Evangelical Leaders Say God Wants Republicans To Protect Trump

Evangelical Leaders Say God Wants Republicans To Protect Trump

Disgraced evangelical leader. Ralph Reed is once again back in the news
and no, it’s not because he was accepting millions of dollars to ah lobby against gambling
down here in the South illegally. It’s because he’s out there telling evangelicals
that they have a moral obligation to support Donald Trump. See mister Reed has a new book coming out
that’s due, I think in about April. The book is called for God and country, the
Christian Case for Trump, and in this book, Mr. Reed is going to make all of the arguments
possible about why in order to be a good Christian, you have no choice but to support Donald Trump
because that is what God wants you to do. God, according to Ralph Reed, wants you to
pledge your undying love and support and electoral devotion to the man who has credibly been
accused of sexual misconduct by 43 different women. Now, the man who’s cheated on every spouse
he’s ever had, the man who had to pay off multiple different women because he had affairs
with them, it didn’t want that to interfere with this campaign. The man who has repeatedly obstructed justice,
the man who has never done a single thing in his life that could even be remotely considered
to be Christian like, and that’s the man that God allegedly is telling Ralph Reed to tell
the public that they have to support. And I got to tell you, if that God exists,
then that’s not a deity. I want to be friends with that. That’s not an afterlife. I think I would enjoy if that is in fact how
God is, no thanks, count me out of it. But folks, Ralph Reed is not the only one
who’s been out there in the last few days saying these kinds of things. You have Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor
out there saying that we have a God given duty to protect Donald Trump. Now, on the other side of the spectrum, we
also have more than 100 Christian leaders, religious leaders in this country who have
now signed on to a letter supporting the impeachment inquiry. So yeah, you’ve got kind of two conflicting
sides of religion here. You’ve got the people who actually know what
religion is supposed to be about saying yes, go forward with impeachment, and you’ve got
the people who have bastardized religion turned it into a political game and said, Nope, we
have to protect Trump at all costs because the phony God that I claimed to worship says
we have to do it. The religious right is absolutely filled with
nothing but frauds. Every evangelical leader in this country is
a fraud. Every single one of them, they all are. They don’t care about helping people. They don’t care about saving people. They don’t care about leading by example. They care about money. That’s it. That’s what this is about folks. It’s not about abortion. It’s not about the LGBTQ community and keeping
them down. It’s not just about keeping women subservient
to men. The number one thing is it all comes back
down to that money because these mega pastors with these mega churches and their book deals,
they’re in the top 1% folks and every time Republicans come into office, they cut their
taxes. They protect them from the IRS who should
be investigating them because they’re all nonprofits. Yet they’re all actively engaged in politics. That’s illegal. But Republicans protect them. And so they in turn, protect Republicans tell
their flocks that, Hey, Democrats want to kill your babies. Democrats want to turn all of you gay and
the gays are out there causing hurricanes. Or these are all literally things that they
have said over the years, by the way. And they only say those things, not because
they actually care or because they even believe them, but because they say these things, they
scare the voters. They vote for Republicans than the mega pastors
get their taxes cut. That’s how the scam works. The religious right is 100% a scam. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a scam driven by rich con artists who
have absolutely perfected their craft. And they have found someone in Donald Trump
that they know is exactly like them.

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  1. we have a moral obligation to jail con men like you who hide behind the bible , you are the one going to jail first then hell

  2. Marx said long go that religion is the " opium of the people", Maybe the Evangelicals are so stupid and willfully blind because they are using drugs!!!

  3. These Apostate/Prosperity religion "Christians" are proof we need to bring back Protestantism… Liberal (liberty) Protestant Christianity.

    Liberalism: a movement in (contemporary) modern Protestantism that emphasizes intellectual liberty and the ethical and spiritual content of Christianity
    Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 1949-1958-1967-1977-1991-1997
    Liberalism: 4. a movement in modern Protestantism that emphasizes freedom from tradition and authority in matters of belief.
    The Random House College Dictionary 1988
    Protestant: a member of any of those bodies of Christians that protest against the spiritual supremacy of the Church of Rome
    Webster's New World Dictionary and Atlas

  4. Hey, folks! Unlike the rest of these false messiahs I am the real McCoy. I get messages from God all the time! In fact I have one coming in as we speak. Hello , God can you hear me come in big guy. He says for you to send me your money!

  5. Many of Satan's greatest disciples are well know evangelist preachers. They use scare tactics to influence Christians who are to lazy to study the things they should to know for themselves to see what is true and false.

  6. Great video! Much needed — again and again.
    Damn, I thought I had heard the last of Ralph Reed ages ago. They keep coming back, though, don't they? Regardless of whatever scandal or crime they have been involved in. Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tilton, Peter Popoff, Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, Kent Hovind — the beat goes on.

  7. That would be an "Immoral" Reason to support D.D.T., Dioxin Donnie tRump! This is the DEVIL Incarnate Evangelicals want to follow, the Minions of Beelzebub!

  8. I am a Christian. I have never heard such drivel in my life. God talked to this yo yo? How about Satan. He's always ready to talk. God not so much. These people are turning everyone away from God. Not me I read my bible and there is a very firm warning about these false people coming in His name. Great will be their punishment but that's God's business.

  9. Sooo God let childrens die in Pakistan , Venezuela , Africa,etc…to speak to this guy and said protect trump!
    hummm…..maybe i don't know but i guess it's true otherwise we call this a "blasphemy" not a God's friendly thing and above the opposite i presume?!
    But who care God just watch …….
    … for now..

  10. Do they think that they can control God?. Then they are crazy. Praying too God to protect an evil man, they are not praying to god

  11. Never lump "all" of anything together. There are good and bad in all groups. People must be judged on their individual merits.

  12. If I could go back 45 years and tell my 9 year old self what the church would be in the future, I'd be shocked and horrified. The American church is not what I was taught it should be.

  13. What a fucking joke. The deity that would protect Trump is the one whose ass my foot would be deeply lodged in. #FTPTrump

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