Ecolink Z Wave Window Door Sensor Review and Demo using Piper

Ecolink Z Wave Window Door Sensor Review and Demo using Piper

So I’m giving a small demonstration / review of the ecolink door and window sensor I went ahead and purchased these off of Amazon I got
four of them for about $100 that’s cheaper than some of the other sensors
yoy can get out there I’ve noticed the prices usually are about from 29 to 39 per sensor so this is my first foray into playing around the z-wave Smart Home stuff…
this is what comes in the box Not a big surprise really It comes with some tape, some screws Some alternate color.. you can see the brown here they give you two options brown or off white it comes with some instructions so basically when you pair this stuff you’re supposed to just take this tab out
and then add it to your system So I’m going to give a demo of that. and then demonstrate on a window and how it worked and also some
observations I made about it at least with a model that have installed already lets see of the
same thing happens here I’m using a Piper Classic in this demostration. So right now I’m demonstrating
the adding of this ecolink device against my Piper it might take a couple of tries I’ll try
to show it in one try if I can this is fresh out of the box I learned from
reading online that a lot of people have their best luck when they were adding
it within a meter of the piper so I’m going to my Piper and I’m pressing to add a device and then there’s already one added but I’m adding a new one It says start and at this point I’m going to pull out this plastic
tab from the Ecolink which allows the power terminal to hit the battery and that
technically should allow piper to hear it usually takes a second… ah.. there it goes it may be hard for you to
see but its active asking me for an accessory name so I”m going to go ahead and call this For the time being Ecolink 2 press save it shows Ecolink 2 is open. It was a little hard for you to see before the way that I had the exposure set up
the screen was a little too bright in that image but as you can see the Ecolink
2 is open that’s what we just added and the reason
it’s open it’s because the sensor is split in 2 right now so it doesn’t have its
accompanying base with it I’m gonna go ahead and demonstrate how sensitive it
is right now so right here this is the smaller magnetic piece that goes with it
and it still says so I’m gonna go ahead and put it next to it I can feel the magnet
and you can see is said “closed” as soon as i switch that right when I get when I
move it ..oops the magnet is pulling it When I move it it shows “open” then I come back..close close close closed so tiny delay. The piper is in the same room with me now but I think you can see its not enough of a delay to be worth worrying about now as i take it here and I’m gonna try to slide down
this line you can probably see behind the phone …. the table has a line in it through the engraving I’m gonna try to slide the
sensor from top to bottom to show you what pointed shows “closed” I’m going really slow my slider wasn’t actually that close to
it open so how far it can be and still be open to look down it’s not exactly
flush right same goes for going in the other direction says open stores around
now it’s now closed so I’m doing the demonstration of
what I had to do to set up the echolink to make it have a really tight threshold
for wide open as I think if you’re like me all of us expected even show a
cracked open should show is open while if I didn’t set up like this that
wouldn’t have happened had an offset so the base model and the magnet are
actually not right next to each other just like I tried to demonstrate
upstairs this is how far ahead and get the sensors from one another in order to
get that hairline trigger adjusting the exposure so you can see the screen and
he would go so it shows closed to crack the window slightly rising at a very
slow still isn’t showing as open it still shows us just now showing as I
just saw change so before when I had him flush against each other it had to be
this far to show is open which is of course too much still see the line of
light here still shows a lot of light is gone but it’s not close associates open
now I’m closing it shows closed heard that click and that’s a demonstration of
the piper working with the Eco link and that is that I had to separate on
this for the typical door and window sensor the pairing before now I’m gonna go
ahead and add the device again so I’m gonna press as you can see here start
slightly remove the battery put it back and see me doing that the press the
button again so I just slightly and there it is it’s asking me for the name
I’m just gonna take in again to press Save sensor for sure why did that but anyway
it’s fine I can change that you know what no didn’t change the tingle until I
think it’s interesting you all witness that happen when I did so it says open
again because it’s not paired with its magnetic base right now so I cut off the
stuff together so you can see it more clearly

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  1. Thanks for the video! I'm thinking of the same setup but I have one important question- could an opened window automatically set off the siren??

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