Elec Home Security Video System- Security Camera Product Review- Buyer Beware

Elec Home Security Video System- Security Camera Product Review- Buyer Beware

– This is a review of the Elec
Home Video Security System. I just recently
purchased it off of eBay. I decided to go with the
8-channel so eight cameras with the DVR hard drive. I believe it was
started as one terabyte. The system came in, this
is the actual cameras. They are very small, they
are very lightweight. They look kinda cool too. One issue I did have
with them immediately is if you can see right there,
there’s a little screw. This adjusts the ability
to move the camera around so you can mount it at different
angles, that sort of thing. One of those is actually
stripped out so I would have to request another one. See next was the DVR. You can see that right there. It’s very small so this
is with my hand on it, very lightweight,
which is kinda cool. As far as from a
quality perspective, I’ll see if I can
actually set this up. I actually have eight cameras, only four are
plugged in right now because the power cable’s
out but it works fine. Let’s see if you can get
an idea of the quality. I hope it translates. Let’s see. So you can see hopefully that it’s pretty high
quality actually. Let’s see if we can get
it to go black and white. There we go. So this is the night vision. It picks up (beep noise
drowns out word) though. Generally speaking, good
quality, looks good. Again, minus the
little screw issue. Right now and this
is the entire setup so there’s the DVR,
here are the cables. Now the cables are
60-foot cables. I ordered separately three
extension 100-foot cables. They actually came in a pack
of four so about $20 more. I did that because the
nature of my house needed to extend those
to a further area. With that said, one more thing. I’m actually getting a
roof put on tomorrow, so the plan was, sorry,
over the next few days is I could run the wires while
the decking was off the roof so it seems like a
great plan, great way to knock it out easily because running
the wires through those small corners of the house would probably be
a little difficult. So with that said, I
had everything set up. I was gonna take
’em up to the attic and start kinda
spreading them out so they would be ready to
go tomorrow, drop a line and overall, we’d be good. Then it got to the point
where there’s the e-Cloud. So e-Cloud is their system
where you have a QR code and you just take
a picture of it and everything’s
magically set up. Well that I’ll tell you
is bullshit, all right. It is completely not
the way it works. It does have a QR code. All that does is essentially
show you which app to download. It’s not individualized
for your product, at least I didn’t get one so that was really worthless. So following the
instructions, keep in mind, the instructions,
they are in English. Cleary they did not have
an English-speaking person actually write this because
it’s not exactly crystal clear. And the first step is to
set up on Internet Explorer your e-Cloud system so that was my objective. That started about six hours
ago, this entire process. Note, I own an iT company,
I’m fairly IT-oriented, I’m fairly IT savvy and I was unable to set it up. So something that says
that it’s plug and play, a long ways from plug and
play, I’d put it that way. I have not been successful. In addition, I’ve tried
to set up the app, which is the second
portion of that process, and again have
been unsuccessful. Coming from someone like myself, that means if you’re
not extremely IT savvy, there’s almost no chance
it’s gonna happen. Now this was strange to me because I bought it off eBay and they also had
it on Amazon too, but they had it on eBay and on eBay, they have
some very high reviews and I could be wrong on this but I’m almost under the
impression that on eBay you only leave a review if
you didn’t return the product. I could be wrong on that, but if so, that would make sense because they sold a lot of ’em and if someone doesn’t have
that issue then they’re fine or if someone purchases
it and like myself, almost thought
everything was fine and then later on
was gonna come back to the e-Cloud process, that
would’ve been an issue as well. I also started looking online
a little deeper into reviews. They’re on ripoffreport.com,
they’re on a variety of these very, very
negative websites with some pretty
negative things to say. I can only tell
you my experience. Oh, I also went to the website. Their chat, you can
go to their website, chat, it doesn’t even exist. It’s a null link. The phone number, which
of course I called, it just simply rings,
there’s no answer. And then the final
thing was email, which they received an
email many, many hours ago, but with no response. Now they may respond
tomorrow, we’ll see. But I’ll put it this way, if
they resolve it right away, you’re not gonna be
watching this video because it’ll be resolved. I would highly suggest you
not purchasing this product based on my experience. Well I can’t say that,
that’s up to you. I can tell you my experience and you can kinda go from there. What I would ask is two things, or what I would
recommend is two things. One, maybe for
something like this and I didn’t think
about this in advance, instead of using… Some of the reviews
out there talk about how even if
you get it set up, the e-Cloud’s not
always available and that could be because
their servers are in China, which it’s clearly Chinese. You can get this
from every piece of information on their website and reading the owner’s manual. It’s just things that
are clearly not English. Getting it from
someone like Best Buy or a Costco or
somewhere like that, and there should be
some, I’ll say some… Some comfort in that because if it’s coming
from someone like this, I even realized what is to say they don’t even have
access to all these cameras using their e-Cloud? Since they’re in China, what’s
even the penalty for that? Really, I mean who’s to say? Whereas if you go through
someone like Costco, it’s probably pretty sure
the system’s gonna work because they’re not gonna
be carrying something if it has a fail rate like this and on top of that, there’s probably a little,
I’ll say, comfort level in this especially if it’s
cameras inside your house from a privacy perspective. The only other thing
I would ask is that whenever you’re
watching the video, please make some comments
in the sections below. The reason for that is it’ll
help rank the video higher. The reason I wanna do that is
because I had this experience, I wanna share this experience
so someone like yourself or so no one else makes
the mistake I made. Thank you for your time.

