Full Free Horror/Thriller – “Kidnapped Souls” – Free Wednesday Movie

Full Free Horror/Thriller – “Kidnapped Souls” – Free Wednesday Movie

[ Music ]>>So you say you
were in a barn. Not that you got a
good look at this guy, do you recall something
about him, maybe a trait, something that might
have stuck out, maybe like a scar or a tattoo?>>No, nothing.>>Ms. Novak, I understand
that you’ve been through a lot, just relax, start
from the beginning.>>I was just getting
home from school, I was getting out of my car. I didn’t see him coming.>>Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Ah! [ Driving sounds ] [ Music ]>>Hey! Hey, you!>>He-he-he-he-he, where am I?>>We like to think of
this place as hell, right, girl, you’re stuck now.>>You ain’t goin’ nowhere.>>Stuck? Hell? I got to get out of here!>>She funny. There ain’t no way out of here. The only way out of
here is through death. Wake up! Come on, missy. Check this girl out. Girl, they gonna chop
you up, real good. Deader than a mother fucker– shut the fuck up making
all that goddamn noise… [ Office sounds, knocking ]>>This is my partner,
Detective Miller. Miller, this is Nicole Novak.>>How you doing, Ms. Novak?>>Detective Miller?>>Yes?>>The crime photos
you requested.>>Thank you.>>How she doing?>>I don’t know. I just got here. Thank you for this,
appreciate it.>>Now that Miller’s
here, let’s continue. [ Rain, music ] [ Screaming ]>>Leave me the fuck alone! [ Screaming and crying ]>>You fucking leave him alone! [ Assault noises, crying ]>>Shut up man, come on! [ Crying ]>>You’re killing him! [ Crying ]>>No, stop! Stop it! [ Music, crying ]>>Oh, God, help us, Lord!>>No! No! [ Crying ]>>You’re going to
hell, you fucker! Oh, God! I want to
get out of here!>>…hallowed be thy
name thy kingdom come, thy will be done…>>…let me out of here,
please, I don’t want to die!>>…forgive us
our trespasses…>>Fucker, you’re going to hell!>>…as we forgive those
who trespass against us…>>Fuck it, get me out of here!>>…lead us not
into temptation…>>This is madness! [ Digging sounds ]>>I had it with this shit, man. We got to get the
fuck out of here!>>You keep fucking saying that. What are we gonna do? What can we do?>>Just face it, home boy. We’re done! It’s just a matter of
time that we’re next.>>God, I’ve gotta
get out of here. Oh, God, please help us!>>Shut up, shut up, no! I got an idea.>>What? what?>>Look, it’s gonna hurt, right? But think about it,
you’ll be free!>>What the fuck do
you want me to do? What’s your idea?>>Rip your hands
out of the cuffs. You can do it. You’ve got the smallest
fist out of all of us, a-a-a-and you know
what, it’s gonna hurt but it- it’ll be fine. You’ll be able to get
out and we’ll be free!>>Fuck you, I ain’t
gonna do that shit! Why don’t you make
this white bitch do it.>>No! No, let’s wait for help!>>That’s why.>>Don’t you fucking
get it, stupid? We’ve been here for
fucking weeks. We have no water,
no food, no nothing. We’re gonna starve to death.>>The only way out this
other fucker is if we rip out these mother fucking
handcuffs or we’re dead. That’s the only way out of here.>>We already seen four
people die and tortured, just like we are right now. The worst thing about it is
they were people that we knew.>>Wait, you all
knew each other?>>No. But he killed my
lady days before I got here, and he buried her
days after I got here.>>And that fucker
killed my boyfriend, too.>>Oh, my God! My boyfriend’s been
missing for weeks! What if this maniac killed him?>>Just face it, he’s gone!>>Yo, home boy,
what’s up with you? You haven’t said anything about
you and your lady all day.>>Yeah, man. I met this girl, Megan, man,
like a month ago at the library. Man, I wanted her so bad, dude.>>What you talking about?>>I messed up, man,
I messed up. I messed up bad, man. I’m gonna pay for this stuff,
man, I’m gonna pay for it. I hate walking. My car’s still in the shop. It takes forever to get
them parts from Europe. That’s the price you pay
when you drive a BMW.>>Wait, what do
you do for a living?>>I design software.>>Oh, yeah? For which company?>>Tech Computers.>>Get out of here! That is so cool. Your mom must be
so proud of you.>>She is.>>Ah, well, thank
you for walking me to my place again,
I really appreciate.>>Aw, that ain’t
no thing, baby, I got to make sure you
