Enji Prime HD Mini Camera How To

Enji Prime HD Mini Camera How To

Today we’re going to take a look at the Enji
Prime HD Mini DV Camera This little camera records in 1080p, 720p,
and has night vision, as well as motion detection, it comes with a cable to connect it to your
computer or charge source. The camera itself and a mounting bracket This little end of the cable that it comes
with plugs into the camera itself to charge the camera and transmit video to the computer
to use it as a webcam. Slips in all the way there. Slides into a port right next to the (Micro)
SD card slot. When you first get the camera they recommend
that you charge it for 2 – 3 hours. You can charge it via USB. We’re going to charge it with my surface here
and plug it in right here to the USB. You can see that the camera is charging by
the little red light indicator on the camera itself. You can see it right there. When it’s blinking that means its charging. When fully charged, you can use it for 30
– 100 minutes depending on the features you use. Now that the camera is fully charged lets
power it on. To do that, you want to hold down right here
you can see it’s indicated by the little power icon there. Hold that down for 2 seconds. There you go, that little blue light
means that the camera is on. Now currently the camera doesn’t have an (Mini)
SD card in it, so that why the little light is blinking blue and red. To fix this problem we’re going to go ahead
and insert an (Micro) SD card so we can see what it looks like when you have an SD card
inserted and power lights on. Slip it in here real quick. And it slides in like that. There we go. Alright then now we’re going to push the power
button for 2 seconds. 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, there’s the
blue light. There we go, now it’s ready to roll. Now lets record our first video in 720p. Start with the camera on, push the power button,
and the blue LED will blink 3 times. That lets you know it’s recording, when you’re
done recording, press the power button, then it will stop. The blue LED will come back on to let you
know that it has stopped. Let’s see that one more time. Powers on, push the power button 3 blinks,
now we’re recording, and stop by pushing the power button again, and we’re done. Now, lets put the camera in 1080p mode. To do this, push the mode button and hold
it until you see the red and blue lights. Once you see these you can start recording
with it. To do that, just press the power button, like
in 720p mode. Now it’s recording, to stop, just press the
power button again, and it stops. You can see the blue and red LED indicating
that it’s stopped recording. Now lets put the camera into night vision
mode. To do this, start with the camera off in the
resolution that you want to record in. Turn the power on, and while the blue lights
blinking, hold the power button for 2 seconds. The red light will flash 3 times, and it’s
ready to go. Activating the motion detection mode is very
similar to activating the night vision mode. When powered on, simply press the power button
and hold it for 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds when the red LED blinks 3 times the mode is
activated. To put camera into photo mode, turn the camera
on and then press the mode button 2 times. Once the LED goes from blue to red it is in
photo mode. To take pictures while in photo mode, simply
press the power button. You can see here the camera is in photo mode
by pressing the power button the light will blink, and you know it’s taking a photo. After using the camera and you’re ready to
power it off. All you have to do is hold the power button
for 6 seconds. And there it is, it’s powered off. Another cool thing that comes with this camera
is that you can use it as an actual webcam. All you have to do is connect the USB here
and then hook it into your computer and you’ll notice when you hook it into your computer,
you’ll see the drivers install. You can see it pop up right there. Now that the camera is installed lets go and
download some software so we can use it as a webcam. This free version called Debut Video Capture
and screen recorder software is a nice free one that you can use. Just download it, and then install it. It’s going to pop up and ask for administrative
rights, and just agree, and it’s going to install. It’s really fast to install, a pretty lightweight
piece of software. Now once it’s installed, re-plug the camera
in and let’s go let’s go ahead and close this out and then we want to be sure to turn the camera
off that way we can actually use it as a webcam. If it’s turned on it won’t work. Click on tools, then options there, you can
also hit control + o, and then click webcam, you’ll see it populate there, click webcam,
and then you want to be sure to select the General – UVC camera and it’s 1280 x 720 30
frames per second. Alright there it is, we’ve got camera feed. You can see it looking at the screen there,
it’s working. So now you can use this as a 720p 30 frame per
second webcam for anything you might desire. You may have noticed that there is a time
stamp at the bottom of the videos. To change this all you have to do is hook
the camera up, click on the time file and then change the dates right here. You can set the date, the time down to the
second, and then you’ll notice at the end of this line there’s an N. That tells the
camera whether or not to put the time stamp on the video or photos that you have when
you take them. For me, I don’t like having a time stamp so
leave at N. When it comes out of the box it’s set to Y. You have to update this anytime you put a
new (Micro) SD card in the camera. This file gets created any time the (Micro)
SD card gets put in so if you take it out and put it back it gets overwritten. Thanks for viewing my instructional video
on the Enji Prime HD Mini DV Cam. Went over a lot of different features and
a lot of different functions. I may not have gone into enough depth for
everybody but I tried to keep this video around 5 minutes. So if you have any questions on something
I may not have covered enough don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section down below. I’d be glad to answer that question for you. This is JoeTheGuru, glad to see you here,
hope to see you next time, be sure to subscribe and click the notifications icon that way
you get updates on any new products that I release a review for. Look forward to seeing you next time!

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