Female Deputy Responds With Excellence | Active Self Protection

Female Deputy Responds With Excellence | Active Self Protection

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  1. When I took a low-light class, we shot one handed and used the flashlight to stay on target. It is always beneficial to train and be able to shoot one handed just in case it is dark and you need to keep vision on whatever target. Kudos to her.

  2. Why didnโ€™t you mention anything about the officer firing way more than he should have. Or the officer firing without any care of his surroundings or over penetration. If I fired a gun in my apartment and if the bullet over Penetrated the walls and killed someone I would go to jail, no questions about that. But if a cop fired multiple rounds off and accidentally killed someone. It would be just that. An accident. Then he will get time off with ๐Ÿ’ฐ pay. These officers need to be held accountable just like everyone else.

  3. The breakdown on this just shows how much of a beast this woman is. Fuck pop star role models, this is a role model for women. Getting shot at by a hardened criminal, she keeps her head, she's tactical and she ends the threat. Respect.

  4. she got lucky, and side note woman cops are the best and least hostile, you get a fair shake with them, they are not busy planting drugs like the guys do, happy she was not hit.

  5. I could see something was wrong. Instinct maybe. You have him keep hands on dashboard and call for backup. Just opinion. Light is very important right now.

  6. That would have been a head shot good thing she didn't get hit god did not take her life that day.

  7. pop pop pop I think you got hi.. pop pop pop pop ok you defini.. pop pop pop pop ma'am.. pop pop pop … I think.. I think the threat is neutralized..

  8. That piece of greasy toilet flush so deserved harvesting. One could see from the on set – his shifty eyes and body language indicated menace.


  10. Hind sight is always 20/20. Should she have told him to put his hands on the steering wheel and keep them there BEFORE she moved behind the car keeping and eye on the hands through the windows on the way to the other side?

  11. Aint gonna lie, i actually flinched bad when he started shooting….she acted like a total boss, damn fine work on her behalf.

  12. The perp moved the gun so quickly and accurately (but not accurately enough, I think because he was moving his arm so fast to make the draw that it probably upset his aim as he pulled the tigger), so yes, by the grace of God that caused him to miss. But his draw was so fast I have no doubt that he'd had previous experience doing that type of draw, it was practiced. He was an experienced killer. God bless the policewoman for her fast reaction to take this threat to the public down. Jesus saves, literally!

  13. With my weapon drawn on him, I would have demanded he put his hands on top of the steering wheel and would not have moved until he complied. Then, watching his hands on top of the wheel, I would have slowly circled around the front of the car watching his hands through the windshield, with gun always trained on him, and would warn him that if he removes his hands from the wheel that I would fire. I don't think I would lose sight of the individual's hands unless it was beyond my control.
    Did she always need to be holding the flashlight when she had one mounted on the gun? (I don't know.)

  14. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„His Car wouldn't Start ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†She unloaded in his ass Good !!!

  15. 1:47 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚"aaayyyy".. he felt them bullets burn. She unloaded 16 shots all on target lol fucking badass I'm glad she's unharmed!

  16. "Yeah ill just shoot my gun in a stationary sitting position and expect not to get an easy mag dump in my head" God criminals are fucking retarded..

  17. coreia your way wrong about this! This female cop got lucky that he missed! The first four seconds of the video I noticed this Hibaro drop his left hand. From that than on I would have drew my pistol on him and probably shot him in his head! Where you come off saying that she did everything right is incredible to me! Guess it's just about the money how Korea. The more Clips you put out the more money you make. Take this clip and delete it I've lost all respect for you!

  18. SEE his [ eyes and face ] it reveals a Attitude of pride, disrespect and disregard for AUTHORITY… the
    eyes and face are also a big revealer of the character of people, bible says a [ proud look ] rebellion, these must be Noticed and prepared for like ISRAEL does in examining people for El Al air flights < it works.

  19. First of all, the guy was very suspicious, keeping his left hand out of sight, and his car was a freaking dump. I think he looked back into the back seat in order to take the officer's attention away from what he was doing with his left hand.ย 

    If I was her, as I made my way to the drivers side of the car, probably walking in front of his car so I could keep my eyes on him, I would have drawn my weapon with my right hand and held the flashlight in my left hand pointed at him. As he rolled down the window, I would have pointed my gun to his face so he could see it. If he drew his gun, I would have immediately shot him in the face, then I would have unloaded 10 more rounds into his head and chest. No need to take this dirt bag alive.

    However, to tell the truth, I would have likely called in for backup to ensure we took this guy down before he was able to pull his gun. But he was very fast pulling and firing his weapon in .4 seconds. Honestly, I don't know how the female officer did not get shot since she was standing at point blank range with the thug. When you are dealing with a thug like this, somebody is going to die. I am very happy that the black thug bought that one-way ticket to the other side instead of the officer.

    Statistically, the black race makes up 12.7% of the US population, but they are responsible for 55% of the murders in the USA. Now, if we examine this further, it isn't all black people doing the killing. It is only black men between the ages of 17 and 55 years of age, for the most part, who are not already in prison. So, that is about 4% of the US population committing 55% of the murders in the USA. Therefore, when you pull over a black man who is acting suspicious and looks like a dangerous person, there is a damn good chance that he is. So, you must proceed as though he will attempt to kill you at some point during the stop, just like this thug did.

    So, if you are faced with this scenario, don't be a hero. Call for backup and handle the thug as a team. You may still have to kill him, but at least no cops will get killed in the process. My hat goes off to this female officer. She is one cool cop.

  20. I just finished a handgun training course – 5 sessions. The 4th session dealt with shooting while holding a tactical flashlight. It was very difficult, at first, to learn how to shoot while holding the flashlight. She did very well in responding to the threat.

  21. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Thursday that the suspect who was fatally shot after he tried to kill a Napa County sheriff's deputy Sunday night had been deported from the U.S. three times since 2007.

    ICE also suggests Napa corrections officials risked public safety by not turning Javier Hernandez-Morales over to them, despite several requests.


  22. The blind evil in this mans face is why I believe in my Glock 19. Smiling at her just to get a shot off and take her top off. How do people end up this way?

  23. I train with every single tool I carry, gun knife,oc, and flashlight. You just never know, she definitely handled it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  24. Yup in USA cops never try to injure and arrest,no no just shoot to kill.Cops have relatively shot 30-40 rounds on unarmed civies but here she could have shot to injure but no,then again I can forgive white female cops but as for others I don't think so

  25. Ten rounds at that range should have done the job. How come she didn't tell him to place his hands on the steering wheel where she could see them?

  26. I am mexican. I live in brazil. I cannot for the love of god understand the extreme left protecting these illegal immigrant criminals. Giving us Legal citizens of the world a bad name.

  27. First, embarrassed to say havenโ€™t spent much time At All with a flashlight, baton, or anything else.

    One issue I see is that she shouldnโ€™t have emptied her gun. For her own protection. Had one of the perps made it, she might have been in trouble.

  28. Magtech? … Hmmmm! , I'm going to try it… I use "CCI" ammo which I thought was pretty much the best, cleanest and powerful stuff out there, but I will give this a shot.

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