DTCHF 71 Building a DIY Security System?

welcome back to dare to call him friend
and like the snazzy background just trying to change things up once in a
while because I figured you’re getting tired of the white room divider and
talking about dividers and rooms how do you know when you need to hire a
security expert well I think anybody who really wants to have a secure place and
they know that they’re going to have to at least consult with an expert before
they put something into place I don’t have a car and I don’t own my own place
and I live in a very secure high-rise and so me having to go out and buy a
physical one it’s something that I don’t need to do but I do in need a security
expert because I’m no expert on security in my own life I got to tell you that
and the Lord made that abundantly clear quite a few years ago when he asked me
this question are you willing to dismantle your hearts outdated security
system that is not compatible with my operating system so I can install a
better one I didn’t have to think about that question for too long at first I
was quite protests Lord I’ve got a few defense mechanisms but a whole security
system and then one by one all those defense mechanisms and self-preservation
sort of things that I had accumulated over the years
flashed before my eyes and with the Holy Spirit’s help and his love I realized
just how dangerous my self-protection had become in my life and how what I set
up in place was blowing up in my face right at that point in my life I was in
a really rough spot when God originally asked me that I was it’s severely
depressed I was burned out and I was physically
safe but emotionally and spiritually I was hanging on a wire and that wire was
like an open electrical wire that was frayed and it was about to short-circuit
my life and so I had no choice I I was up against the wall or so I thought but
I was really pressed against his heart and I said Lord I have to admit my
self-protection stuff is not working the walls that I have built are not doing
anything to help my life be any better if they’re just making them worse until
the Lord responded graciously and lovingly but he wanted to make sure that
I understood the contract that he was setting the for me he responded with
these questions and these are questions I’m asking myself quite often and I
encourage you to ask them of yourself because we all have got those security
systems in place are you ready to allow me access to all of your inner wiring
that means the way that you think the way that you perceive the world the way
that you see the world through your past experiences will you allow the Lord to
look at those areas of your life and show you any areas there that have the
potential to blow up in your face are you willing to stop being defensive are
you willing to stop making excuses are you willing to stop isolating and
retreating when God is asking you to go forward and to seek help are you willing
to stop blaming others and your past for where your life is today when God is
actually pointing the finger at you not in accusation but in ah hey we’ve got a
little bit of a mess clean to clean up can I help you with that redirecting
attention from yourself to someone else we do it in prayer all the time we go to
the Lord in prayer and we’re kind of afraid to open up her
heart so we start giving prayer requests for everybody else under the Sun and all
that time the Son of God is patiently waiting for us to stop with our list of
petitions for other people and to start to listen to his heart towards us are
you willing to admit your mistake are you willing to allow the Lord to help
you clean up your mistakes and I can’t hide behind a wall of self-protection
saying well you know my anger you know I’ve just got this anger problem but you
know I’m just two sinner and you know people just got to understand that that
is the type of redirecting attention from ourselves that the Lord wants us to
stop doing okay so what do we get if we lay all that stuff out before him well
this is what we get in return Psalm 18 verse 2 to 3 this is only one
verse there are so many more in the Bible go to my website encouraging the
Bible verses dot-com and look up the section on protection and you that’s
just a few Bible verses if we give up our defense mechanisms and our self
protective ways of dealing with life then we will allow the Lord to come in
and to be there for us but he can only do so if we are willing to stop trying
to hard wire our old operating system into his but this is what we get in
return so on 18 verse 2 and 3 the Lord is my
rock and my fortress and my deliverer my God my rock in whom I take refuge he is
the Horn of my salvation and my stronghold I call upon the Lord and I am
saved from my enemies just just one verse and think of all the way God
protects us he is my rock no the rock that David is talking about
in this Psalm it’s not just some silly rock that you can crouch behind he’s
talking about a rock that you have to climb up into where you can hide in a
cave for example and you can see the rest of the world from the vantage of
that high place he is your fortress a fortress built by God has got pretty
good security system in it don’t you think he is our shield he is our refuge
he’s not like we’re going to be up on that rock unprotected from the elements
no he is our refuge he hides us under the shelter of his wings and he’s the
Horn of our salvation that means he is like a security system that goes off
when we are in need of being saved from the situation we are in even if we’re
not even aware of the danger he will sound the alarm I mean really come on
folks how much better can it be than that Deuteronomy chapter 33 verse 12 the
beloved of the Lord dwells in safety the high God surrounds him all day long and
dwells between his shoulders okay here’s your shoulders what’s in between them
there’s your heart he’s dwelling in your heart as your security system but you’ve
got a step out of the way and allow him to dismantle all that is not compatible
with his operating system you

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