Environmental Protection: The Surprising Solution | Learn Liberty

Environmental Protection: The Surprising Solution | Learn Liberty

What sorts of countries cut down all their
trees? What sorts of countries pollute their air? What sorts of countries wantonly kill
their animals? There is a lot of variation but on an average there is this underlying
theme countries that are more economically free tend to protect their environments. Countries
that are less economically free tend to despoil their environments and this isn’t a rich country
poor country thing. Even amongst the poor countries those that are more economically
free tend to protect their environments more so than the poor countries that are less economically
free. I am Antony Davies Professor of Economics
at Duquesne University. I and many other professors work with Learn Liberty asking questions like
what is it we can do to help make our world a better place? How is it that we can institute
rules that help to protect the environment and time and again we come back to the same
answer ‘economic freedom’; more so than any other tool that humans have ever employed
economic freedom on average tends to be the tool that best protects the environment. Join me and many other professors as we ask
this question and many other questions about what it is that can help make our world a
better place. Give us 3 minutes of your time and an open
mind. We will rock your world.

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  1. Well, this will piss-off a few tree-huggers, OWS Marxist marchers and other forward thinking progressives…!

  2. I get the general idea and would agree if it wasn't that this was just some paid advertisement for the fossil fuel industries, namely. People aren't going to want to pollute more if you tell them they can't(other than a complete slob and they'll just be like that anyway). It's not a drug. Wealth addiction and power are like drugs. And just like any drug, some users will lie, cheat, steal and trample down everything in their path to get it. I think this is what we are seeing from the "honest" individuals at Learn Liberty that have no ties at all to coal, oil and natural gas companies/tycoons whatsoever that actually fund and operate their organization.

    …Very charming. Just tell us straight up you need the money for your bully friend's addiction. You're making everyone fucking miserable with this bullshit.

  3. More economic freedom = less regulation over enviromental issues. Us = lots of freedom = on the top of the ranking of polution. Sweden = less economical freedom, enviroment untouched. Here, in Brazil, those who advocate for economical freedom, usually are representatives for the corporations that destroy our resources. Anyway. We have exceptions such as China. Don't get me wrong. I think that the free market still is the best way to create jobs and improve lifes. Sorry for the bad english.

  4. rather then just state something as if its fact can one provide data for the assertion that poor countries with free markets do a good job at environmental protection.

  5. Please define economic freedom. Do you mean corporations getting to dump, pollute, and generally do whatever they feel like regardless of any consequences? Or do you mean consumers having the knowledge of all the practices that corporations use to then make better more informed and diverse choices rather than just blatantly accepting the cheapest product out there.

  6. Hong Kong: 1. in economic freedom,7 mil people does 0.12% polution of world polution,Croatia 87. in economic freedom 5 milion people 0.07% polution

  7. well, when you said "poor countries that are economically free" that's a oxymoron, there are no free poor countries, the countries are poor due to war and corruption, not because of their lack of resources, ect. 

  8. You have a yellow air balloon (free economy) and your friend has a green air balloon (ecology). If your balloon gets bigger, so does your friend's. Did his air balloon get bigger because yours did, or did it get bigger because of the change in the surrounding air pressure?

    In this video you're just looking at the balloons, and ignoring everything else. I wouldn't take this video at face value.

  9. Statism: The idea that the government, which is constituted of people, is somehow MORE concerned about the environment than other people, which justifies the use of force to control the actions of others.

  10. Remember that time that BP spilled oil all over the place and nobody gave a crap? What's that? LOTS of people gave a crap? BP took a major financial hit because of PUBLIC OPINION and VOLUNTARILY changed policy to try and prevent further PUBLIC RELATIONS NIGHTMARES in order to protect business profits?

    But… the free market can't regulate corporate behavior in this way! The government told me so!!!

  11. Capitalism is great for the first party (seller) and second (buyer) because they are both firmly seated at the bargaining table. Third parties (everyone else) get little or no consideration. The environment is definitely third party and that is why it needs special protection.
    Just because the countries with more economic freedom don't pollute as badly does not in any way mean economic freedom = good treatment of the environment as is implied here.
    There was a short non-fiction story in Mens Journal magazine called "Killing Libby" about asbestos mining that explains how things really work. Check it out.

