First Aid Fail – The Office US

First Aid Fail – The Office US

So assessing the situation. Are they breathing? No, Rose, they are not breathing. And they have no arms or legs. No, that’s not part of it. Where are they? You know what, if we come across somebody with no arms or legs do we bother resuscitating them? I mean, what kind of quality of life do we have there? I would wanna live with no legs. How about no arms? No arms or legs is basically how you exist right now, Kevin. You don’t do anything. Alright, well let’s get back to it, ’cause you’re losing him. Okay, too fast. Everyone, we need to pump at a pace of 100 beats per minute. [sigh] Uhh, okay. That’s hard to keep track. How many is that per hour? How’s that gonna help you? I will divide and then count to it. Right. Okay, well a good trick is to pump to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. Do you know that song? Yes! Yes, I do. I love that song. [clears throat] ♫ First I was afraid, I was petrified ♫ No, it’s… ♫ Ah ah ah ah ♫ ♫ Stayin’ alive, stayin alive. ♫
– Okay, gotcha. You were in the parking lot earlier! That’s how I know you! ♫ Ah ah ah ah ♫ ♫ Stayin’ alive, Stayin’ alive ♫ [Harmonizing] ♫ Ah-ah-ah-ah ♫ ♫ Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive ♫ ♫ Ah, you can tell by the way I use my walk ♫ ♫ I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk ♫ ♫ Music loud and women warm, been kicked around since I was born ♫ ♫ Well, it’s alright, it’s okay,
you can look the other way ♫ ♫ Rit dit doo, rit dit doo ♫
[others harmonizing] Okay, okay! Okay! [Michael muttering lyrics] ♫ Stayin’ alive, Stayin’ alive. ♫ Yeah, okay. You didn’t maintain 100 beats per minute, and the ambulance didn’t arrive because nobody called 911. So, you lost ’em. Okay, he’s dead. Anyone know what we do next? Anybody? Rose? … I have no idea. Anyone else? We bury him. Wrong. [makes buzzer sound] Check for an organ donor card. If he has one, we only have minutes to harvest. He has no wallet, I checked. He is an organ donor. He is? -Yep.
– Give me some ice in a styrofoam bucket! Here we go. [grunts] Angela: Oh my god!
[others groaning] Dwight!
Kelly: Dwight, what are you — [Dwight yelling] We search for the organs. Where’s the heart, the precious heart? I’m not feeling well. I need to sit down. [comforting Stanley]
Hey Stanley, are you okay? [suckering noise] [Angela shrieks] Stanley: Oh My God.
Dwight! “Clarisse.” [everyone groans] Can you tell me why you had to cut the face off the dummy? I didn’t think it was very realistic in the movie. It turns out… It’s pretty realistic. We had to pay for it. Cost us 3,500 dollars. 5,300 dollars for a dummy? Wow… Well, okay. Look. David, this is why we have training. We start with the dummy… and we learn from our mistakes… and now Dwight knows not to cut the face off a real person.

80 Replies to “First Aid Fail – The Office US”

  1. The dancing part just killed me 💀
    The zoom out and seeing kelly already enjoying herself 😂😂
    The way Andy just kept getting closer 😂
    Creed doing the same thing as Andy 🤣

  2. 1:38 Is me when I go to a family party involuntarily and it’s actually a good time, but I don’t want to express it.

  3. I bursted hot laughing when Creed said “you were in the parking lot earlier, that’s how I know you!” Like it literally came out of nowhere 😂

  4. that dummy was quite expensive but it was worth every penny….
    now dwight knows not to cut off the face of a real person.
    the more you know…..

  5. I saw an interview somewhere where Steve Carrell said The Office wouldn't be successful today if it was rebooted or a new show now. Too many snowflakes who get offended when people breathe different than them, and after watching this scene alone…..I get it 😂😂😂😂

  6. Fun fact: a man in my hometown saw a woman go into cardiac arrest and he performed CPR on her and saved her life. He never took a class or read a book on CPR. He was able to do CPR because of what he saw in this episode.

  7. Why does the scene at the end with Michael explaining why Dwight cut off its face remind me of my mom explaining to the principal why I hit someone with a book in elementary school?

  8. i love the office so much but dwight doing that was sickening.. i mean think of all the serial killers who have done that with real people

  9. It's nice to know that when Dwight does another fire emergency and I die, that he will cut off my face and wear it as a mask.

  10. I like how everyone has basically accepted the fact that that one isn't a normal office and they start singing as if it were the most realistic thing to do.

  11. 2:03 I'm pretty sure that jabbing a knife into the torso like that would damage and/or contaminate the organs, rendering them useless; nice going, Dwight.

  12. Rose the instructor had to do this scene a LOT. You can see she almost loses hr composure even in the 100th or more take @ 1:36 when he bumps into her on purpose. They were like "screw it" and just used that clip. LOL!

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