Experts Warn Democracies Facing Autocracy: Protect Your Institutions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Experts Warn Democracies Facing Autocracy: Protect Your Institutions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Trump's Attorney General stepped in to reduce his friend's sentence. So corrupt it made all the prosecutors quit.

    MoveOn set it up so you can
    Ask the DOJ Inspector General for an independent investigation into Trump & Barr's corruption. All you have to do is text STONE to 668366 to sign.

  2. You are a hero of truth, and in this very challenging time, you have our attention and our trust.  There are more US citizens who know in their BONES that Trump and the GOP Senators who enable him, believes he is the Dictator of the United States of America.  Much like Nazi Germany, there are "mindless zombies" who allow this monster to commit the crimes against our democracy.  BUT, there are more of us than them, and we will not allow it.  Trump, Barr, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsay, and the rest will go down in history as traitors. The are a disgrace and all belong in prison.  We must learn from this and never let it happen again.

  3. If you want to clearly understand how decent men can be persuaded to do things they once thought unimaginable, read a book called " Ordinary Men" by Christopher R. Browning.

  4. Rachel Maddows, be happy that you were psrt of the reason for this.

    Even now.

    Your narrative that democracy collapsing because of republicans.

    Promoting your tribalist mentality.

    What is the DNC doing? Look at Iowa. How they are screwing with democracy so that it can be business as usual. Again.

  5. To repeat the words of @Alistair 1924, "Democratic socialism is not true socialism. If you like police, firemen, military, and medicare, Sanders is just expanding what is covered. Don't draw a false equivalent to fear monger ignorant people." furthermore Socialism does NOT equal Communism , don't agree ? look it up

  6. Did the abyss turn out to be a prosperous first term? The leftist posting seem to indicate they think things aren't going very well. Makes me wonder what the world they want looks like?

  7. All dictators are tyrants says the westerner! That actually speaks volumes in regards to westerners and their own morals and ethics…. "Moral principles do not depend on a majority vote. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong. Right is right, even if nobody is right." — Fulton J. Sheen.

  8. HOW THE RICH STOLE DEMOCRACY ~ by Rhymes for a Revolution •Feb 5, 2020

  9. Get your SH!T together America…do you want another 4 more years of the current corrupt bullsh!t that's happening right before your eyes?? Another 8 years?? Another 12 years?? If not…then DO SOMETHING about it. And do it THIS year before it's too late. FIX this already! Stand out and be heard!! And then, when the times comes…VOTE. Make a difference NOW while you still can! You can right the ship again, America. You still have time! Get it together NOW.

  10. Actually, democracies very often die n broad daylight, when dictators & sanctimonious autocrats proclaim their undying love, admiration, adhesion to, and resolve to defend democracy, the law, the constitution, and of course, sacred institutions.

  11. "The moment you set an example, the spell of the status quo is broken, and others will follow."

    How'd that work out for Mitt Romney?

    I don't want to descend into hopelessness — because hopelessness is a tool of autocrats — but I'm not sure standing out is enough to change the tide.

  12. EVERYONE needs to watch "UKRAINE. THE FINAL PIECE" Actual proof of the corruption the left is apart of!!! Please share it with everyone. It is already being presented but he needs our help!!! Share share share!!!

  13. This is what I have been warning over and over. We are witnessing the beginning of fascism. It's happening right in front of our eyes. Trump is on his way to build his empire. Do you want to see him to be a life-time president and do you want to see his children to be the next president? I think not. I hope not. But Trump has been acting like one since day one. Now he funded some kind of nuclear physics research, which sounded like the one my dad's best friend got involved in at フェルミ where they were developing cyclotron accelerator. What Trump is doing to get what he wants is REAL and very scary. It roughly takes four years to develop the system and installation of the equipment is supposed to start in 2024. I'm sure Trump's purpose is not for future energy but nuclear weapon. I feel so helpless that no one seems to be taking what has been going on seriously enough. We must not let another world war start.

  14. This boat is sinking for certain. Impeachment did not do squat to Trump. "Trump never learns lessons" they say. I say, Trump took impeachment as an insult and next thing he will do is to make sure that it will not happen again. Remember that he's the kind of human being who can let sick babies and children die and feel nothing; who exploit people such as those construction workers he used to build his buildings and finds pleasure doing it. He wants this country, so he's taking it and he's attempting to give it to his children.

