Duster Blue dCI Best EGR Valve Protection Shield (ENG Subtitles)

Duster Blue dCI Best EGR Valve Protection Shield (ENG Subtitles)

In today’s video we will talk about this shield. It’s a shield custom made by a member of the Duster Trails community. He was kind enough to lend it to me to install it on my car and test it. He has used it for a while and I will install it and see how it covers the EGR system. As you can see it’s made from a piece of galvanized metal sheet, with a few rivets, very simple and efficient. Song Title: Ascence – About You As can be seen in the first test, I passed the car over a portion of dry and hardened soil and the shield had no problem, because the muffler has a flexible part that allows it to move a few centimeters. The main advantage of this shield is that it does not lower the guard to the ground like a classic shield of this type and decreases the risk of losing adhesion at the exits from climbs on the 30-35 degree ramp or of being suspended, this being pointed out by the colleagues from the Trails group through the tests they performed. The problem with the old shield was discovered by the Trails Group colleagues, on a trip to test the new duster, where on a seemingly easy offroad trail, a colleague’s car started to slide sideways, after 4 dusters had passed without problems just before he did. In the subsequent tests it was found that more attention is needed with this shield at the exits from steep climbs on the ramp with an inclination of 30-35 degrees. I have obtained this data from the Dacia Duster Trails & Technical Group of which I am a moderator. If you are not a member, I invite you to sign up for more information. I am going to take down the shield from the car and make an identical one and add holes for drainage. What do you think about this shield? Write your opinions in the comments. Bye Bye.

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  1. I think it's not a good idea to secure the shield to the exhaust pipe itself because only one hard hit can cause major damage to the whole exhaust system. Better fabricate a belly pan that bolts to the chassis.

  2. WOW ! one of the best and most inspiring videos so far that I found on this particular and dci duster related problem !!! Had you posted earlier this one I would have surely waited a little more before purchasing the after production available egr start&stop shield (the one mentioned in this clip with some drawbacks on steep ramps). In my case (1.5 4×4 dci 110hp WITHOUT ad blue) the best modification would be a factory one – add a strong oval metal shield integrated with the module (or design it in any different way that it is not prone to distortion by bump or stronger branch tearing wiring and/or connector), or/and install it further up in a more protected space behind the catalytic converter – which is almost not possible in your case (the adblue sensor preventing this option). This shield version you tested looks great (agreed, with the addition of drainage holes/openings, electric connector should not be exposed to excessive and long lasting underwater conditions). I already installed the readily available shield you mentioned (spent about 150€) on it, but as you mentioned, I lost a 21 cm clearance, it is now about 18 cm under this shield at lowest point 🙁 Also, the filming of what happens with the whole system when driving over hard or grassy ridges is SO INSTRUCTIONAL and productive that we can better understand the problem in real life. I simply am lacking words to express my thrill finally seeing a really informative and crystal clear demonstration of a specific problem and some simple and very interesting solution(s) ! Congratulations again !!!

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