Face Recognition System Using Raspberry Pi project

Face Recognition System Using Raspberry Pi project

hi guys welcome to takeoff group today i have come up with my new project Face recognition system using raspberry pi there are various security systems like finger print,voice,signatures,biometrics and so on among these face detection
appears quite exciting and catching in people when compare to other security systems this system is widely used because of benefits so in this projects we are going to detect
the faces using camera and raspberry pi let us see how it is done and first moving to the block diagram here you can power supply is given to the raspberry pi and web cam is giving as input to the raspberry pi to captures the pictures and saving the data base in the
raspberry pi this is the hardware part In this hardware section you have a detail description of the project here is the raspberry pi which act as a heart of this project because the entire database is stored in the raspberry pi here you are seeing web cam Web cam will capture the series of snapshots and store in the raspberry pi data base. so set of images are captured along with their names with different angles and different lighting conditions to build a better face recognition model in this way the image of your face will be get stored in the database next time whenever you enters in front of the camera your face will be recognized and your name will be displayed on the system when a person enters into the camera zone it will take a snapshot of that person and it will send to the raspberry pi raspberry pi will check the existing data base and compares that picture in the database if it detects the picture the name will be displayed on image when an unauthorized person enters in to the camera zone the number will be displayed on the image Ok let us see the output this
person database already stored in the raspberry pi so raspberry pi check this picture in the
stored database and displays name on the image let us see another example here this person is showing another image so that is also have been stored in the raspberry pi and the name of that picture is displaying on this system so this is real time face recognition system which captures and process the captured face images to the raspberry pi and stored in the data base of raspberry pi so this is how facial recognition system is wore better than other biometric techniques that this can be used for surveillance purpose like searching for wanted criminals,suspected persons missing children’s and for higher security purpose etc so these are going
to be used more and more in the future for security reasons because they provide better performance over other security systems so this is how our system works this is the final output of our project For more projects please visit
our website www.takeoffprojects.com Thank you

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  1. nice one, but please explain me that how can you say that its secure, when it will accept faces shown by phone or a photograph?

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