[ENG SUB] GOT7’s CCTV vision in Elevator (Leaving Work)《Bang Unnie》

[ENG SUB] GOT7’s CCTV vision in Elevator (Leaving Work)《Bang Unnie》

Ya, children! Wa, today was fun! I need to throw away my rubbish. Power Time 107.7. Yeah, Choi Hwa Jung Noona~ Hwa Jung Noona always takes care of us so well. 107.7 man~ Are you going to drink the same drink continuously? Yeah, I brought 3 packets here. Wow. It has a similar name as JB as well. Hyung, no one will steal it. (Changing the subject) Today’s radio was good, right? Yeah. *singing Yugyeom’s part in Look* Excuse me, can you sing your own part? No, it’s because I like the song so much, that’s why I’m like this. But when we come on next time, we can sing live as well. Yesterday, I don’t know if it’s because I saw (the chart) before sleeping, I had a really good dream. Oh! I had a dream where I was crying buckets! It was a dream where my house became bigger. BB: It has a good meaning! YJ: It’s not a bad dream. (Talking about their own stuff) YJ: Honestly I would do whatever I wanted. JY: You… also… (BamBam’s Dream Deciphering Time)I was sleeping, after I woke up, There was one more door in my house. A door that I haven’t noticed before. BB: After I went in, I found out I had another house. JS: Dreams are opposite. So I was like, oh? Is there such a place in my house? YJ: Haha dreams are opposite. JS: Dreams are opposite (from reality). So your house will shrink approximately half in size. (He’s a genius…?) (Dream is not over) So in the morning after I got up, I was like ah~ Then suddenly cats and dogs suddenly came in, stray cats and dogs… Oh… Just now I had a feeling of being on a pirate ship (a ride in an amusement park) Oooh I really can’t look below… really… Ya… Yesterday… Ya. Yesterday while waiting one hour after one hour… JS: Did you feel like the time didn’t move? YJ: Right! All of you, what time did you sleep? JS: 3 o’clock. MK, BB: 4 o’clock. I slept really early? In the morning I got up and realized there were around 200 unread messages. BB: So early… We… When I was waiting, I was so nervous (I know him well) You slept in the middle right? I slept in the middle. x2 (Banana mukbang again) But because I still had to wait, I had some whiskey. Oooooohhhhh. So, after I played some Battleground, Yesterday, I was in a really good mood. BB: What time did you really sleep yesterday? While doing my mask, I was checking the charts, JY: *Bye* JB: I really slept at… (and then I don’t know what he says) Hwa Jung noona, we’ll come again!! CALL US!! Power Time 107.7 Everyone PLEASE CALL US A LOT!!! Choi Power TIme is so fun. I love you. Subs by @97bambams on twitter 😉

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  1. Omg 😬 mark is me ! I could just sit there and not talk for hours if I am not aware of it😂😂 poor him

  2. I love how when JB was about to talk everyone got quiet but then the oldest Mark interrupted him and JB couldn’t say anything 😂😂

  3. While everyone in the comments talking about Got7, I’m over here scared by how fast that elevator is going 😫I hate heights 😭

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