Frontpoint Touch Screen Control Panel Review

Frontpoint Touch Screen Control Panel Review

Hey y’all it’s Rose and today we’re going
to explore Frontpoint’s touchscreen control panel. Frontpoint Home Security is a top-rated,
professionally monitored security system that’s been reviewed and recommended by multiple
sources and it also happens to be something I use in my own home. For several years, they
offered the Simon XT, which is a non touchscreen option and last year they launched the touchscreen
control panel upgrade. And I finally bite the bullet and upgraded, so we’re going to
take a look at it and also I’ll compare it back to the Simon XT. And let’s go take a
look. The first major difference between the touchscreen
and the Simon XT is that this guy has a built in-camera. The camera will take pictures each
time the alarm is disarmed and save the pictures to your “camera menu”. From the camera menu
you can also view all the disarm pictures. And if you have an image sensor, you can view pictures
from that too. The camera menu will also contain alarm photos. And while they aren’t profile
pic worthy, they are better than nothing. And you can get this feature with both the
Interactive and Ultimate package. The second major difference is that you can
get help faster using this panel. You can press the + button and get the help you need.
Also, if you call for help, but the siren is just too annoy to bear, you can press the
silence button. As you can see there is not an option to silence a fire alarm because
if there’s a fire in your house, you should be making your way outside. Finally, the touchscreen panel, which is also
known as the IQ panel, is more user friendly. I can control my security system, I can manage
users, I can manage my smart devices all from this panel without getting out the mobile
app. Which is awesome. Also, there are some similarities between the IQ panel and the
XT. The IQ panel, like the XT, has battery backup, cellular connectivity, and an integrated
siren. But it’s also different. It does have an SD card slot on the back so you can
use it like a digital picture frame and it has mounting holes you can use the included
stand. If you have any questions about the IQ panel
feel free to comment below and I would be happy to help you out. And I really appreciate
you spending time with today. If this video has been helpful at all I would be thankful
for a thumbs up. Otherwise, I will see y’all later. Thanks again.

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  1. Great review. Thank you.. I've been with them for 4 years, and was considering upgrading to this panel. What was your "bite the bullet" price? They'll give me $150 off, but it's still gonna be $250! Hard to justify that cost, just to not have a panel that doesn't beep when hitting the buttons. There's no way to disable the keypad beeps on the XT, which is the reason I'm here. By the way, what are the dimensions of this? Thanks!

  2. I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  3. Update. Front point no longer have this unit. They have the Frontpoint HUB :Your system is stronger with a dedicated cellular connection. Even more reliable with a Wi-Fi backup built right in. And smash-proof to ensure your alarm signal still goes through even if it’s destroyed by an intruder.

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