Durango – lava protection boots

Durango – lava protection boots

Hello friends, in this video we going to make lava protection boots which requires 183 tailoring ability points. the materials are: 5 lava, 12 tanned leathers, 8 processed granite, 8 processed basalt and 10 metal nails. need to pay attention that the primary material is lava, not tanned leather. therefore, do not waste your high quality tanned leather to make these boots in this video I going to prove by using my sulfur tanned iguana leathers. The final product will not have the defense attribute. it is enough just by using normal leathers level 60 with one tanning. Here is the equipment set to unlock the formula to make the boots. avant garde clothes and elegant work hat with tailoring ability level 12 tailor’s knife, tailor’s gloves and glasses with tailoring ability +8 we get 158 tailoring points. Next we need to drink fruit wine with DEX CHA 46-50. and activate lab life tier 3 now the tailoring point is 185. In event day when tailor +10, we do not need to activate lab life tier 3 once again we remind you not to use high quality leathers because the primary material is lava. in this video we use our high quality leathers just to prove that the properties will not pass to final product. we hope that this video may give you experience before you decide to make the boots. we hope you will not waste the high defense leathers to make these boots. next minus point is the durability. The boots only have 2 points durability Let’s see if the boots really make us immune to lava damage. the result is: the immune effect only 3 seconds, then we get burn but the burning effect decreases health slower than if we not equip the lava protection boots. the durability is still 2 points. It may decrease if attacked by dino. so do not equip the boots during hunt, wear only if we crossing lava. that is all for this video. Thank you for watching. See you in the next videos.

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  1. Maaf OOT, benih2 yg dr event baru bisa didapat di pulau apa ya? Biasanya dulu ada pulau baru khusus barley, kesemek, dsb. Makasih

  2. Do bone-knuckle, i dont play anymore i dont know why im asking for it😂. Last time i played was 2 weeks ago, keep up the good work

  3. Jgn lupa like dan subs akang nobel y gaes..
    Komen yg banyak. Orangnya baik hati g sombong dan tajir..
    Terbaik dah bang nobel. Yg mau buat sepatu def 20 ke bang nobel ya gaed 😂

  4. if they keep increasing the required crafting power like this.. at some point most casual players will not be able to make the items because it's at some unachievable power

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