  15. Miss Thing here Rachel the Lesbian Hipster Token is paid $10 million PER YEAR to give her bosses a veneer of lefty cred. She and her sorry cesspool attack and lie and outright cheat one candidate and one candidate only. First one to guess who gets some chocolate chip cookies and a giant cake. Whoever’s watching this crap in your family needs to be TAKEN OFF TV. Cancel their service and give them independent media. Put down the phone and preach or pick up the phone and show some Bernie videos.There is a very short amount of time left or the planet is done. No billionaires!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥FIGHT FIGHT GLOVES OFF 🍀

  16. WHAT. WOULD. DR. HUNTER. S. THOMPSON. DO. IN. WOODY. CREEK. TAVERN. SAID. BRIAN. THE. LION. SHORTER. THE. HAIR. AG. BARR !÷!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$!#!!##!!!!NEW. 1945. NAXI. #1. MARTAN. BORMAN !!!!!!!!!$$$$$!!!!###!! CANYOLOCALFILMSCOM. BRIAN. RAPP. CELL. 3106667563.

  17. Will this weirdo doesn't get tired of Russian obsession? IT'S PATHETIC. ¡PATHETIC, resdurecying a Clinton Zombie against Sanders. ¡PD. ¡ I just stop inhere for writing.. Not a real option for truthful news..

  18. Too late. Dumb-mock-crazy majority-tyranny has already been thoroughly corrupted by the plutocracy's bribery, autocracy's legalese & police state, and the common mob's ignorance and superficial knowledge about politics, economics, science, military affairs, and other important topics. Elections are today's religious fairy tales. Yeah, just vote and things will magically go well. That's how we ended up with Curious George (the half-brained prince), Obummer (the liberal-guilt idol of Obamination), and covfefe hamberder with alternative facts (the narcissistic con-artist who repeatedly bankrupted his $400+ million inheritance into $9+ billion of debt, and lied about everything).

  19. Rachel, anyone who seriously studied the collapse of democracies, rise of authoritarians, and reign of totalitarian governments predicted this in 2016. How disheartening to learn that professional experts agreed as well.

  20. If Clinton hadn't stolen the nomination from Bernie, we would not have Trump in the WH…. It's her fault….. The people do NOT want the establishment anymore…. they are not to be trusted as is the FBI and CIA.

  21. It is not a democracy, it is a plutocracy, i.e. the rule of the rich. Oligarchs are everywhere, except among people who believe they can benefit from democracy.

  22. Rachel could Donald Trump lock up the Democratic Party and say it was all under National Security is there a possibility answer back please

    50% of Americans do not own stock. Bottom 50% of Americans are not saving, but are in debt.  Wealth gap getting bigger.  When the corporations were making a case for tax cut, said they would invest in their workers by raising wages, but lied about that. Used money from huge corporate tax cut on corporate buybacks. Corporate buybacks mean corporations buy their own stock to boost the share price, nothing is being created, no products, just line the pockets of the CEO’s and shareholders.  These buybacks became illegal in 1934 after the market crash.  And became legal again in 1984 because corporations lobbied Reagan administration and congress.

  24. In the Cold War there was an expression, "Better dead than Red". Another expression was "It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees". While these seem perhaps melodramatic, those highlight the idea that there is at some point a key decision to make a decisive choice. Honestly, it is not that hard to register and vote, and that choice will keep you from testing the truth of the earlier sayings.

  25. "…for the first time we are starting to get resignations on principle…"
    It has taken THREE YEARS for these people to grow a spine and balls, and to acknowledge that Trump is a Destroyer! Do Bill Barr's comments today indicate that he might be preparing to resign?

    Has Putin been coaching Trump on how to take over the US? Who better to warn us about the process of than someone, Masha Gessen, who has seen it done? Listen up, people!

  26. "…for the first time we are starting to get resignations on principle…"
    It has taken THREE YEARS for these people to grow a spine and balls, and to acknowledge that Trump is a Destroyer! Do Bill Barr's comments today indicate that he might be preparing to resign?