get home safe, right? Too many crazy people out here. Right?>>So I’ll see you at the
library again tomorrow?>>I don’t know. Maybe I’ll surprise you.>>Okay.>>Hey, Megan?>>Yeah?>>You know, it’s been
a couple of weeks now, and I am not gonna stop
asking you out on a date.>>Quinton, I really
would like–>>Come on. Nope, let’s go right now. It’ll be quick, dinner
and a movie, you and me.>>I’m can’t, Quinton,
I’m sorry. I just have a lot of
homework and studying to do. But you know what, can’t you
wait til my semester’s over?>>Yeah, I guess.>>But thank you for asking.>>Hey, Megan?>>Yeah?>>One more thing. Can I use your bathroom, please? Pretty please? I cannot hold it, girl. I mean, I can go right here in
the bushes, but I don’t want to get you in no
trouble, you know. Please? Pretty please?>>Okay, okay.>>Yeah?>>All right, I trust you.>>Yeah, okay. Oh, for sure. Okay, it’ll be quick,
in and out, baby, I’m just — in and out.>>In and out.>>Yeah, in and out.>>Oh, you got a nice place! Look at you!>>Thank you.>>Talking about my BMW. This is — this is really nice. I like that.>>Thank you.>>Mm, where’s the restroom?>>Um, it’s down the
hall and to your left.>>Oh, I’ll be right back. Appreciate it.>>Oh, mommy’s babies. You all must be so thirsty. Momma’s here to water you. [ Attack sounds ]>>God forgive me. I’m gonna die today.>>Damn, home boy. I hope you’re next. I despise rapists!>>You fucking disgust
me, you fuckhead! Sick fuck. [Spits].>>You right. I’m gonna die today. I’m gonna be the next to die. He’s gonna chop me
up, I’m gonna be dead.>>That’s just not
making sense to me. Why would a serial
killer just single out couples and that’s it?>>So you haven’t seen your
boyfriend in weeks, correct?>>Yeah, he just disappeared.>>What’s your boyfriend’s name?>>Brian Nichols.>>Brian Nichols,
Nichols, Nichols. Uh, yeah, he’s not here on
the victim’s list, not at all.>>So at any point did the
killer ever say a word–>>How many handcuffs actually
were there in the barn?>>No, I don’t–>>No what, no that he didn’t
speak, he didn’t say a word?>>No, he didn’t speak.>>Ma’am, let’s uh, get
back to the handcuffs. There were how many–>>I didn’t count, okay?>>Miss, please, calm down. We need all the details if
we’re going to catch the guy. Okay?>>Yes, I — I understand,
sorry.>>Thank you. Do you have any more?>>My God, you poor thing. I’ll get you some more. Detectives?>>No, thank you.>>So what happened next?>>This girl Lulu was trying to rip the handcuffs
off and escape. [ Crying ]>>Come on, come on, you almost
got it, you almost got it. Just keep pulling, keep pulling! Yeah, yeah, yeah,
hey, hey stop crying.>>Oh, it hurts me!>>Stop crying! If you keep crying
it’s gonna hurt worse.>>Come on, you can do it! C’mon.>>Lulu, Lulu, no,
no, do it, come on! Hold it like this, just pull!>>I am — oh!>>Pull — hey, hey, hey! Stop fucking crying, okay? Pull. If you keep crying
you’re gonna make it worse. Just pull. You almost got it,
baby, you almost got it.>>Stop it!>>You almost got it,
you almost got it! You almost got it, you
almost got it, yeah! Keep pulling! [crying]. Sh-sh-sh-sh. Hey, you don’t want
him to hear you, right?>>Ahh!>>Just pull, yeah, that’s
almost it, yeah, come on, come on, come on, come on!>>Ahh!>>You got it, you
got it, come on. You can do it! You can do it, you can do it! She got it, go, go, go, come on. come on.>>Come on, go, go, run, run! Go, go, go, go go!>>Hey! [ Shots fired ]>>Damn! Oh, damn! [ Crying ] [ Crying, shot fired ]>>No, no, no, nooo, no! No, no, no, no, no! [ Screaming, crying ]>>You’re hurting me! No, no, noooo! You’re hurting me, ah! Ah! [sobbing] You’re
hurt- Ah, your hurt- [ Punching sound ]>>Oh, God! [ Crying ]>>Hey! Lulu! Lulu, wake up! [ Crickets chirping, music ]>>This guy’s a real freak. I wonder what makes
someones like him tick.>>He’s a sick fuck,
that’s what he is.>>Did he try anything
sexual on you, ma’am?>>What does that have
to do with anything?>>Well, I’m just trying to
gather as much information as I can, you know,
to profile the guy.>>Fine.>>What’s the matter with you? Why you seem all tense, huh?>>Nothing. I’m just — I’m fine.>>Sorry about that, ma’am. Um, again, did he try
anything sexual, just touch you in any way, anything
out of the ordinary?>>It was dark, and it was
