F*ck Yes – Protection

Do you still need this? No, no. No no. So you– probably– don’t need this, right? No, absolutely not. God the buttons are so small (laughs) I can’t–
oh my god– okay. Aw, ‘kay. (uncertain noise) Okay! Uh, shit.
-What? Um. I don’t have, I don’t have any condoms.
And I, ah didn’t shave my legs. Shit. Me neither.
-Fuck! My legs are so hairy. (laughs)
They are! They’re really hairy. Yeah?
Yeah. What should we do? Um, well, I don’t want to have a baby, so…
-No. Wha… what do you think we should do? Well. I wanna run across the street to the
gas station… -Uhuh? …and buy some condoms…
-U…huh… …I wanna come back here, take the rest of
your clothes off… -Uhuh… …I wanna go down on you for a while…
-Uhuh… and I wanna put a condom on and fuck you.
-Uhuh! Yeah? Yes. Fuck y- fuck yes. Go. Yeah?
-Go! Okay! Go now– (both laughing) (groans) (whispers) Fuck yes.

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