Family Uses Their German Shepherd Protection Dog, Aspen, in Training

Family Uses Their German Shepherd Protection Dog, Aspen, in Training

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  1. Nice. I know people will complain about kicking at the dog but its great practice, I wanna get a dog from you guys but I'm moving to Japan, the quarantine is like 164 days or something ridiculous like that. Plus Japan is low crime so no need but I definitely think you guys have great dogs. ^^ I wanted to buy Aspen a little while back actually.

  2. Just curious. Do dogs like this see everyone who walks up to the car, or walks up to you etc. as a threat? Are they trained to tell what is a threat and what isn't or do they just protect on command?

  3. One of the most beautiful GSD I have seen. If I could get my hands on a pup of that color and physique, that would be amazing.

  4. That's the dogs color I love. Just got the black and red for my wife. But next time I'll pick a sable for sure

  5. Is that an Eastern German Shepherd? I have an Eastern GSD, when I got him, I thought he was so small. He weighs 82 lbs, but he's really short and kind of lazy. Some of the GSD's at the training kennel are like only 60 – 70 lbs but man! they look huge compared to mine. That's when I found out it's because he was eastern, which are like the shorter and stockier build, more laid back GSD breeds.

  6. my German Shepard got parvo, she fought a full week with the virus in her system. She was only 4 months old, I miss her so much I think about her almost every day and she died about a month ago

  7. if I want my dog to protect my family and home where do I go a d how much is it going to run me. live in California

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