starting to get really, really cold in the barn. [ Music ]>>What are you doing? [ Sobbing ]>>Where the hell
you taking her? [ Sobbing, music ]>>No, no, [sobbing] noooo,
noooo, noooo, [sobbing]. [ Crying ]>>No. [ Crying ] [ Screaming ] [ Crying ]>>Hey, hey, are you okay? [ Crickets ] Did he rape you? [ Crickets ]>>No, no, he just freaked
out and brought me back here.>>He got kinky with you?>>No.>>You can tell me, come on.>>No. He – he just
started scaring me. Nothing happened.>>He’s got a hard
on for you, huh?>>Shut up! [Man laughing]. Shut the fuck up! [ Laughing ]>>Whatever.>>Before any of this happened,
Ms. Novak, have you ever met any of the victims at all?>>No, never.>>Are you a uh,
religious person?>>Mm, no, not really,
but I do believe in God.>>Okay, so would you say
you’re a Catholic maybe?>>Yeah, but I mean, I don’t
practice as much as I should.>>Where are you going
with this, Miller?>>Well, it’s interesting,
you know, all the victims seem to have one thing in common, something that they all
share with each other.>>And what’s that?>>Either their birthday,
social security numbers, driver’s license, ID numbers,
they all have 666 involved.>>It doesn’t make any sense. I mean, it doesn’t
mean anything, it’s just a coincidence.>>No, no, it’s not
a coincidence. It makes perfect sense. Actually, uh, when
was your birthday?>>September 9, 1989.>>September 9, 1989. Now, do you see the similarity
that I’m talking about?>>No, I don’t notice
any similarities.>>Similarity I’m talking
about, September 9, 1989, that’s three 9s. Now, you turn that upside
down, you got yourself the mark of the beast, and I’m
talking about 666.>>The mark of the beast?>>Yes.>>Do you hear yourself? I mean, it sounds
like nonsense, man.>>I’m dead serious. I mean, there’s something
strange going on here, don’t you think?>>What are you saying?>>I’m saying that all the
victims that were there in that barn that were
captured by the serial killer, they all had something
in common.>>There’s nothing in that barn that supports that
theory, Miller.>>I’m talking about
probable cause. Now, I know what I’m talking
about sounds a little, you know, offlandish and so
forth, but this is true. You got to understand, this
guy committed murders, man. I mean, he believes
that he’s killing people who might be conceiving
the devil. We got a lot of guys here
that know a lot about cults and things like that, so I’ll
tell you what, I’ll have some of my guys look into this
and I’ll see if I can come up with something further. I mean, as ridiculous as
this may sound, there’s a lot of people here who
believe in the Rapture–>>Yes.>>– and they believe that
they can save the day by taking out the person who’s gonna–>>Okay, okay. I give you that, all right. I’ll go with that.>>I think we have
something here. I’ll check it out. [ Office sounds ]>>Sorry about that. So tell me what happened
the following day?>>The sun came out and it started getting
warmer in the barn. [ Music ]>>Phew, tell you one thing,
it stinks up in here, man.>>I don’t even care
anymore if it smells or not. I just want to die. I just want to get
this over with.>>Well, I’ve been
thinking and thinking, and what if we start a fire?>>With what, Stupid?>>I don’t know. It’s just an idea. A couple of sticks or something.>>Okay, cool thought. This ain’t the movies. This is real life. Think again.>>Hey, well, at
least she’s thinking.>>Well, keep on thinking. Good luck. Being here, it’s made you crazy. Just a few seconds ago, you wanted to die,
and now you don’t? Make up your mind, girl!>>Stop it, both of you! Look, I know you’ve both been
here awhile, no food, no drinks, seeing people die, but
we have to stick together if we’re gonna make
it out of here alive.>>Quinton was right
about one thing.>>What’s that?>>We’re paying for the terrible
things that we did in our lives.>>What are you talking about?>>I did something
terrible, not so long ago.>>[Speaking Spanish].>>I’m having problems with
these two girls at my workplace.>>What, they’re trying
to get you fired or?>>Yeah, they’re
trying to get me fired because these bitches
are jealous of me. I want them to pay for
everything they’ve done to me. I’m fucking tired of their shit. They’re mad at me because I
got promoted and they didn’t. My job is my job, and I’m going
to keep it, so you’re going to help me put these
