Dogs Tested to See Whether They’d Defend Owner During Home Invasion

Dogs Tested to See Whether They’d Defend Owner During Home Invasion

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  1. I used to have two chihuahuas and sometimes me and my siblings would pretend to beat each other up and both of our dogs would protect whoever was getting beat up by biting

  2. Dogs have a sixth sense you know, they could probably sense nothing was really wrong. Or if the homeowner is not there and they aren’t in any real threat, they would probably rather run away and call the cops too.

  3. Anyone who has had dealings with Chihuahuas know that they will chew your legs off. Mine protects me even when I don’t need it.

  4. Usually a typical house dog is not trained to attack any intruders.the house pet/dog is only there to alarm the owner of intruders.which means just barking to let owner that some stranger is near by.

  5. My baby boy was a chihuahua/corgi and he scared off burglars twice! Even though he literally would bite anyone who wasn't family, I loved him so much. I know he would've protected me❤

  6. Frodo is fat and I am happy he did not have a heart attack. When I was attacked by another dog my lab did nothing but stand between me and the other dog getting bitten while I tried to get around her to chase the evil dog away. The whole time the evil dog was trying to get around my lab to bite me my dog just stood there and looked at me as she was getting bitten. Luckily no damage except I cried thinking my lab was going to be hurt.

  7. Aweeeeee but to be honest im glad the dogs ran away i love my pets and no matter what i have my pets come first and there safety

  8. My chihuahua might put up a fight but….my other one (which is considerably larger) will run like a little baby, I love them

  9. I had a Chihuahua Pablo His lil ass had the heart of a lion i use to worry something was gon end up killing him the way he use to be ready for war lol

  10. But the only question left to ask is would her dog actually bite & not just back the attacker up out the door.?

    I mean would it just be enough.?

  11. That is scary as hell these people let dogs lick them in their face like that. That make you think they be making out with the dogs

  12. This comment is for 9 year olds and above

    It’s funny how they think that those small dogs could do something when in reality they could get kicked across the room🤕😔

  13. Every American few have a gun don't let the Democrat take your gun away A gun is the only thing you have to protect yourself And your family

  14. Ppl want their dogs to be too friendly and don’t even come close to tapping into their protective instincts.My dog would attack and let go of a perp on command. Obedience and being tactical is key

  15. My Pomeranian defended me against 4 ppls who were abt to attack at an unexpected night time. Luckily enough I acted spontaneously n defended my dog n myself from them. Today he's no more n is waiting for me at heaven's gate.

  16. Aww that was cute.. but I think your best pet for home invasion would be one of the lead variety. Never bring a dog to a gun fight. Arm yourselves

  17. The Chihuahua stood up because he/she has another friend dog that is fighting the Chihuahua knew he/she couldn't leave his/her owner

  18. A flaw in this test is the owners were not actually scared or afraid. Dogs have incredible sense of fear and adrenaline. I Think the dogs got mixed signals when a stranger bursts in and there was no change in their owners mental state, thus not triggering a defensive response to defend their owner.

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