(Eng Sub) Ito Mima In 2017 Chinese A-League (Division 1) — CCTV 5

(Eng Sub) Ito Mima In 2017 Chinese A-League (Division 1) — CCTV 5

It’s day 3 of the 2nd leg (Chongqing) of the Chinese A-League (Division 1) and the first day for the team competition. Ito Mima followed Team Liaoning to come to Chongqing 4 days ago. She planned to compete in the singles event but walked out the women’s singles competition after arriving Chongqing. There are 5 members in Ito Mima’s team. Her coach, her mother, her fitness trainer and her academic tutor. Since Ito Mima is a Tokyo Olympic hopeful, TV Tokyo and NHK are here to report news about Ito Mima. The Chinese A-League (Division 1), is the lower division of Chinese Super League. Ito Mima signed a contract with Team Liaoning to join the A-League a year ago. Young athletes need more competitions to gain experience. While Team Liaoning needs foreign player to prevent the team from relegated to a lower division. Both parties fit in easily and that’s why there is such collaboration. Ito Mima’s coach had been making notes during the competition. This is the practice of Team Japan. Brief notes are always better than a good memory. Despite the unheard rivals, the coach took the competition seriously. The coach coached Ito Mima with the notes. While Ito Mima listened to the coach’s word seriously with an ice bag on her neck. The rival of Ito Mima is Liren Sijia. She is one year younger than Ito Mima and is a member of Team Fujian. It’s a contest between the 2 athletes. The competition experience will not only benefit Ito Mima but Liren Sijia as well. Liren Sijia would not have a chance to play against world-class athlete, Ito Mima, if there wasn’t Chinese A-League. When she changed her tactics, I ran out of solutions to win points. She is a competitive table tennis player. Did you record the competition? Yes, I did. Will you study the match after the competition? Yes, I will. I will learn from the competition. To see how she changed her tactics. I was leading in the first game. However her adjustments posed difficulties on me. And I have no clue to win points from her. Ito Mima won 3-0 over Liren Sijia. She earned 1 point for Team Liaoning. 40-year-old Kim Kyung Ah was competing in the League too. She represented the China Table Tennis College Team. Her opponent Choe Jong Sim from DPRK representing Puyang Table Tennis Experimental School. It is rare to find table tennis defensive style players. It is a great chance to gain experience from Kim Kyung Ah, an experienced world-class chopper. In this match, Kim Kyung Ah comeback from a 0-2 deficit. She won 3-2. What a lesson for Choe Jong Sim. Lee Ho Ching from Hong Kong also took part in the League. In order to allow his athletes to accumulate more competition experience, the head coach of the Hong Kong women’s team, Li Ching formed his own team, and sent Lee Ho Ching to Team Xinjiang. There are many non-Chinese athletes taking part in the League. It’s a good learning experience to us. I hope my athletes can try out there skills they have learnt in training. And be more mature in competitions. Ito Mima showed up the second time in the match between Team Liaoning and Team Fujian. She won 3-0 again and secured 2 points for Team Liaoning. She helped Team Liaoning to advance to the next round. It might not be the most intense competition but there are always things to learn from competitions. I was a bit nervous at the beginning. I would love to compete in more competitions. I am happy whenever I finish a match. Ito Mima thanked each journalist after the match. She then reviewed the competition with her coach. Other matches are still undergoing. The exchange of sports and culture is undergoing quietly in Chinese League-A (Division 1).

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  1. great share sir. i like the playing style of Kim Song I from DPRK, a solid defender with good footwork, and nice to hear that she won the womens single. do you have a link video of her game. more power to your channel.

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