Easy Vault Door With Alarm – Minecraft Building Tips

Easy Vault Door With Alarm – Minecraft Building Tips

how’s it going everyone my name is clammmy and today I’ll be showing you how to make this super easy volt door with an alarm on it and an overpowering switch on the inside to lock the door if you need so yeah I’ll show you how this works so once you enter the right combination here as so, you’ll hear that alarm going off there once you enter the inside here there’s this lever that shuts the door and turns off the alarm and yeah here’s your room for your chests or whatever your volt’s for pull this lever to open the door there we go super easy yeah super compact and I’ll show you how to make this So first off I’ll show you the redstone items you’ll need to build this and let’s get started so we’ll start by building the actual door it starts off exactly the same as one of the other tutorials i made called how to make an easy flush door or Jeb door whatever you guys want to call it so if you’ve seen that then you know exactly I’m doing here same process so yeah the door is like 1 2 3 4 5 6 wide 2 in the middle obviously you want to place four pistons on the side there two facing in repeat that exact same thing on the other side here and now whatever you want the door to look like when it’s closed i’ll use some stone here just for example and now on top here place two repeaters facing outwords above these Pistons here and it works best if you’re on 4 ticks and then just run some redstone dust across the rest you actually don’t need these ones on the end here think i did that before too oops. And just place two more redstone dust in the middle here and now this is pretty much set this is how I run the redstone to the combination lock now so i’ll just do it i make sure it’s one away so it doesn’t touch this redstone here and I’ll run this down here like this so now this is set if you actually power this up the door will close so yeah super super simple so now let’s actually get the combination lock going here so yeah I just personally put it back one kind kinda looks nice I’m going to have five different levers so I’ll just build five more here one two three four five and one more just for looks like this five stone you can do whatever you want right So yeah five levers. Now my combination is going to be one, three, wait one, two, three, four, five so one, three, four. Now on the levers that you did not pull or whatever i guess you this is when you want to find out why your combination will be so since mine’s 1,3,4 I will have blocks on the back here on two and five and now the levers that you’re going to use for your combination you’ll want to place redstone torches behind them like this then just run some redstone dust along here so now once you enter the right combination I guess it was already entered here it will open oh this is also some thats really annoying for some reason I don’t know why in the middle here of these three blocks you want to place a repeater and that makes it work for some reason yeah there we go so that’s a combination so now if this is all you wanted you could finish the video here but i’ll show you how to incorporate the alarm here super simple as well so i’ll make it um open here so when its open the alarm goes off so just bring a redstone repeater off this line here a block of your choice redstone torch a block beside it actually no a repeater and then a block and here I’ll get some more supplies for the I use a powered rail and a detector rail mine cart and also redstone torch and on another block here so now this will power up this redstone powered rail detector rail in the middle and another powered rail now underneath this power rail you want to place a redstone torch to power that up and now when the door is open this will be powered up and I forgot to grab where is it here. Some note blocks place two beside the detector rails in the middle here so now whenever it passes the detector rail they go off you can change it to whatever pitch you want here whatever. Let it harmonize so now you’re set now to get the actual um what the hell’s it called, locking mechanism So I’ll just build the wall here just kind of get an idea you’ll need a lever and some more redstone alright so it’s going to be coming off of let me think here what the hell alright I was having a brain fart I don’t know why I even forgot it was super easy as you’ll see here so from this redstone dust here you’ll want to bring a block down and place some more redstone dust there and now your lever and that’s actually the switch there so now that’s all set make it look all pretty all rights get this demo hallway going here you’ve already seen it but why not so yeah Once this’s off the alarms off power this up hear the alarm pull this lever alarms off door shuts and there we are we are done super compact super simple took like no time at all you can build this as many times as you want and it will work every time it’s super easy hopefully this helps you and oh yeah it’s locked in the back there Stay moist

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  1. how do you change the sound of the note block ? (i mean not with clicking on it) cause my note block is sounding grave with any note?

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