[EN SUB] 20200124 朱一龍Zhu Yilong 細數「宅」之法,一個人在家也很精彩|春晚特別報導訪問 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Interview

Hi friends of Tencent and Tencent Entertainment, I’m Zhu Yilong I saw your interview 2 days ago and you said that CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala was more difficult than you imagined it to be, Could you please elaborate on the specifics? When I said that, I wasn’t merely referring to my own program After I came to CCTV, I could feel that all staff really put in a lot of effort for the show So you have performed for the show for 2 consecutive years yes How do you feel? Happy and honoured After participating in the rehearsals, what did you feel most strongly about? What did I feel strongly about? That is, to be happy Because I really want to deliver a sense of happiness to audiences If there weren’t any restrictions, what would be the most ideal way of spending Chinese New Year? I always spend a lot of time away from home filming Spring Festival is about ushering in the new year (it would be nice to spend it with my family To talk and have a meal together, watch CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala and discuss the year’s events Are you a homebody? Yes, pretty much, If you don’t have to work, how long can you spend at home? Well if I don’t have to work I do like to travel To take a look at different places So if you’ve travelled, how long can you spend at home without stepping out of the house? that is really being a homebody I don’t think i have hit a maximum yet… but yeah, I can bear staying at home what do you do when you’re at home? I can do so many things I can watch films, play my musical instruments read my scripts and books and also speaking with my family so you can do plenty of things yes It is 2020 this yuear So think about these specific years – 2000, 2010, Do you remember what you did in these years? Could you share with us something memorable from these years? 2000 was the year I graduated from primary school it is a long time ago I graduated from primary school that year Yeah, we spent the new year together I think I was in Beijing at that time Yeah What about 2010? I graduated from university in 2010 It was my initiation into the society I was entering a period when I had to be chosen (for works) What about 2020? 2020? It’s my 2nd time on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala Ok, so fast Q&A! Use 4 words or a phrase – pick one I’m fine with both Describe how you feel performing on the stage of CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala Happy and honoured Describe your reaction when you received the invitation Eh it’s the same – happy and honoured! Describe your performance outfit Red and fiery Describe your state standing on the stage of CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala Filled with passion Summarize your 2019 My 2019… Gathering myself and taking on challenges Are you still nervous since this is your 2nd time? I thought that I wouldn’t be, but I’m still quite nervous If someone took a funny screencap of you during your performance, what would you say? Oh that would be interesting Do you want them to send the screencap to you, or just enjoy it in private? send it to me! Yeah, they can share it and we can enjoy it together “Travelling the world

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