DSC Alexor Alarm System Installation Video

DSC Alexor Alarm System Installation Video

dsc’s new two-way wireless security suite featuring Alexor or wireless panel provides complete protection and a host of complementary devices all of it wirelessly with keypads sirens detectors and wireless keys as well as gsm + IP communications the new two-way wireless security suite provides superior protection without compromise elects or and the new two-way wireless security suite take far less time to DIY install then hybrid systems and offers convenient and flexible installation options with its full complement of fully encrypted to way and one way wireless accessories Alexor or is the power behind the security system less installation time the power of speed Alexor or operates through the WT5500 wireless keypad interface with its handy wall or free standing desk stand mounting options and the ability to connect up to four key pads for system installers can now offer homeowners more choice elects or and it’s wireless peripherals have the same functionality as the DSC is hardwired power series systems with the additional benefit of consistent programming structure template programming and wireless quick and roll to shorten your programming and install times take a few minutes to learn how quickly you can install Alexis or and the WT5500 keypad and that’s all it takes a few minutes and you are out the door and onto the next install through the backplate run the AC power line and phone line through the wire channel and into Alexor casing then wire into the terminal block please note that the line should not be powered up at this time next mark the mounting holes on the wall and mount the panel to the wall with the screws that are provided secure at the for fastening points now you can connect the battery and attach the faceplate to the backplate position the top of the faceplate within the top of the backplate and snap the bottom of the faceplate into place it’s important to check and make sure that the battery cables are connected to the battery prior to put the plates together plug in the AC power to elect sore now let’s prepare the WT 5500 keypad for installation it is important to note that the WT5500 operates with batteries as its main power source although the WT5500d model comes with a desk mount stand and AC transformer remove the mounting bracket and place the four double A batteries into the keypad press and hold star 1 for 3 seconds the keypad is now enrolled into the panel and the display will say WF KP enrollment successful mark mounting holes using the mounting bracket and mount to the wall using screws provided secure at the for fastening points secure the keypad to mounting bracket your display should read system is ready to arm now you are ready to enroll the wireless devices by using the quick and roll feature to access the installers programming feature enter star 8 plus the installers code next intersection 898 and your display will prompt you for wireless enrollment at this time you can enroll the wireless zones for the purposes of this video we have chosen to show you how to enroll the wt4 t989 two-way wireless key WT 4901 two-way indoor siren and secondary WT 5502 way wire-free keypad to enroll the wt4 t989 wireless key press any button and confirm the serial number on the keypad display by pressing star next enter the key number which ranges from key 12 key 16 next and roll the WT 4901 indoor siren remove the faceplate insert the batteries and reconnect the faceplate confirm the serial number on the keypad display and enter the siren number ranging from one to four this system allows for up to four sirens to be connected for additional siren quick enrollment the test button can also be used to send the serial number now you can enroll additional key pads onto the system while in the wireless enrollment screen on the initial keypad press star and one on the secondary keypad to enroll it onto the system confirm the serial number on the primary key pad display and define the keypad number ranging from two to four understanding that the primary key pad was enrolled into slot 1 this system allows for up to four keypads to be connected press pound or number sign to exit the quick and roll mode next program the system for basic operation through template programming this is performed within section 8 99 a four-digit code prompt exists for predefined zone definitions reporting code format communication call direction reporting codes and dls set up after entering the four-digit code enter the telephone number communications account code pls access code entry and exit times followed by the installers code now we can conduct wireless device placement testing before mounting the detection devices in the home it is important for the system to test the placement of each device enter section 904 within the installer section and perform the placement test this can be accomplished in a group or individually providing great flexibility the process saves you valuable time because it ensures that the devices are positioned properly and the communication link between the devices and Alexor or is operational this system also offers proximity arming and disarming using the WT 5500 p wire-free keypad and the PT for prox tag to enroll the proc stag simply enter star 54 access code programming followed by your master code now enter the two digit code number you would like to program then enter the four or six digits you desire for your code you will now be prompted to present the tag or press pound or number sign to exit if you did present the tag the system will confirm that the tag has been enrolled successfully exit code programming and the tag is operational success installation is now complete d sc’s new elector wireless panel superior wireless security with greater protection reliability and flexibility for more information on the DSC Alexor and products please contact your distributor or visit the DSC website at dsc.com

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  1. I like the 2 way pagers, is there anyway to add them to a wired PowerSeries DSC alarm? – Does this Alexor stuff inter-operate with any of their wired stuff in any way?

  2. @ulcohatchee1959 You're watching the wrong video! Why don't you go up to the search box and type "Honeywell Ademco" and find some videos that will be interesting 😀

  3. if i don't have a communications account code or a DLS acess code (i'm installing it myself for myself) can i still have it call me when an alarm arises, what do these things do?

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  5. I have this system. It was in a smaller home and then I moved. I expanded it to my new home and added several features like smoke, carbon monoxide, water leak detectors, etc. I like how with the Ethernet hookup, I can arm and unarm it with my phone app

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