bitches down.>>There’s consequences to this. I don’t know if you want to
dirty your hands for some people that are not worth it. Think about it.>>Yeah, I want to
— why am I here?>>You know, there’s
a dark side as well. I mean, you can get away
with what you want to do, but later on, it’s
going to take over and it’s going to
come back to you.>>Tell me what I got to do?>>Look, I don’t normally do
this kind of stuff, but uh, I can show you how to
go about it if you want.>>Show me. Show me what I need to do.>>Do you have any
pictures of these two–>>Fuck, yeah, I got pictures. These are the two bitches I
want you to help me out with.>>This is what I
want you to do. I want you to get aluminum foil,
place a picture on top of it, get an egg, fold it, crack
it, get a plastic bag, take it to the cemetery,
and bury it. Now, when you leave,
do not look back by any means, do you understand?>>Don’t look back?>>Yes.>>That’s it?>>That’s it.>>That’s fucking crazy. I’ll do it.>>I shouldn’t have done that. I can’t believe I did that. I’m a horrible person.>>So what happened
to the women?>>They both got into
a horrible accident, and they lost their legs.>>Oh, man. That’s jacked up.>>I’m gonna go to
hell for this.>>Yes, you are, Missy. Yes, you are going
to hell for that.>>That’s why I’m here.>>You don’t mess with
the dark side, believe me.>>God, please forgive me.>>So tell me something,
Ms. Novak.>>What?>>Do you think that the
victims got what they deserved?>>I’m nobody to judge. That’s up to God
alone to decide.>>So let’s say that the killer
was caught and convicted. Would you say he deserves
the death penalty?>>Yes, absolutely.>>Why so?>>He’s not a man,
he’s an animal.>>So would you say that he was
on that, some kind of a mission?>>His mission was
to entertain himself at the expense of others. God will deal with
him personally.>>You believe that?>>I do.>>So tell me what else
happened in that barn?>>Every once in a
while he would come in just to check on us. [ Crying ]>>Oh, God.>>What was that?>>He does that every
now and then. He checks up on us sometimes.>>You’ve been here
over a week already. You haven’t figured out a
way out of this shithole?>>Aren’t you listening? There ain’t no way out of here! Everyone’s tried!>>So by not doing shit
you get to live longer? Is that it?>>Survival of the
fittest, home girl! You feel me?>>No. No, I don’t feel you.>>Of course not.>>I can’t believe
I’m gonna die soon! God, please forgive me!>>Just stop saying that!>>I’m losing a lot of blood
over here and I feel so dizzy! God, please take
this away from me. Please take me away! I just want this
to be over with!>>Seven.>>Seven what?>>Seven handcuffs. There were — there were
seven sets of handcuffs in the barn total,
including mine.>>Okay, okay, great. Continue.>>Great news. We got the make and model
of the suspect’s vehicle. The problem is we have no
license plate, but hey, at least it’s a start, right?>>I remembered there were seven
sets of handcuffs in the barn.>>Are you sure?>>Yeah, why?>>Because that’s the
same amount of handcuffs that were reported
stolen from the unit.>>Are you thinking
what I’m thinking?>>Yeah. I want you to run every
ID, address, make and model of every car owned by
everyone that works here, from the janitor
to the sergeant, I want everyone checked
out immediately.>>Okay, right away. I’m on it. [ Music ]>>You guys think it was a cop?>>I don’t want to jump the gun,
but it’s a very good chance.>>Oh, my God, my boyfriend. You guys kidnapped
him, didn’t you? You haven’t caught this guy yet. He’s still out there!>>Ms. Novak, please! Please! This case has been
going on for a little less than a month, we don’t
have all the clues yet.>>That’s because
he’s one of you!>>We want this guy
as bad as you do, but you are the first
one to get away. You are the only
one to get away. You are our only
link to this suspect. Please, you’re all we have. We need you.>>Okay. I’m sorry. I–>>It’s okay.>>I’m just scared. I don’t know who to trust.>>It’s understandable. You’ve been through a lot. I mean, I’ve been on the force
for 30 years and I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit, but I can rest
assured that you can trust me. Okay?>>Okay.>>All right. Now, your boyfriend
will get back to you, but in the meantime, I