    Has Putin been coaching Trump on how to take over the US? Who better to warn us about the process of than someone, Masha Gessen, who has seen it done? Listen up, people!

  27. Expansion of government powers (left or right) become autocratic. Lefties listen to your own words the path the left is walking ends in the place being “warned” of

  28. Hillary lost so now the boys will not be taught they are girls, men can not use bathrooms along with little girls. Schools do not have to teach how bad america is. Hillary will not be able to sell the rest of americas uranium. Americans will now end up with good paying jobs. We will no longer the benefits of people flooding into america because Trump will build a big wall.

  29. well, the fundamental law establishes elective oligarchy in service to wealth. as a member of the great unrich, i lost all interest in defending the rich from the threatened invasion by vietnam. this caused me to undertake a critical interest in the history and institutions of my native land. as a result, i now live in australia.

    for the record, you will hear endlessly what a champion of democracy the usa is. every word is a lie, and every word you believe makes you a fool.

  30. Rachael, how about focus on conspiracies that can be proven? Like how MSNBC is attempting to manipulate the electorite to protect the ultra wealthy. Wait until Bernie Sanders win the nomination. You won't know the difference between MSNBC and FOX News.

  31. Voters please remember Republicans and their party are the complicit enabling power behind Trump's destruction of America and its Constitution. Bernie 2020

  32. I remember Masha's words. I wouldn't say they were prescient – that presumes the future was uncertain at the time of her statement. She was speaking from experience, having watched and experienced autocracy in Russia. Especially under Putin. One can describe her statement as prescient only if you believed Trump might act differently than he has. But our state of affairs under Trump is about as prescient as a sign that reads 'Danger: High Voltage" followed by our grabbing hold of the live wire.

  33. You get to choose between two dictators, who will then be given the privilege of stripping away your rights, forcing their ideology on you, and making your life miserable for the next few years until the next election where you do it all over again. "Experts Warn Democracies Facing Autocracy"? Lady… That ship has sailed, traveled around the world, and came back loaded with spices.

  34. This is the largest corruption ring I've ever seen and I believe no-one should get away with this. It includes Trump but it goes as far as a criminal investigation as soon as he is voted out. Tyranny is a under statement

  35. Hillary, the fbi and the dnc tried to overthrow a democratically elected president and your trying to tell us trump is the danger? Projecting much Rachel?

  36. America,  snap yourself out of complacency and hiding behind your cowardice.

    Take to the streets. March against injustice. Revolutions that have made the world a better place, started with peaceful, non- cooperative movements. They toppled the mightiest of might.

    Take to the street. Bring long lasting tolerance to injustice to an end.

    This is a democracy,  take it back. It is the only one you have!


  38. Learn from history, so we don't repeat it.
    How quickly people forget, and how naïve we become as time passes by, history slowly erodes with the men and women who gave their lives, so the rest of us could be free.
    Just take a look a Hitlers rise to power. He said it was for the people, for Nationalism, and to protect the foundations of Germany and the German people.
    This was followed by the media becoming an enemy of the state, the poor, the old and the infirmed becomin ostracised and labeled a drain on the great state.
    Then came the immigrants, and the Jews.
    All the time people just stood by and watched, did nothing, rationalizing that these things weren't happening to them. Eventually, these things did happen to them too. To anyone who spoke out against the new leader.
    Can people not see the same thing happening now? Everybody, needs to open their eyes. Even the Trump supporters from rural areas that are some of the worst hit, economically, with the people who require food stamps to survive, but yet they still support the man who will one day, given the chance, eradicate you, one way or another.
    When you hear the expression that, history is destined to repeat itself. Stop ignoring and brushing it off to the side. It's TRUE, and its happening before our very eyes.
    It's time to wake up, speak out, vote, or just do whatever you can, before it's too late.
    This is the beginning to the end of not only Democracy, but the end of America as we all know it.
    Take heed people, this is happening now!

  39. Has MSNBC lost its mind…as a canadian looking from the outside you guys look crazy, you keep making accusations that are completely unfounded, 3 years in and 0% of the things you have said in that entire time has turned out to be true, they are just lies and dramatizations.