75 Replies to “Elec Home Security Video System- Security Camera Product Review- Buyer Beware”

  1. Bought this product this week, and trying to get the ecloud to work as well. Would love to be able to view remotely, but using as a camera system with my tv works as well. Viewing on a tablet would be awesome though. Hoping there were more info on these..

  2. Hey Chis. My thoughts exactly. The actual video quality is good, but I was unable to hook it up to ecloud. If you are just using the video camera to be hooked up to your TV, it's probably fine. I was able to do that effectively. The problem is I really wanted remote viewing and it simple didn't work for me. Hope you have better luck than I did. I ended up returning mine.

    This is the actual one I bought:
    ELEC® 8CH Channel HDMI DVR 960H CCTV Outdoor Home Security Camera System 1TB

    NOTE- They were good with the return, but I did have to pay for shipping so the entire process cost me around $30 and obviously a lot of wasted time.

  3. The ecloud function works for me on my cellphone. I just downloaded the app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elec.temp&hl=es . 1. In the DVR I enable DCHP. 2. in my phone I looked for the option "connection mode" there I entered my device Id, user name, and password. I did not connect by IP/DNS since my IP address is dynamic…then if it changes the app will not connect. Also now I am able to connect to the cameras using my laptop and the e-mail alerts are working too. In order to connect using your laptop you will need opera, it will not work with any other explorer…once in the website http://ecloud.elec.com/login.html you will need to install a plug in after that log in by device and enter the device ID, your device user name, and pasword. The e-mail alerts were not working for me because somehow the DVR Software does not recognize my e-mail addresses…I tried gmail and hotmail, but nothing. Then I used my wife's gmail address and it worked!!! now I receive the e.mail alerts, I hope this helps.

  4. I brought this system a month ago, easy to system up the camera around the house but tge ecloud system never got it to work…

  5. i also made the same mistake i purchase the same system. i still have not been able to set the system up. and the company has not responded to my calls .

  6. Hello, just to Let you know it is easy than you think to configure remote viewing it works, Im an IT engineer and I also own a small IT company here in Mexico it took me 5 minutes to configure remote viewing thru ecloud

  7. Hi, I have been installing these systems for a few months now. I discovered that the problem with the remote viewing is the server. Recently I had an install in a customers house that I couldn't get the dvr online. So after a few embarrassing moments I decided to pack it up and head to the shop. I hooked the dvr up and went home. The next morning the dvr was online and working properly. It took quite awhile for the server to accept the dvr. my fix… I plug them into the internet at the shop prior to installation..

  8. I made the same mistake. I did get it to partially work on an IPod but not completely or consistently. Just came back at it and continue to have problems. I would not buy again or recommend this product.

  9. Same here – i purchased one year ago and what a nightmare. do yourself a favour and buy a decent Dahua ipcam from aliexpress instead. The cloud is an absolute joke. they cannot even make a website, its the worst. Its probably a company with 3 guys that make a fortune selling on ebay and amazon and zero office. Even the instructions they could have paid a westerner a hundred dollars or to write the instructions. clearly they are too tight or chinese for that.

