeter will–
– Wait a sec! Those are letters! There’s no letters on here, okay. Okay, okay, we need to figure this out. You guys, let me know if you see anything. So there’s pipe’s, there’s a hole. Is there anything in here? – [Robotic Voice] The
perimeter has been breached. – ZamFam. C equals this. You guys, remember this
code was on the rock when we saw the secret meeting. And it was also at the laboratory. So we know one of the codes is C. Okay, let’s see what
else we can find in here. – [Matt] Rebecca? – Matt? – [Matt] Where are you? – I followed the game master. I’m in one of the rooms. I think it’s a cave
underground or something. – [Matt] Okay, I see the
coordinates on this device, I’ll be there soon. – Matt? Is there anything over here? Maybe if I use the flashlight. Okay. We’re running out of time right now. Look, it says sink plus ball. We’re running out of time, but if you guys can comment below what the number on the ball was. Do you guys remember in
the laboratory we filled it with Drano and a ball
popped up with a code. Can you guys comment that? I don’t remember what it is. Look, box. Box with a key. Do you guys see a key? What is that? Do you guys remember I
found the key in the bottle? I hope it’s still here. [Robotic voice] Access denied. – Okay, comment below if you think this key is going to work for that lock. I remember the game master was really mad when he saw that the
key wasn’t in the bottle and he didn’t know who took it. Maybe the key was meant
for someone like a recruit. Let me know if you think
this is going to work. It worked! It worked! If you guys new it was going to work, thumbs up your comment. Okay. One, five, seven, eight. That must be the code. One, five, seven, eight. Enter. It worked. What? Whoa, it’s like a bunch
of surveillance footage. This is the same footage
that we saw on the device that Matt found from pumpkin patch. I have no idea what code
the game master used, so I’m just gonna like press some. Hopefully, something will happen. Whoa. Do you guys recognize that house? That was the house the game master posted before on his video. If you guys know or have seen
that house before besides in the game master video
comment below where it was. Okay, what is this? It’s like a mask of some sort. It’s a piece of paper. Okay it says yellow, blue, red. What do you guys think this means? I don’t really see anything
yellow blue and red in here. I mean, there’s a little red bear. This must be a clue for the next room. So, we need to look around and find things that are yellow, blue and red. I don’t know what it’s going to mean. Wait, look it’s like red, yellow and blue, and they’re all over these
boxes with the plants inside. Comment below what you think I should do with these Post-its. Is there an order or a
pattern that I need to find? Red, blue, yellow, red. That would be blue, so. I don’t think it’s a pattern. Comment below if you think
that I should count up the number of yellow. Maybe if I count it up
that will equal something and then I count the blues
and I count the reds. Maybe that will give me a number. I say we just try it for now. One yellow, two, three, five, seven. So you guys, remember seven for yellow. Blue right here. So seven, three and then red. Let’s see. Four. Seven, three, four. If you guys find something
that’s like a three digit code, if you see anything in here
with that, let me know. You know what I was thinking, this looks and feels very similar to an escape room I’ve done at 60OUT. Do you think that this is
an escape room in real life? What if the game master’s
master tunnel leads to different escape rooms,
and that’s his hideout? What if all the escape rooms
in Los Angeles and all over are all hideouts for the game master? That would be the perfect hideout. Wow, you guys, look at this. Like, a huge flower with a rope. What do you think this is for? And this, this is the area where we saw the game master doing those moves. Do you guys remember
at the secret meeting, they were doing some moves and a chant? I feel like that might be the
thing that opens the door. I don’t know if he was
doing the same thing or why right here. Look, look. ZamFam, it’s a peephole. The game master’s on the other side. He just left. Okay, we need to figure
out how to get into there. – [Matt] Rebecca?