  40. Democrats want their friends like comey to get away with lying to Congress 5 times. Democrats are against due process for their opposition. Democrats are against free speech for conservatives. Democrats are 100% autocratic.

  41. Leftists think giving government MORE authority prevents autocracy???
    Private gun ownership is rhe only thing that protects democracy.
    Instititions will not protect you,
    They depend on good actors. What part of Socialism does thiz quote NOT destroy?
    Socialism is all about a central institution with all the power.
    Leftist hypocrisy is the reasoning of a small child.


  43. Our real problem is our republican Senate, which allows him to takeover, instead of stopping him. Because they have been working toward dictatorship since Reagan was elected

  44. And Yet MSNBC, continues to attack AND dismiss the REAL Democratic Front runner, Bernie Sanders. Whose grass roots movement continues to swell, despite the CORPORATE media black-out, MSNBC and CNN.
    After all their fake support for environmental and racial issues, in the end all they care about is the 'Bottom Line' and the real threat Bernie is to their Corporate interests.
    A attack-dog for Mike Bloomberg and other Billionaires.

  45. Darkness lives inside the hearts of all Democrats who think they must be right because of the name_democrat.What they are not able to see is that it is them that is destroying America from inside.Like rats who got into the ladder and are now thinking the house was always theirs .Rats are always rats regardless of in which century they spawned.

    LMAO….hahaha….Just more unbridled hysteria from the liberal left…We've been hearing this for how long now 1year 2 years 3 years going on 4 hysteria driven left years .
    All this overtly dramatic hysteria is gonna be used for a lot of good fodder and the "World is ending. The sky is falling"maddow will be a major contributor of it!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Fake news media has now become hysterical fake news.
    And should be labeled as entertainment purposes only…BECAUSE THAT IS SURELY WHAT IT HAS BECOME..LAUGHABLE ENTERTAINMENT😂😂😂

    Oh please get over your hysteria Rachel… While your claiming all is doom and gloom..( maybe for u personally). The rest of America sees this below.
    A great economy.
    Lowest unemployment for all races.
    Great trade deals finally for America
    Record breaking stock market
    Record job growth
    Higher wages
    No more outsourcing of jobs
    Border wall to dramatically slow down drugs coming across the border killing Americans.
    The list of President Trump's accomplishments continue to grow…..Why u liberal snowflakes still cry over your obvious bitter defeat in the election…Deal with it!
    TRUMP/ PENCE 2020
    This moderate is supporting someone who's actions are working!

  48. However, you need to revise or amend the structure of these institutions to protect them from corruption, when their protective strength is worn down, outdated or breeched.

  49. Everything she says about Trump, I can quote a left that is worse but cnn won’t play that..

    Don, cooper, maddow..
    Are there any str8 people left on cnn??

  50. OMG, give it a rest. Everyday; Trump this, Trump that. How about instead of pretending we're all going to die and no one is safe blah blah, report on how at every turn, people have been capitalizing on s***ing on our president and these polarized messages are affecting all Americans regardless of political affiliation. Trump since day one has been attacked, insulted, accused, scorned, belittled, threatened and bullied. Think about this for a second: Everyone wants to "stop bullying" how about MSNBC and CNN do the same? Shame on you Maddow for your continued hit pieces on insulting our democratic constitution. President Trump has done his best to work with a outdated form of government to make it all work. It's the toughest/worse job imaginable in American history. Give the guy a break.

  51. The Day Democracy Dies sung by the Founding Fathers. Here is our Democrat Voter Rally call song for Nov. 2020.

  52. Rachel you  and  a lot of  journalists  continue to point out  how the  country  has and is  being destroyed by Pukin puppet Donald Tramp and  the  totally  corrupt Republicans.    Americans will continue  to whine but do nothing  to  stop  this destruction   of a once  trusted and  respected country   It is now  pretty  obvious  the path  that  Tramp and  his gang are headed . The  impeachment  fiasco  was an example of  what the  laws  will provide.    Serious  ..very serious  action is now  needed to  clean up the  mess. The  so called  swamp in the  White House  is  now an open sewer!

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