  10. yes i agree. not a good product. i got a 16 channel elec and i cant get the email to setup. ive tried everything, even changing emails and using multiple port numbers many hours lost and no customer service

  11. Strangely enough I did get the cloud working on android, but not on the pc. For the life oif me i still cant work out how to record anything – at the moment it says there is a recording, but its only a blue screen in the playback and clicking play does absolutely squat. Dont buy this product unless all you want is a camera system you monitor directly from a screen and not record anything. – I am also using the 960H

  12. We purchased this system as well and hooked a couple cameras up in our shop while we were building our new house late in 2015 and it worked properly, ecloud and everything, though the instructions were very difficult to follow. We moved it to the house Feb 2016 and can't get the ecloud to work now. No customer support from the place we bought it or ELEC online or phone. Very disappointing.

  13. I am having the same problem that you are having, the app is trash and only works over your LAN (even after port fwding). I did find a work around for viewing your cameras via a web browser over the LAN. Ive yet to get anything working over the WAN. I have had my cameras since fall and the overall quality for the cost isn't too bad but the software end of things can really make you want to turn the damn thing to the store….or throw it out a window.

  14. I also bought the 8 channel ,however I purchased the black with no internal hard drive (was under the assumption that it recorded internally…HAHAHA joke on me ….I purchased a 3tb external hard drive and still no recorded video …this product sucks ….

  15. Thank you for this review. I almost bought this system. The saying is true, "if it's to good to be true then it's not true." Thanks again. Wonder who wrote all those wonderful reviews on Amazon. Buyer beware. Why is Amazon selling this???


  17. I bought it am I the only one cause it says offline and the instruction doesn't tell you how to get it online so idk should I return it has anyone found out how to work this?

  18. Thanx for your review and demonstration. Luckily,I didn't pay for this. UPS abandoned it on the stoop of a vacant apt. I've been amusing myself simply trying to get it to accept its own default settings OR the account I set up a couple of years ago. After removing the battery,disconnecting the HD and firmly grasping my largest ball peen hammer it decided to accept my acct/pwd. I can't figure out how to drain the capacitors or whatever residual charge the MB holds. There are no physical buttons of ANY type on this model (CVD-1004) at all. Can I jump a couple of wires on the IR receiver to make a normal switch?
    The cameras are pretty good. The box is pure Trumptech.

  19. Having first purchased one of these systems for my residence, and then at 6 different facilities for which I am responsible, I was uncertain why you reported such trouble. I recently purchased another DVR to replace mine (which is close to 4 years old I believe). The new software on the DVRs is a bit different than those which I had previously purchased. Additionally, the web server used to host the video access is different (ecloud; the previous site was "vMeyecloud", or similar). In any case, I found myself in the same boat after hours of troubleshooting. I am hoping that a solution to my problem (and yours) is found quickly, as I have made many recommendations to others which held this product to be an excellent value. Over the duration of my experience with his product, it has been an excellent value. I'm concerned that one of the greatest deals I've found in years will go belly up as a result of poor support and service. Thanks for your review; we certainly appreciate it.

  20. i just purchased this system and when i plug it up to the TV, the DVR doesn't work. ……i called the 24/7 tech support and it just rings. ………I'm sooooooo pissed right now

  21. If I'm not going to use cloud is this a good system? I don't need another app to clog up my phone and unsure if the feed is secure anyway. I'm looking for night protection, because son works nights.

  22. I've stopped using or installing this system. I've had to replace all of them under warranty. I'm Now installing a competitors system. Sannce, better quality by far.

  23. Thank your for your input…. I am looking for a security camera system and from your review I will clearing stay away from these!…

  24. Too late!! Just purchased same 8 ch only 4 cameras in set…no SSD installed so had to buy one and eCloud did NOt work. Cameras are good quality however, thinking of returning to amazon with further comments. And you were correct in saying that the ratings were high…not sure how they pulled that off at all…

  25. I have an elec system for two years. You are right, it is so difficult to configure. I could not set up email notifications. SMTP errors everywhere. Just to let you know I finally found an app to monitor cameras on phone Vmeye cloud app. Do not sign up for their website to monitor unless you want them to watch you (privacy)

  26. My DVR system went out after about 3 months. I can't get it to power up any more 🙁 The cameras are still on. They still have the infrared lights on at least. Very disappointed.