need for you to continue.>>Watch. Watch when he wakes
up, he’s gonna say “Where am I?” like all — Watch, watch. Watch. [ Outdoor sounds ]>>Where am I?>>Yep, yep. [Laughs]. That’s
what they all say.>>Where am I? What is this place?>>You’ve been kidnapped.>>Welcome to hell, home boy.>>Kidnapped by who? And for what?>>By who? Who knows? For what? To be tortured
and killed right here.>>Wait, wait. I recognize you. That missing girl
they’ve been talking about in the news, right?>>Me? Really? My God, my mom, my sisters! Why is this happening to me?>>Yo, white boy! Did you see me in the news? Did they say anything about me? Come on!>>No, sorry.>>Forget him. Just ignore him. He’s old. [ Shots fired ]>>Who the fuck are you? Get me the fuck out of here! Who the fuck’s that guy?>>Just been introduced
to the host of the party.>>This can’t be real.>>Your girlfriend is next.>>What?>>Don’t be surprised if
they bring her right here. They killed my lady!>>Fuck that! She’s pregnant! Got to get out of here!>>You’re gonna fit in right —
real good around here, home boy. [ Crying ]>>There has to be a way out
of here, there has to be. He can’t do this forever
and get away with it. Please. [ Crying ]>>I’m with you, let’s
get out of here, but how?>>The only idea
I’ve had so far is to set fire to the barn but how?>>Oh, come on. How we gonna start a fire? There has to be another way.>>God, take care of you, Lulu.>>Ms. Novak?>>Yeah.>>I got to ask you a question. You know if you’re pregnant?>>No, I’m not.>>Are you sure?>>I’m positive.>>What’s going on
here, detective?>>Well, apparently all the
female victims that were up there at the barn,
they were all pregnant at the time of their death.>>I see.>>Yeah, so it’s all
coming together for me now.>>What is?>>Well, that the beast or the
anti-Christ will be born here in this lifetime, and
someone’s obviously trying to take him out.>>This shit is scaring me, sir.>>Well, that you don’t
have to worry about, ma’am. As long as you’re with
us, you’ll be all right. You’re safe.>>But are you safe from him?>>All right. Let’s just bring
us back to reality and back to the interview. So you decided to play dead?>>I told the new
guy to play dead, because he was the strongest.>>And then what happened?>>Well, the playing dead to escape thing was
not a good idea.>>Why not?>>The killer started
this new thing, torturing. Like killing just
wasn’t fun anymore. [ Crying ]>>Why are you doing this? [ Sounds of struggle ]>>Stop, stop.>>Stop, you’re gonna kill him!>>Guess that wasn’t
such a bright idea, huh?>>I am so, so sorry. I don’t know what to say.>>I do. You guys are dreamers. You guys just met. You guys are dreaming. It’s pretty entertaining,
though.>>Why don’t you
shut up and help.>>Check this out, girl. I’ve been here the longest. I’ve seen people come. They try to escape. There ain’t no way out of here. The only way out of here is
through death, you hear me? Death.>>We will find a
way out of here! We’re going to get out of here. There’s hope!>>Are you stupid? Are you crazy or what? Good luck, is all I got to say.>>Don’t listen to him. We’re gonna get — we’re
gonna get out of here.>>But how? You can barely move.>>I’ll get stronger. I just need some time.>>Thing is – I need you.>>You guys are funny. What a joke!>>Why are you always
so negative? Can’t you contribute anything?>>I never really contributed
anything, to myself, mi familia, or to society. I always thought that I
would die from a bullet. With my name on it. I never thought I would
live this long, never, ever thought, in my whole life. I never thought that
it would end this way. I guess I was wrong. But God had other
plans, as to being here. I didn’t listen to him. I messed up. And there’s some things
in my life that I regret, that I have to live with. But you know what? We ain’t never getting
out of here. Face it. This is what I get. This is what I get. Whatever happens, I’m ready. I’m ready.>>Do the bonfires
like other boys.>>What you talkin’ about, fool?>>Hey come on, come
on, home boy.>>You got to 6th grade.>>Only 15 years old.>>Come on, don, come on, homie.>>Man, homie, have
a little fun, man.>>Home boy, check
this fool out, huh? Right there dog down the street.>>Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s little Joey. I remember him.>>Shit, little Joey my ass. That fool got big in the joint. Look at him. Know what I say?>>That fool raped
