DSC PowerSeries NEO Trouble Code Review – Alarm System Store

DSC PowerSeries NEO Trouble Code Review – Alarm System Store

Hi, Chris here with alarmsystemstore.com. Today, we’re going to take a visit to the
troublesome world of trouble codes on a DSC PowerSeries Neo alarm system. Occasionally, you may have a problem with
your alarm system or a telephone line, if you’re using one. If this happens, your alarm will identify
and display a trouble condition. This is indicated by the amber triangle here. That let’s you know we have a trouble. This keypad can provide a lot of trouble-shooting
information, but to really get the most out of it, we need to understand how to navigate
it. On pages 17 through 23 in your Neo user guide
that you got with your system, looks like this, page 17 through 23 gives you the trouble
summary chart, and this is gonna cover every trouble code that this unit is capable of. That’d be a really long boring video, so for
today, we wanna just explore a couple trouble conditions on this system to get a feel for
troubleshooting. Okay. Here we are at the keypad. To find our troubles, we’re gonna hit *2. The first thing it says upon hitting that
is “Service Req.”. It’s pretty vague. We need more information, and we can see we
have more information by the star. So we’ll hit * again. Now it says “Bell Circuit”. That indicates to me that I don’t have a siren
attached to my bell circuit, and it doesn’t like that. While I’m in here, I wanna scroll forward
to see if there are any other service required. There are not. “Press (#) to Exit”, so we’ll do that. Now, at this point, we wanna find other troubles. That was the first. “Battery Troub.”, again that’s pretty vague. So, we see our star here. We’ll see what kind of battery. There are numerous batteries on this system. “No Battery System Area”, that’s letting me
know we don’t have a backup battery hooked up to this system. It doesn’t like that either. So, while we’re there, let’s see if we have
any other battery issues by hitting our scroll. Nope, no more. Somehow, we’re back to the “Service Req.”. Oops. We already looked at battery troubles. Oh, we have “Device Tampers”. Okay, now it’s getting a little more interesting,
so let’s choose that. “Device Tamper”, it says “Zone”, and indicates
even more information. “Zone 9”. So, apparently, someone or something has tampered
with my Zone 9 contact. Any others? Back up. That’s the only zone tamper. So, I’ve got three situations that I need
to rectify to make this panel happy and turn off this triangle. I’m gonna rectify those and see if we can
make it happy. Okay. Here I am back. I’ve rectified those problems that we had
those troubles, and as you’ll see now, no triangle indicated, and we’re gonna hit *2. There are no troubles. Once again, we have a healthy, happy keypad. And don’t forget, these troubles are not just
to make you crazy or make your life difficult, it’s to keep you safe. Thanks for checking out our video today. We’re adding new subjects frequently, so check
back often. Or better yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel. For alarmsystemstore.com, I’m Chris Campbell. Stay safe and secure.

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  1. Really nice video! Thanks. I was wondering what that yellow triangle on the keypad meant. This helped a lot 🙂

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