  28. i bought this for 169$ and paid 300$ to install , ayear and half after warranty expired dvr stop working….red light no more green light ….dont know what todo , lost all money

  29. When pulling feed from far away locations, it's best to power the unit as close to the power source as possible (in other words, although your data portion of the cable is imperative, the power is not). Having said that, wherever convenient, power to any point closest to the camera so that there isn't such a voltage drop (heat issue in the wire). I probably should re-read whatever the hell I wrote up there but….eh, it's youtube (where censorship is a hushed topic)…oooga

  30. I bought this system around christmas and somehow it has set a password on the dvr and I can not access anything on the dvr at all. I have tried and tried to find a way to reset the password and have found nothing. There is no owners manual to the dvr either. The more I try and find a way to reset the password the more frustrated I get and I feel like I have been ripped off.

  31. I bought from Amazon. I tried for half an hour and i was able to figure out in mobile app. let me know if you need help. I am not IT Guy, but it was able to solve but no success with e-cloud.

    In Android app connects very fast rather then in Apple.that's wired to.

  32. My 2 cents for the techies that are learning
    The following instructions / hints are tier III level. Good luck with those that don't understand.

    The cloud "Ecloud" is a dangerous thing anyway. Accessing this device on your own LAN via your own secure methods is better than the cloud. My mobile phone accesses this device via a custom port forward.

    1. I use a port scanner on my local network to identify what access is open on the device, what ports its trying to connect to china with.
    2. Separate your private network from the public network by having a decent router firewall, connected to your external service provided router firewall. Use a separate internal NAT provision (Like 10.0.X.X)  network to segment the possibility of port scanning from external hackers.
    3. I allow only the default port via my firewall for accessing remotely only, but I change the port at the router so that those simply scanning from China or their places cant hit it by the default port.
    4. I use rules to not allow my local NVR/DVR MAC address to connect by itself to externals on any other port other than the one I authorized.
    5. I know my Cell phone IP addresses (Class B from the carrier) that my cell phone will use, I only allow that Class B access to the device port via my firewall. This means that only the USA Carrier customers can even remote to this port. This reduces the chance that a IANA from a third world country can access my device.
    6. When running the JAVA applet on my private internal system I run netstat commands taking note of all 3rd world connections, then block them via my firewall to prevent remote backtracking

    Sounds like a lot, but its only about 1 hour to set and forget. Get yourself a real IT pro if you need it to work better than the original. Having 8 cameras, true D1, and a local hard drive is a powerful system for less than 150 bucks, Just don't trust the cheap device to support you with it.

    My CREDS
    HS dropout with a passion from Silicon Valley , a grandson to the original Hardware Hacker that taught Woz how to connect the CRT controller to his homemade z80 in Sunnyvale.
    01001101 01000001 01000100 00100000 01010011 01001011 01001001 01001100 01001100 01010011
    DOD AAA Auth trained and certified
    Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, GTE, and a ton more unmentionables.

  33. I'm now on the 4th app released by these hoax stars. on the last 2 I've been able to look at it on my phone and tablet as long as I'm on my wifi network at home under the guest log in. I never could register my own account. now I'm being told by the latest app that my serial number does not exist. for all the people who can't get it to record, open up the DVR and make sure you have a hard drive in there. I didn't! compared to other systems the cameras actually suck. low quality all the way. advice to others, buy you a decent DVR for security cameras, at least an 8 channel, find some decent quality cameras at a good price even if one at a time, build your own system, the whole system at a time is overpriced and you will wish you had gotten better

  34. Thanks for the review. Very informative. I read in the police report section of a local newspaper that an Elec customer had her camera stolen while it was in use…

  35. After watching some of the antics of Chinese technology which is more copying everyone elses and then leaving up to the consumer I totally agree with you. Thanks for the video I was going to buy one today on auction. Thanks again

  36. Same experience here except with Floureon. All the software is crap and information is crap.
    However, I've gotten remote viewing PC and Android working and even securely over the net.
    (Don't have any Apple devices so I can't say for those, sorry)

    I used
    1. CMS (Floureon provided software – Looks universal and can provide a dl if anyone needs)
    2. IP Cam Viewer Basic – Android store
    (xxEyexx etc programs are the worst apps I've ever used and have never worked for me)

    Basically get LAN viewing working and use a VPN for over the net.

    PC: You can use CMS to try all the ports (DMZ your PC to make it easier)
    Android: IP Cam Viewer Basic can scan for the device on LAN (Will take ages as it tests every protocol available and will list which ones had a signal.)

    After everything works on LAN, setup a VPN to your network as that's more secure and will technically be in the LAN.

