Elite Dangerous: Piracy, Targets in High Security Systems

Elite Dangerous: Piracy, Targets in High Security Systems

Hello I’m commander WiggyB and
welcome to elite dangerous version 2.3 This is the second video in my PvE
Piracy series. If you missed the introduction to piracy you should find a
link on the screen now. In this video I’m going to show you how to pirate
low-temperature diamonds in secure systems, even high security systems,
without picking up a bounty. I’ll also show you how to identify the best
candidate systems close to your base. With these tips you will be able to
significantly increase your cash per hour while also adding some interesting
new game mechanics into the mix. Before we go on I’m playing using horizons
expansion on Xbox one – but don’t worry the tips I’m going to describe are
applicable to all platforms and to the base version of the game. In my piracy
intro video I concentrated exclusively on piracy in Anarchy systems as this is
the simplest method. It also helped keep the video to a sensible length.
Unfortunately there are a limited number of agricultural anarchy these systems
are also prone to conflict, outbreak, famine and a range of other states which
reduce the spawn rate of the ships we’re after. So how to improve? First, off back
to outfitting. The techniques we will be using require a wake scanner, so make
sure you have one fitted. I would also recommend a manifest scanner, just to
be certain that you’re hunting a ship worth catching. Both can be D rated as
keeping up with mining ships isn’t hard, so the increased range and power draw of
higher spec modules isn’t worthwhile. If you have horizons I would also engineer
the modules for lightweight if you can. This will maximise your jump range and
combat agility. Okay, straight into the basics of the
method. The ships we’re looking for spawn in all agricultural systems, not just
anarchy. However trying to steal from them results in a bounty and unwanted
attention new local constabulary. Interdiction however does not – all you
get for this is a small fine. Once the ship dropped out of super cruise, run a
manifest scan to ensure that it actually has diamonds. During this time the ship will prepare
to jump away. Hold fire and let it. As soon as the ship jumps, scan it’s wake signature. Don’t panic if your momentum causes you
to overshoot, you should have plenty of time to turn around before the signal
de-spawns . Once the scan is complete simply wait for your FSD to finish its cooldown
cycle and then initiate your own jump. The target system will be automatically
populated by the wake scanner. It is very important that you do not select the new
system manually. If you do you’ll lose track of your prey After jumping into the new system your
victim should spawn immediately. Select the ship and interdict it again as
quickly as you can. Don’t worry if the ship heads off into
deep space and it takes a while to chase it down. Be patient, you will eventually
catch up to it. Occasionally you will find that the target tries to evade you
by dropping out of super-cruise close to the star – as in this case. If that happens,
select the low wake signal, set your speed to the middle of the blue and
navigated into range. Be careful, if you pass too close to the star you will
emergency drop and the chase will get lost. Once you have the ship in normal
space for a second time check out its crime status. If its status reads lawless then you’re either in an anarchy or an unpopular system. Either way you are good to attack disable and loot
without fear of bounty or interference. If the ship status reads clean, then the
system is populated and the rule of law is enforced. The local police will
therefore take a dim view of aggressive behaviour. Simply let the ship jump out
again and repeat the chase until you end up in a suitable location. This first example was a best-case result. One jump and then I was good to fill my boots. It isn’t always this easy. Pick the wrong starting system and you can be in for an
extended chase as if brief time-lapse shows. So that’s was an entertaining 10 jumps
and 23 minutes of chasing. Good fun but not a particularly efficient use of time
if you’re looking for cash. Here’s how to avoid this. The original starting system
for that clip was Bandjigaly. On the surface this looks to be a good
candidate. It has an agricultural economy, high population, several stations and a
black market. It also has a reasonable demand for diamonds so you can sell your loot afterwards. The problem isn’t the system it’s the neighborhood. Using the
EDDB.IO website’s system tab it’s easy to see what I mean. By placing Bandjagali as the reference system, selecting no to “only populated systems”
and leaving everything else blank we can get a list of the closest 50 systems –
both populated and un-populated. As we are accessing the entire database with this
type of query the results often take several minutes to arrive. As you can see
the ratio of populated systems to unpopulated systems is extremely
unfavorable. Diamond mining T9s usually jump somewhere up to nine
light-years, T7s up to 11 light-years and T6s a bit further. A T9 is therefore
guaranteed to jump into a populated system if it starts in Bandjagali
as there are no un-populated systems within ten light-years. A T7 has a five
in seven chance. Tf the first jump is towards the center of the bubble then
things will only get worse from then on. EDDB is the solution here once again. To
find good quality target systems I would recommend running the following system tab query. Only populated systems – Yes. Aallegiance – independent. I’ll talk about this later. Primary economy agriculture obviously. The station filter should be set to “having
orbital” as we want somewhere to land easily. Reference system should be your
home system, in my case Neto. And finally, state should be set to boom as this
increases the number of ships that spawn. Once run I then filter the list
further to remove the clutter of power-play ships in the super cruise
instance. I generally pirate in independent systems that do not have a
controlling power. This has a secondary benefit as systems of this type are
generally to be found around the outside of the bubble. Populated systems close by are few and far between as a result. The first relevant system is Democo and its
local neighborhood looks like this. The difference is stark. Pirating in isolated
systems like this results in a single jump chase more often than not, speeding up the entire process and therefore increasing yield. The next refinement
needs us to look at the system map. Again here is Democo. I generally try in
pirate and compact systems without far-flung stars or distant outposts. This
means that the vast majority of ships within the system are visible on my
scanners. Ships outside scanner range do not necessarily despawn and so your
perfect target may be present but just not visible. I also like to look for
systems with as many asteroid belts and rings as possible. These also seemed
to improve spawn rates. Democo does fall down a bit here as it only has one belt.
LTT 15225 however is the star of the group. A recent piracy session here netted 7 Laycons with a mean supercruise wait
time of 4 minutes and 20 seconds. The average diamond Hall was 130 tons per
ship. The longest chase was 2 jumps. I should point out at this point that the
best systems will change over time as factions move in and out of boom. Keep
running the initial search regularly and build up a stock of bookmarked systems
so you can always find somewhere good to hunt. If you want to stay pirating in anarchies, then simply set the government to Anarchy in the original search. This
will yield a very short but potentially high profit list of systems. Again the
results will change with time so do run the query for yourself.
That’s all for this video. I hope you find it useful. If you did, please do
leave a like and a comment. If you hated it please let me know why.
Constructive criticism will be gratefully received. In the next few
videos I’m going to be focusing on lower cost ships, alternative locations to
pirate and on pirate missions. I hope to see you there.
o7 commanders. WiggyB out

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  1. WiggyB I have been doing this for awhile and I have always thought about a team piracy operation. Maybe a interdictor and a cargo ship working together someway. I have done this with team mining was always wondering if it would work with this.

  2. Wiggy, nice well made vid sir, I stumbled across this whilst looking for something “slightly off the norm “ it enhances my mining experience and introduces come different skills..subbed 👍

  3. Brilliant information. Was starting to get a little tired of the usual play mechanic. Now I have ships to build & systems to target and Low Temp Diamonds to wear.

  4. Hey Mr B, when I search for systems on EDDB, the 'only populated systems' option is greyed out and can't be changed :c Any idea why?
    Anyway, great piracy vids, you encouraged me to give it a go!

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