my kanala, home boy.>>Oh, sadio?>>What up, fool.>>What’s up, Tito? It’s been awhile.>>And when’d you get out, fool?>>A few days ago. Hey, Dog, I’m on my way
to go see your sister.>>It’s a little too
late for that, you think?>>I tried to work
things out with her. She didn’t answer my
calls or my letters.>>I did that, Este.>>That’s messed up, Tito.>>What’s messed up
is that you knocked up my sister, fool, at 16 homes. You raped her, Dog.>>I didn’t rape her. Love that girl.>>Sh- I’ll show
you some love, Este.>>Yeah, Dog, get
him, get him, get him.>>Home boy, let’s go!>>Yeah, home boy,
come on, Este!>>Get him, Dog, get him!>>Dog, get him! That’s some love for you, boy,
that’s some love for you, Dog!>>That’s enough!>>I was thinking
of letting him go. I let the rage inside
me take over.>>So what happened to the kid?>>Fool got brain damage. He acts like a 3-year-old.>>That’s messed up.>>I’ve done some bad
stuff in my life, but this, when I close my eyes, I can – I can see him right
here in my head. Over and over again. It plays like a tape. I broke his jaw. Every time I see him, every
time, it just breaks my heart. It breaks my heart.>>And what will you do if
we get out of here alive?>>I wouldn’t even know where
to begin if we made it out. I wouldn’t know.>>We can all make it out. You can have that
second chance at life.>>I’m done. I’m done. That’s it for me.>>I’m gonna need his
full name, please?>>Brian Nichols.>>Brian Nichols, and his
address, place where he lives?>>Um, I’m not sure. Uh, I was only there once. I don’t remember
how to get there.>>Right, so you hung
out with him before, but you have no idea
where he lives?>>No. We would meet
up different places.>>Right. What about
his date of birth?>>I don’t know, I’m sorry.>>So you don’t know his age,
you don’t know where he lives, but yet you want us to help him. It’s gonna be difficult to do
that if we don’t have a lot of information on him.>>I know. I know, I’m sorry. I know it’s not much. I feel like I’m on trial
here, but I do know that he’s in trouble and he
needs your help.>>All right. Why don’t you tell me about
the last day you were with him? Where did you guys go? What happened?>>Well, I was waiting
for him at the park. It was one of our
favorite places to meet. [ Outdoor sounds ]>>Nicky!>>Hello.>>Hello, beautiful. Are you all right?>>Yeah. Yeah, it’s nothing. You’re beautiful.>>Let’s not go that far.>>It’s true. You’re the one I love. You are the most beautiful
person in the world to me.>>That’s the nicest thing. Thank you.>>You’re very welcome. [ Music ]>>This is a promise
ring, Nicky. I want to take our
relationship to another level. I know you’re the one
for me, and I’m willing to do anything to be with you. Now, this ring represents
love, loyalty and happiness. I love you, Nicky.>>I love you more, Brian. [ Outdoor sounds ]>>I have dinner
reservations for tonight.>>Forget that. I want you.>>What?>>I want you to
be my first, Brian. I know you’re the one for me. I’m ready.>>Fine, I am yours. Let’s go.>>What was that?>>What was what?>>I heard a noise
in the bathroom.>>Mm, I didn’t hear anything.>>Go check it out.>>Really?>>Yeah. I mean, what
if someone’s in there?>>Are you serious?>>Brian, please. I want this to be memorable.>>Okay.>>Thank you.>>You’re welcome. I’ll go check it out.>>My hero.>>Brian? Brian, what’s going on?>>Brian? Brian, this isn’t funny. Everything’s cool?>>Yeah, I just need
you to get dressed.>>What?>>I said get dressed
and let’s go.>>Why, what’s wrong?>>This is wrong. I think we should wait?>>Wait? But I’m ready.>>Well, I’m not. Just give me some time.>>Are you sure.>>Yeah, I’m sure.>>Okay. But this is
really, really weird.>>I know. I’m sorry.>>So how long ago was that?>>This was um, almost
three weeks ago now.>>And you haven’t seen
or heard from him since?>>No. I don’t know what
I did to scare him off. [ Detective Ramos
enters the room ]>>You know you were
gone for a while, right?>>Well, yeah. I was looking into this
theory of yours and it turns out it’s something that
we can’t dismiss just yet.>>I’m glad you see it that way.>>So where we at?>>Nothing. As a matter of fact, I was
getting some information on her missing boyfriend. We have so far that–>>This is great. This is great. Okay, so let’s pick it
