Frontpoint vs Protect America Security System Review

Frontpoint vs  Protect America Security System Review

Gabe Turner: What’s up everybody? This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re checking out two of the OG home
security systems — Frontpoint and Protect America. Let’s put them head to head. [music] Gabe: Today, we’re going to see who comes
out victorious between Frontpoint and Protect America as I look at the key similarities,
key differences, system components, installation, professional monitoring, customer support
and mobile application. If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, Google Security Baron best home security systems. If you have a question about today’s comparison,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s begin with some of the key similarities
between Frontpoint and Protect America. For one, they both have DIY installation. They each have solid customer support. On the negative side, neither of them actually
offers month-to-month contracting. Let’s talk about some of the key differences
between Frontpoint and Protect America. For one, Protect America’s professional monitoring
fee comes included with the system while for Frontpoint, you will pay for that separately. The inverse is true when it comes to cellular
backup. Frontpoint has cellular backup included and
Protect America makes you pay. Finally, the Frontpoint app reviews are actually
quite high, whereas Protect America did not do nearly as well. I just want to make it clear that with both
Frontpoint and Protect America you can get a host of system components. For the sake of today’s comparison, I’m focusing
on the core components of the hub, motion sensors, entry sensors and indoor cameras. Let’s discuss the installation process for
both Frontpoint and Protect America. First of all, right off the bat, both are
pretty simple. With Frontpoint, it’s essentially peel and
stick. You’ll take all the pieces out of the box. You’ll peel off the stickers, and you’ll just
place them in the necessary parts of your home, your windows, doors, the corner for
your motion sensor. Really, the only thing that took me any time
at all was having to go and attach the various Ethernets and whatnot to the camera and the
hub. Overall, I would say it took me a little bit
over an hour to have my Frontpoint system on and popping. When it comes to Protect America, I should
probably point something out. Whereas it is do-it-yourself, you will be
on the phone with a customer support rep. In that sense, it’s honestly the best of both
worlds. I spoke with someone named Tiffany on the
phone at Protect America, and she guided me through every step of the process. I’m focusing today on the core components,
but I’m more than certain she would have stayed on the phone with me through the door lock
process and everything like that. She was really great. When it comes to top system installation,
because of that extra help with the customer support on the phone, I’m actually going to
give the nod to Protect America. It was super simple to set up. While I wasn’t a huge fan of setting up that
camera, because you need to be very precise about where you put it because it has a very
limited field view, the entire process of setting up the Protect America system with
the customer support was really seamless and flawless. They win, Protect America that is, for system
installation. A quick break. Something I’ve been thinking about — and
I’m sorry I’m a lawyer, I split hairs — is it really do-it-yourself installation if you
have to do it with a guided phone conversation ala Protect America? I’m just wondering, what are your thoughts
on do-it-yourself? Is it truly do-it-yourself if you need to
be on the phone with somebody? Let’s get back to the video. Now that we’ve discussed actually installing
your system and you got it up and running, let’s talk about the professional monitoring
options for both Frontpoint and Protect America. With Frontpoint, you pay separately for professional
monitoring. You have to also think about what comes included
with that in terms of features. With Protect America, you actually have the
professional monitoring included, but you need to basically pay for something else to
get the full range of features. I point this out because if you’re looking
for a self-monitoring home security system, I would probably look at a completely different
system altogether. I think that Frontpoint and Protect America,
you really get the most out of them with professional monitoring. Let’s look at the options with each one of
those systems. Frontpoint offers three plans for your home
security system: the protect plan at $34.99 a month, the interactive plan at $44.99 a
month, and the ultimate plan at $49.99 a month. It seems a little spendy, but honestly Protect
America is not much better with their plans ranging between $20 and $60 a month for the
full range of features. What do I mean by that? With Frontpoint, that $44.99 a month plan
is the only plan that gives you night vision, live streaming, video and image history and
control of your lights and smart locks, which I honestly consider most of those pretty essential
parts of any professional monitoring plan. I’m a little bit peeved that it costs $50
to be able to use all of those with your home security system. With Protect America, I can’t give you a full
price on how all of those work. It’s because, honestly, you can negotiate
a bit. Those prices aren’t set in stone. We would recommend that if you go with Protect
America, you give them a call and try to negotiate those prices a little bit. The next part of the professional monitoring