– Matt? – [Matt] The game
master’s on the other side of the wall right now. – I know, I saw him but he went away. I can’t see him anymore. – [Matt] It looks like
he went in another room. – Okay. – [Matt] He’s writing down
something on a piece of paper. – Okay. Matt? Matt? I hope he gets here soon. Alright, so we need to figure
out how to get into that room. You guys, it’s a box. It has a three digit code. Comment below if you think that this, is going to be the three digit code. Okay, so, yellow was seven, right? So let’s go to seven. Blue was three. Right? Okay. Three, I hope I’m remembering this right. Pink was… Was it four or five? You guys, was it four or five? I forget! Help me out, ZamFam. We’ll try four first and if it
doesn’t work we’ll try five. Then it looks like you
have to go this way. It worked! It was four! It was four. Okay, okay. It’s another ball and then these coins. You guys saw these coins when
we were trapped on a ship. I have no idea what they’re for. I guess I’ll just keep them. If you guys have an idea
what these coins are, let me know in the comment section and then E equals this. Wait a sec, you guys remember when I found the note in the geo cash
and there was a paper, and I put it back but I took a picture. Okay, look, picture, and it says, the game masters house. If this symbol is E, and then the M is C. We have two of the four
letters to solve something. What do you think this is
going to spell or mean? I have no idea but I think
it might have something to do with the game masters house. Now, we have to figure out how to get in. You guys saw him doing a chant. Do you think that I need
to do something here to get the door open? I really didn’t see him unlock anything. There’s no keyhole or
anything like that so, what if it’s just the chant? I think that might be what it is. ‘Cause that’s all I saw him do. You guys, look. There’s lights here. So, I really think that
I need to do something to activate it. So, if I just face there and do the chant. In the last video you guys
commented that the chant was “game master network activated”. Now, I couldn’t really hear but you guys were pretty
confident that that was the chant they were saying. So, I’m gonna try that
and see what happens. We have nothing lose and
obviously it was soundproof, so I couldn’t hear what the
game master was saying in here. Let’s just try this out. Game master network activated. Game master network activated. Game master network activated. It worked. Thumbs up if you guys
have helped solve any of these clues so far. Thank you guys, so much. Oh my gosh. Okay, I need to figure
out how to get outta here. Look, there’s like a key pad. I have no code right now. I need to look around. You guys if you see any
type of code, let me know. You guys, that code right there. I’ve seen that in Chad Wild Clay’s videos. If you guys have seen that
before let me know what it means. Look, a ball. Let me see if I can try to stick my hand. I’m glad I have small wrists. Guys, it’s another one. This one we just got is four. So, the fourth one is a four. Maybe we’ll figure it out
without the fourth one. Maybe we– Matt? – Rebecca? – Matt? Wait you guys, it’s
soundproof, Matt can’t hear me. Matt! He’s not gonna know how to get in and I can’t tell him how to get in. You’ve gotta use the chant! Do the chant! – She’s doing like some
weird moves right now, what? That looks just like the chant. – Game master network activated. – Now she’s pointing to
the wall like over here. – Thumbs up if you think that
he’s gonna figure it out. – Maybe I have to do the chant just like they did at that secret meeting. – Do the chant! – Game master network activated! – Game master net– Matt! You did it! Oh my gosh, how did you figure that out? I’m glad you figured out the chant it’s game master network activated. – Yeah, of course. – Oh my gosh. – I’m looking on the device right now. It looks like the game master
is not in the other room. – So he’s out so we should try to get in. – And that’s the only other room that I can see on this device right now. – The only thing I can think
of Matt, is this key code. – [Matt] Okay. – But I don’t know what code to put in. – Where would the code be? Have you looked in here? – I looked, I tried to get that. Look. – Okay. Lemme see. Have you tried– Oh, you almost got it. Here, let me see if I can try. – Okay. – If we can try to pry these bars open. What? – Matt! – Okay, maybe we can get the book now. – Matt! – There’s something right here. – What is that, what is that? Pull it out, pull it out. That’s the code. – Okay. – I saw game master over in this area, he was hanging the code. Do you think that’s it? Alright, if you guys think that it is the code comment below. Okay, do you want to try it? – Yeah, seven, five, one, nine, six. – It worked.
– Whoa. – Oh my gosh. It’s like a control room. – It’s like the headquarters or something. Oh my gosh! – Wait, Matt, there’s a ball in there. I don’t wanna put my hand in. – It’s another ball. – It’s the fourth one. So, it says that D equals this sign. So, we’ve gotta put this together. – Well, we gotta figure out
how to get outta here too. – Okay. – Okay. – That’s the laptop. What? – This must be the note
that he was writing. – Whoa. – What does it say? – It says, starting to figure out who will be activated next by. That’s weird. Listening to what other
in the network are saying and how they can help. This has to be a clue. – Look at this, SLH. – You guys, remember, SLH
was in the game master video. If you know what SLH
stand for, comment below. SLH? Okay, let’s see, what other things? – There’s a bunch of like knobs up here. Hey, we haven’t checked the laptop yet. – We should look. – [Ghostly Voice] Always be careful because winter is coming. – Wait, so the game master has a dog, and he’s editing a video,
why would he do that? But I feel like I’ve seen that dog. – I know where that store’s at. I’ve been in that store before. – Wait, so the dog said at
the end, winter is coming. What if this is something to do with it? – We have to solve this. – Hold on. You guys have commented
what you think that word is, hold on, what if that has
something to do with this video? What if it’s all being set up for something big in
the future, coming up? Hold on, where’s the photo. – It’s right there. – Here, okay. – What’s the first one? – Okay, so the first one is a triangle. – D!
– D! The next one is like a circle with a dot. – Oh, it’s right here. – Okay. – E.
– E. – Third one? – It’s like upside down
triangle with a line through it. – Right here, right here. – Okay. – D, E, C. DEC, four. – December fourth. Something is happening,
ZamFam, on December fourth. Oh my gosh. Comment– Do you hear that?
– What is that? – I don’t know. – Sounds like an alarm,
we gotta get outta here. – Okay. – Let’s go! – Okay!

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