    Buying this soon and I'll see how it goes.
    Hopefully this might help anyone still going around in circles. Took me like a year to get this organized
    (PnP/Simple my arse xD)

  37. I purchased this same security system about 6 mouth ago on eBay for 86 bucks when installing the cam 1 didn't work the other channels work but the colors are a bit of . you get what you pay for will be upgrading to a night owl

  38. I bought the Annke brand from eBay today for aud$209 without hard drive, and then found the elec brand for $199 with 1tb hard drive, I was regretting, I guess I did the right thing not buying this let's hope the annke works

  39. Before buying I asked ebay seller if it was "plug and play" as I am NOT tech savvy.  I was told  this was the system for me.  The instructions were very lacking in details. Can't get it to work. The cameras seem like good quality and I'm hoping that I can use them with a different system.

  40. Thank you for your review. It's exactly what I am whining about. I like the system. Everything is great-UNTIL- you get to the e-cloud setup. I'm fairly technically inclined and there's not much I cannot find a way around with computers and systems. I purchased it with the idea of being able to watch my home, and especially my elderly mother when i'm away. Two years into it, still no remote viewing. I've tried everything, every app, every server, and still it just will not work as stated. Mine doesn't have a valid serial number nowhere. The barcode app that is supposed to take you to easy setup is not even applicable. I'm just using it to record 24-7, and check nightly to see if there's anything happening when I'm away. Stuck in the quagmire with no foreseeable remote viewing.

  41. Great review Ryan. I bought the ELEC 4 cam DVR and added a 500 gig hard drive.
    The cameras were installed a worked fine through the DVR t a VGA monitor. The ecloud.elec.com cloud remote service only worked on the Maxthon Browser. The site has such limited bandwidth one can not use it as a 24/7 remote viewer. To view the cams through a local pc using a browser was very challenging. None would work except IE11 inside of a sandbox. I was able to input email addresses for the motion detector to send emails to email addresses and that works great. I used this project as my first retirement project and it is ongoing. The local browser requires active x download from apple and it do=es not work on any browsers I tried. I did get the android app to work flawlessly after several hours of setup and works fine in 4g or wifi. The android app will change the dhcp ip to the local one and if 4g is used make sure to manually change the device settings to your external isp's IP.IP if you use it locally. Again I agree with your review ..( Do Not Buy this PRODUCT!)
    Earl Wallace

  42. I was about two clicks away of purchasing this product from Amazon and your review help me make a decision for my family. I will not purchase this setup and will continue to look and find another option. Thank you so much….

  43. This video is so on point about this product. I too am an IT and I could not figure out how to get it up and running via remote control on my iPhone. I do not recommend this product at all. I mean I spent hours upon hours.

  44. Bought the system and he’s isn’t lying I have the same problems with it! There isn’t anything you can do either to fix it.. all in all it’s a peace of shit

  45. I bought the exact same system off ebay. For a little over $100 (unit, 8 cameras, and hardware/cables, no hdd) it's good. You get what you pay for. I don't use the cloud or anything windows. My thought about the cloud is the same… who's cloud is it? I haven't tried to hook it up to my network. If it hooks up to the network it should do anything I could ever want it to. It's nice that you seem to be able to hook it up with an external hdd. All of the video cables and stuff worked. I find that the fit of the power cord into the back of the unit is loose. A dab of epoxy would easily fix that, or I plan to replace jack or hard wire it. The camera quality is good in that it has a bright night vision, however the megapixel count is low. It's still a good camera. A smart thief with a hoodie can hide their identification from a lot of cameras I would think . I think a good cctv system (something like simplysafe or equivalent) that anyone can use and depend on is more like $1000, not $100

  46. Guess I will make a video. It's really not too tough as long as you stay away from their instruction manual. I had mine going in about an hour with ecloud and remote viewing and operating. Have not tried the alarm notification as I need to setup the email server. I'll keep you posted on that.

  47. THANK YOU!!!
    Never buy a product that you cannot or do not review on Youtube prior to your purchase.
    I just saved myself a huge headache, and thanks to the gentleman who posted this video for valuable warning!

  48. I've bought the Elec security system with 8 📷 had to buy a 1tb hard drive to find out it seems to not allow me to veiw anything from the recording/play back for some reason it left me do it once a month ago but now won't allow me to anymore is there anyone having this same problem and or anyone that could help me out with this issue. Thank you to anyone who can help me with this issue…

  49. I have read all your video those all excellent professional.Can I invite you to make a video for our home security system please?please add my fb Ray Zhang if you are interest in. We have smart doorbell wireless security system smart pet feeder battery cameras and more

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