with Frontpoint and Protect America that I’d like to go into are the contracts. With Frontpoint, you have two options — a
one-year or a three-year term length, after which, you can go on a month-to-month contract. With Frontpoint, if you want to cancel before
your period is done, you’re going to have to pay 80 percent of the remainder of the
contract. To be honest, it’s even worse with Protect
America, where you can just sign a binding three-year contract, and that’s it. Honestly, you hate to see that at this level. The final element I wanted to discuss with
professional monitoring and the Frontpoint and Protect America systems are moving policies. They’re both do-it-yourself installation systems. Fortunately, neither requires you to pay a
relocation fee. Frontpoint will be as nice as to send you
new adhesive and even check to make sure your new home has a cellular signal. Protect America, of course, will go through
that process on the phone of setting up the system again and send you a relocation key. When it comes to the moving process of Frontpoint
and Protect America, they’re both really solid. When choosing a top system for professional
monitoring between Frontpoint and Protect America it’s a little bit hard, because mainly
neither of them really knocks it out of the park. Neither gives you the option to self-monitor,
and they don’t have any month-to-month contracting, each requiring you to sign a pretty lengthy
commitment contract. I would actually go with Protect America because
you can negotiate with them on the phone and possibly get the features you need for below
$50. Frontpoint starts at $34.99 a month. Really, if you want to get the most out of
your system, you’re going to go with that $50 package. From a pricing and negotiation perspective,
we’re going to go with Protect America for the top system for professional monitoring. We’ve discussed the installation of professional
monitoring options for Protect America and Frontpoint. what about getting the help you need when
you need it the most, customer support? Fortunately, they both do really well when
it comes to customer support. Protect America even has a live chat feature. Each of them have different options to getting
in touch like an online knowledge center or emails to make sure you’re always getting
that assistance that you need. From a sheer numerical perspective, you have
four point one out of five in Google reviews for Protect America, which is great. But you have four point five out of five for
Frontpoint, which is astonishing. When it comes to the top system for customer
support, we’ve got to go with Frontpoint. Now that we’ve discussed customer support,
let’s jump into how most people will be interfacing with their home security system, the mobile
application. Instead of being on the phone with customer
support, you’re going to be looking at your system right there on your app. There is a clear winner here, and that is
Frontpoint. Frontpoint gets four point one out of five
stars in the Google Play Store and four point five out of five stars in the App Store. On the other hand, Protect America gets three
point one out of five stars in the Google Play Store and two point four out of five
stars in the App Store. A lot of those people were complaining about
the mobile application not being able to properly engage with the components of the Protect
America system. That’s pretty problematic. It makes it easiest for us to say that Frontpoint
wins best mobile app. Let’s go ahead and do a recap of all the elements
that we covered in our comparison of Frontpoint and Protect America. Installation — here we give the nod to Protect
America, but just slightly because we really appreciated having that customer support rep
on the phone through the entire DIY installation process. Professional monitoring — Protect America
gets the nod here, because you can generally negotiate on what you want out of your system. Customer support — Frontpoint wins the crown
despite both Protect America and Frontpoint having good support. Frontpoint goes above and beyond its customers’
expectations. Mobile app — Frontpoint wins in a landslide
with its higher ratings in both the Google Play and Apple App Store. Like the finale of “American Idol,” here’s
the point you’ve all been waiting for. You’re like, “Gabe, just tell me. Which between Protect America and Frontpoint
should I choose?” You’ve seen that Protect America gets the
slight nod when it comes to installation and professional monitoring, and Frontpoint wins
when it comes to customer support and clearly when it comes to mobile application. Which one is right? Is it a tie? I know you hate that. It is a tie in a sense. If we had to guess what you would like in
the long term in terms of customer experience, we’d probably say Frontpoint. Frontpoint’s customer reviews are above and
beyond anything else that we’ve ever seen. You have to remember that you’re going to
be spending a lot of the time, at least most of you, working with your home security system
in your mobile application. Based on those two elements of our review
system, you might want to go with Frontpoint over Protect America. That concludes our comparison of Frontpoint
and Protect America. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a
like and maybe hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. I just got Protect America with an upgraded Qolsys IQ 2 panel, and the app I use is’s app, and this was per them. At first I had downloaded their app, but they told me that wasn’t the app I should use. The app has good reviews.

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