up where we left off.>>Well, at that point,
we all started to think that there might be some hope.>>Hey, hey, you guys. Look- Look – Look it! There’s a key right there. Look- Look – Look it!>>Hey, easy, easy, don’t
take a chance again.>>Use your foot.>>Easy, easy don’t
rattle the chain.>>Oh, my leg, my
leg, my leg, my leg. Oh…>>You can do it.>>Just a little
bit, just a little…>>You got it, you
got it, you got it!>>Oh, come on, come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!>>You got it, just
reach a little further, just a little further. You’re almost there. Oh, my God, you’re so close! You got it, Tito!>>Get it, get it,
get it — shhh.>>Ohhhh.>>You got it.>>Where is it?>>Ah, ah.>>Did you get it, Tito? Do you got it?>>I got it, I got it!>>Keep it quiet,
don’t rattle the chain!>>I got it! I got myself! I got it, got it, got it!>>Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!>>I’ll see you guys,
I’m gonna go! [ Music, shots fired ] [ Music, laughing ]>>I want the exact
time and date from the very moment they
discovered their cuffs were gone. Maybe we could track
it down to who was and who was not working
those days.>>Oh, we’re already
on top of that. As a matter of fact, we even
have the cameras checking out all the cars that
were parked on what days and what days they weren’t.>>Excellent.>>Detective Miller, can
I have a word with you? It’s very important.>>Sure.>>Detective.>>I can’t seem to
find it anywhere.>>What do you mean,
you can’t find it?>>It’s gone, Detective.>>Okay, well, I can’t have that
in my department, all right? You need to find that
handgun immediately.>>Yes, I’m on it.>>Excuse me, one more thing.>>Yes, Detective?>>Ms. Novak’s home
security videos, what’s going on with those?>>Yes, it’s being
reviewed as we speak.>>Okay, I’m going to need to
see that and the photos as well.>>Yes, Detective.>>How were you able to escape? God, I just – I don’t know
what I would have done in your situation. You’re gonna be okay, honey. You’re gonna be okay.>>Oh, God, my arm
is killing me!>>I know, you got shot.>>I know I got shot!>>Okay, I’m – I’m sorry. I’m handcuffed here, too. What do you want me to do?>>Nothing! All right? I’m sorry, Nicky, I’m
just hurt, I’m confused and I don’t know what — I
don’t know what to do anymore.>>Well, don’t give up, don’t.>>I won’t.>>I wonder why he
didn’t kill you?>>I know. He did it for a reason, though. Serial killers do
everything for a reason.>>I have an idea to escape. Okay, here’s what
we — oh, my God! [ Music ]>>What? What? What do you want, damn it! [ Music ]>>What do you want with her? Leave her alone! Leave her, damn it! Leave her! [ Music, crying ]>>God damn it, leave her! Damn it! [ Crying ]>>David, David, David, are you there?>>Huh? Huh?>>David!>>What?>>David? Do I hear you, David?>>Over here, help
me, help me, my arm, help me to stop the
blood, like — ah!>>Okay, I got to
pull you up — ah! He’s back! Ah!>>Run, Nicky! Run! Run away! Run, Nicky! Go! [ Sounds of struggle ]>>I ran and ran and ran until someone finally
stopped and picked me up.>>All right, so
what is this about? This is about the gun, this
is about no fingerprints, it’s about no witnesses,
it’s about you questioning me in front of a witness. It’s about a lot of
different things.>>Well, if you don’t know what
you’re talking about in front of the witness, I’m
gonna call you on it. See, so did we find
the gun or what?>>No, we didn’t find the gun, but I mean you’re
gonna call me on what? On a suspicion? I’m going off of probable cause. I’m going off of the
evidence that I’m hearing.>>You’re talking
about the anti-Christ. You’re talking about the
coming of a beast child come on!>>We- we’ve been
working together 40 years.>>Exactly.>>When have I lost it? When have I ever lost it, huh?>>You’re a strong
woman, do you hear me? You’re a strong woman, and
we’re going to find this killer and we’re going to
put him away for life.>>Please, otherwise he’ll
just keep doing this.>>It’s going to be okay. You have to believe me. [ Shot fired, alarm sounding ]>>It’s Detective Ramon. [ Music, crying ]>>Hold on.>Get up. Get up. Look at me. You know, you really
disappoint me, Ramon. Why the hell did you
keep those people alive when I specifically told
