Ego Battle Escalates Badly for Bakery Owner’s Son | Active Self Protection

Ego Battle Escalates Badly for Bakery Owner’s Son | Active Self Protection

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  2. Why is this man free at large?

    He is dealing with the Costa Rican justice system.

    Clark, according to the Poder Judicial website, has a long history of criminal activity. His first brush with the law was in September 1997 for stealing cattle.

    Clark Gonzalez, 43, being arrested on July 31, 2014 in Guácimo for the crime of attempted murder. On that occasion he shot at OIJ agents during a raid on his home. (Photo Reiner Montero / LN Archive)

    In October and November 1999, sentenced to prison for resisting arrest and theft of 10 bulls from a Guacimo farm.

    In January 2000, sentenced to 12 years for theft and 2001 sentenced to five years for, again stealing cattle.

    In September 2013, added to Clark’s criminal record was seven-month sentence for resisting arrest and aggravated damages.

    Walter Espinoza, director of OIJ, confirmed Wednesday that Clark González was investigated in 2014 for drug offenses. Including, in a raid on his home in July of that year, he received OIJ officials gunpoint. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

  3. *PS: the shooter was showing off for this women's emotional fit for less than $2.00.(*what a jerk!) no one's life was in danger so why bring a gun??.(*idiot!) as for the victim,, this was a dumb dare.. *NEVER ASK TO BE SHOT.,,, *THAT'S STUPID!!
    look at you now..

  4. Yo this was the nastiest shit ive ever seen on this channel..

    Also, wow movies aren't all that far off with shotgun wounds..just a bigass hole

  5. I just want to point out how admirable this channel is for not turning off your right to free speech, even with subject matter as controversial as self defense. The fact that they allow us trolls to chop it up in the comments section about such a sensitive subject… RespeKt!

    And fuck everybody who posts videos in public domain, and then turns off comments. If you don't want people's trash opinions on something, don't put it out there.

  6. So the unarmed guy got disarmed while the armed guy was unharmed. It looks like you are indeed safer when you are armed than when you're unarmed.

  7. They should just call that guy chunk’s from now on because that’s all I saw flying everywhere after that blast to his arm.😱😂

  8. I was not expecting the shot. But once it happened I was surprised the arm wasn’t completely severed. People are insane!

  9. Situation: Son gets shot just feet away from his father.
    Father: hey look at this big rock.
    How is he so seemingly unbothered that his son was just shot. I get its in the arm and not the chest, so maybe it would cross a person's mind that its "that bad", probably slightly less fatal. But still, your freaking son got shot. Cant comprehend being able to ignore that.

  10. Now this is taking the phrase “rise up gamers let’s get that bread” to a whole nother level, I mean he just full on disarmed that guy (no pun intended) (ok maybe there was) but either way why is the sandwich maker outside bugging this dude instead of being in the kitchen making some gourmet meal fit for twelve I mean after eating a meal enough she could probably cook it 😆

  11. Finally you guys show something. Can't believe some people. Over something that petty. I can see if family a family member was raped or murdered…..

  12. I saw this on Liveleak a while back. Really dumb decisions on both sides. I don’t know the politics of Costa Rican law enforcement and government, but it’s likely that the shooter with go to prison for many years over less than $2 and the guy who sacrificed himself will probably lose function in that hand for a long time, if not permanently…and for what?!?!

  13. You know what's weird about this video? When he shoots, nobody reacts to the gunshot. Not even his wife, who's turning away at the time. 0:58

  14. Wow. Not so hungry anymore. This is a great video for those trying to diet! 😀 He held has arms out in the form of a cross, now he must suffer it.

    This is an excellent example of actual ego escalation that could have been avoided. Thanks!

    EDIT: First time I have ever posted a comment and after actually reading the comments, I must say, this channel has some of the most accurate and skilled jokesters of any channel I watch! 😀

  15. If you did that to my kiddos….
    Better believe you’re going to meet a bloody end…….
    Then years later when I’m shedding this mortal coil I’ll kill myself and find you in hell and continue the beatings…..FOREVER….

  16. How did that woman not even flinch when he fired? It was right by her head and she wasn’t looking. Not even a twitch. She’s an evil piece of work.

  17. What a couple of scumbags. Here's two bucks tip included. Now go home and look at who you're with. That's torture. So did they catch this SOB?

  18. Crazy thing the wife had her back turned when the shot went off and she didn’t even look or flinch.. she’s use to him
    Killing people.. the son lucked out.

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