  12. Economic freedom … That is an answer looking through a closed boxed. Think about what economic freedom means. More consumption to fuel more economic growth which fuels more resource depletion. The whole system is based on a model of infinite growth. There is no protecting the environment in the economic model

  13. Do free-market economies protect their environment better only at the expense of other, less-well-off nations?

    (*playing Devil's advocate here, not trolling; I struggle with this question)

  14. If lack of regulations made the environment better, then why does it get more polluted when oil companies and other big interest groups get their regulations reduced?

  15. This is complete bull. I reject the premise based on an abundance of empirical data.

    BRIC countries tend to rate higher on economic sustainability, strangely enough. This is especially true compared to economically free first world nations like America.


    The problem is the free market is very bad at incentivizing long-term sustainability. This especially true of corporations, who are profit seeking above all else and never pay for the externalities they impose on society. 

  16. Great video Antony! I was thinking about an example for how economic freedom helps protect the environment. Here in Finland we have massive amounts of forests and rural nature but it is all privately owned. Law states that everyone can walk and trespass those areas but can't cut down the trees or hunt without the owners permission. The owners of these forests don't cut them all down to flat like in the Amazon but they make sure that the nature is in good health because that means more profit in the long run. Therefore there are massive amounts of forests in Finland who anyone can go walk into but which are not chopped down at lightning speed. 🙂

  17. i think the easiest example is the fact that oil pollutes far less than wood and coal, stuff that socialized countries are more stuck with.

  18. This is a lie. I live in a Scandinavian country with a big government, and we are some of the best environmentally in the world. USA, who has or even of the 'freest' markets in the world, are one of the worst polluting countries in the world

  19. Who solved the acid rain issue once again?  Not the free market.
    Who solved the Ozone layer once again? Not the free market.
    Why exactly did the Cuyahoga River burn so often pre EPA?  Need a hint? 
    Duke recently was caught dumping toxic waste.  Why didn't they stop to consider the PR nightmare…  Could it be because people can't do jack shit when they find out?  Could it be because they have a monopoly?  Please join us in the real world libertarians.

    You people are either delusional or idiots. 

  20. A little more evidence and explanation would be welcome. This short vid is useless. I want to believe you but at least ´learn ´ us why it is true what you say..

  21. Okay I'm all for listening to the argument for Economic Freedom leading to Environmental Protection but am I the only one that noticed that he said nothing of the sort, provided no data, no arguments other than just the statement repeated in a different fashion…. I'd like to see some convincing evidence.

  22. That ukelele happy music makes me forget all the words tending to be lies.
    Go free companies protect our enviroment yeaah!!

  23. Please show us evidence (facts, data) that support your arguments. And please, correlation is not causation. Show us that a free market economy is actually responsible for environmental protection. 

  24. Sad thing is the greed factor. If you are a freaking communist; your friends get all the benefits and if you are a capitalist; your huge corporation friends gets all the benefits. That's the problem; GREED…

  25. That made so much sense….. If there's a correlation (or if we think there's a correlation) there must be causation! 

  26. A study published at April 2014 by Fraser Institute compares average airborne concentrations of particulate matter and economic freedom in 105 countries around the world. The authors, Joel Wood and Ian Herzog, find that in 2010, the 20 countries that were most economically free had average concentrations of particulate matter that were nearly 40% lower than the 20 least-free countries.

    There is a direct link to the study, just search for: "Economic Freedom and Air Quality" Fraser institute

  27. This is where the libertarians lose me. What is the incentive for Dupont not to create a small shelter company used to dump it's poisons in Northern Wisconsin. Can't happen? What happened to when all that pot ash poisoned that river in the Midwest this past fall. Sorry I don't have much detail. .. The press didn't give it the attention it deserved… Yes the small company directly responsible went under and couldn't pay to clean up the mess… what is the solution? You can't tell me less regulations would have fixed this. Other than protecting the environment I'm all in, librarians! Unfortunately this is my biggest concern.

  28. India has had very neoliberal economic policies since the 90s. The country doesn't exactly represent the pinnacle of environmental protection

  29. This simply isn't true though is it? The only reason New York isn't a stinking carcass of filth and pollution is because the government stepped in and required businesses to comply with regulations on air quality and air pollution.

  30. What are you talking about? Cuba protects its environment infinitely more than the United States for instance.

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