you to kill them right away?>>I’m sorry.>>Get up. Get up! Look at me. What kind of sick,
sick fuck are you? Huh? Why would you
torture these poor souls? You like that? Huh? You get off on that? I can’t believe that we were
born from the same whore.>>I’m sorry, brother.>>Half brother! Half brother! That’s right. I can’t believe the
fucking idiot that would have fucked our
mom to fucking have you!>>I’m a fucking idiot!>>That’s right,
you’re an idiot. You got it right. Ramon, I’ve always known that there was something
wrong with you. I always knew there was
something wrong with you. I know it was you. I know it was you who
mutilated and killed and tortured those cats and
dogs from the neighborhoods. I know it was you.>>Yes, it was me! Me, me, me.>>Yeah, yeah wait,
wait, you, you, you. Because of your ridiculous
behavior, you fucked everything up. You let that one girl go, the
one girl who was the chosen one. She could easily have
been the chosen one to bear the beast child. We both failed the mission.>>I failed the mission!>>No! We both failed
the mission!>>I can find her again!>>It’s useless. They’re on to us. That’s right, Ramon,
they’re on to us. This mission from God is over.>>Why?>>Because I say it’s over.>>What about him?>>Who the hell is he?>>He followed me with the
car, so I knocked him out.>>Does he have any ID?>>No ID, no nothing.>>What’s your name?>>Brian.>>Brian what?>>Brian Nichols. [ Laughing ]>>So uh, you’re
Nicky’s boyfriend?>>Yes. I’ve been
looking for her.>>Okay. All right, Brian. Okay. It’s okay. Now, I’m going to
ask you a question, and I want you to
tell me the truth. Yes?>>Yes.>>Did you have sex with her?>>No, but we were going to
and then something happened.>>What happened?>>I don’t know. I don’t remember. She was gone from
the hotel room, and I’ve been looking
for her ever since. [ Knock ]>>What was that?>>What was what?>>I heard a noise
in the bathroom.>>Mm, didn’t hear anything.>>Go check it out?>>Really?>>Yeah. I mean, what
if someone’s in there?>>Are you serious?>>Brian, please. I want this to be memorable.>>Okay.>>Thank you.>>You’re welcome. I’ll go check it out.>>My hero.>>You!>>Brian? Brian,
what’s going on? Brian, answer me.>>Yeah, I’m fine, sweety.>>Everything’s cool?>>Yeah, I just need
to you to get dressed.>>What?>>I said get dressed
and let’s go.>>Why? What’s wrong?>>This is wrong. I think we should wait.>>Wait? But I’m ready.>>Well, I’m not. Just give me some time.>>Are you sure?>>Yeah, I’m sure.>>Okay. But this is
really, really weird.>>I know. I’m sorry.>>How long ago was this?>>I don’t remember. You’re a police officer,
aren’t you?>>I’m better than that. I’m a detective, Brian.>>Can I see her?>>Let’s finish him off.>>So is this it?>>I’m afraid so, Ramon.>>Does God have a place for me?>>May God have mercy
on our souls.>>So if I don’t get
to see you, brother–>>Yeah.>>– I’ll miss you.>>I’ll miss you, too, Ramon.>>You guys are going to kill
each other after you kill me? You guys are pathetic. [ Laughs hysterically ] [ Shots fired ] [ Fountain splashing ]>>Thank God you made
it out alive, sweetie. I can only imagine what
you’ve been through.>>We’re so fortunate
to have you back. Oh, I feel so bad for
the other families. God bless their souls.>>I’m going to go
get the car, dear.>>Okay, honey. My sweet baby. You’ll be fine in no time. We’ll take care of you
for as long as it takes. Hm?>>Mom?>>Hm?>>Wait here. I’ll be right back.>>Where are you going?>>Just wait. I’ll be back.>>Who are you?>>A friend.>>How do I know you?>>You don’t remember?>>The park. I’ve seen you at the park.>>You have seen me
almost everywhere. It’s just that you don’t
pay enough attention.>>Why are you following me?>>I’m not following you. It’s just that we are
walking on the same path.>>I don’t understand.>>Just listen to your
dreams and you’ll see. God has many great things
in store just for you.>>You are definitely weird.>>Weird? I like that I’m weird. Makes me different, doesn’t it?>>Yes, it does, sir.>>You have a second
chance in life, child. Go ahead, make it proud.>>I will. I will.>>Take care, my dear, and we
will find each other again.>>Honey.>>I love you, mom.>>I love you, too, honey. Honey, who were you
talking to over there?>>Just – just hug me, mom. [ Car horn, traffic sounds ]>>Hi.>>Hi. [ Music ]

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