Does Xfinity Deserve All the Hate?

Does Xfinity Deserve All the Hate?

It was the best of ISPs, it was the worst of ISPs. It was the fastest. No, the slowest. It was the biggest in the country, but maybe the smallest in our hearts. Today, it’s the tale of two Xfinities, and we’re gonna try to figure out how an internet service provider can be so wonderful to so many people, and yet, so infuriating to others. And, if you’re having a rough time with your Xfinity service, I’m gonna give you my ideas on what you might be able to do about it. So, let’s dive in. (upbeat music) So, don’t forget to subscribe
if you enjoy what we do, and hit the bell icon so you’re notified when we do new videos. So, Xfinity, they are one
of the biggest out there, certainly the biggest cable provider as far as I can tell. They cover about 111 million Americans, and 27 million of those are customers. It’s huge. But, they scored a 61 on the ACSI satisfaction report this year. What is that? Doesn’t matter, it’s
a satisfaction report. And, that puts them about
in the middle of the pack. Now, this is an entire
industry that struggles, as we all know. But, when we see Verizon
Fios posting a score of 70, we know that it is possible
to improve that score. So, how does a score get brought down all the way to 61? Well, two things, first of all not delivering what you promise. And second, poor customer service. And we’re gonna come
back to both of those. Now, first let’s talk
about what Xfinity offers in terms of speed and pricing. Now, this is the basic stuff, but even so, I feel like I
should bring in an actual expert, not just somebody who pretends to be one. So, I’m here today with Catherine, she is our lead internet
writer, at Catherine, welcome. – Hey Craig, thanks for having me. – You bet, so I wanted to just lay out some of the basics about Xfinity and what they offer. Let’s start with what sort of speed somebody could expect to
see from Xfinity’s plans. – Yeah sure, so Xfinity
offers plans that go all the way from 15 megabytes per second up to an extreme two thousand
megabytes per second, or two gigs. Most of us are not gonna
get the two gig plan because it costs a lot, and it’s not available everywhere. Most of us would probably see about 100 to 250 megabytes per second in our area. – Okay, so 100 to 250. Now, I have mentioned
in the past before that that is still some pretty fast speeds. That’s faster than most
people would probably need. Although, sometimes it’s
nice to have a buffer, right? So, let’s say we’re
dealing with those speeds we’re talkin’ about, between
15 megabytes per second up to maybe a gig, right? That would be kinda normal, I think those two gig plans are outliers. Not even many people would
have access to those, right? But, what would we be
paying for these, cost-wise. – Yeah so, the 15
megabyte per second plans start around $30 dollars a month, and the gig plans start
around $70 dollars a month. – [Craig] Okay.
– [Catherine] And then, it depends on where you live. – Right, right, okay. Now, the big question here is all right we know what we’re supposed to get, and we know what we’re gonna pay for it. Do we actually get what we pay for? That’s the big question here, right? – [Catherine] That’s a great question. – [Craig] (chuckles) Thank you. – [Catherine] And actually, Xfinity does deliver the
speeds it advertises, according to the FCC. The FCC’s latest report
from 2018 says that Xfinity delivers about
112 percent of the speed. That’s really good, and that is the actual speed
over the advertised speed. So, hey, you’re gettin’ what you pay for. That’s good thing, right? – [Craig] Yeah, I mean, I’ll take it. So, okay, all right. So, we know what we’re gonna get, we know what we’re gonna pay for it. In your opinion, especially
with the cost on this, is this a pretty good cost,
industry standard wise? Is this high? Is it low? I feel like they have a reputation for being a high-priced provider. Is that accurate? – [Catherine] I’d say
it’s right in line with what you’ll find price-wise with other internet providers. Especially the price for the one gig plan, it’s $70 dollars a month, that’s pretty much on par with gig plans, even from fiber providers. – [Craig] Okay, all right, not bad. All right, well very good, Katherine. Thank you so much for walkin’
us through the basics. And, I hope you enjoy
writing about other ISPs. I’m sure it’s riveting stuff. – [Catherine] Oh absolutely you bet. – (laughing) All right, see ya. So, for a reasonable price, you’re getting good to great speeds. And, even better than that,
if the FCC is to be believed. So, why all the hate? Well, like I said, two reasons. First, customer service. Now, it is hard to measure
customer service results scientifically. But at least, anecdotally, Xfinity’s reputation is, well it’s not great. Now, they have invested a lot of money in improving their customer service, which is good. But, that hasn’t really
budged that ACSI score that I mentioned. At least not over the
last couple of years. Now honestly, there’s not much
that we can do about that. As a former customer service agent, not for Xfinity, mind you, but I would just say be patient, be firm, and frankly, try to avoid having
to call in the first place. But, the second thing that
may lower that score is speed. Whenever we talk about Xfinity, this is actually the
complaint that I hear most in the comments here, or at, that you’re not getting the
speeds you signed up for. And frankly, I sympathize
quite a lot with this. Again, it’s a subject I’ve tackled a time or two in the past. Luckily, this is something you may be able to do something about. Now, you may not be able
to do anything about it during high traffic hours,
especially during the evenings. You’re just gonna see a slow down if you’re using cable,
there’s no way around that during those high traffic times. But, if you’re consistently too slow, there may be reasons for it. First, remember that the speed
that Xfinity is delivering is to your modem. That modem has to be rated to handle whatever
speed you’re paying for. So, it’s worth double checking on that. Next up is your router, if you’re using a separate one. Sometimes they’re combined. It’s the same story here. In fact, I did a video a couple years ago in which I upgraded my own
Xfinity provided rental router to a newer version of the
Xfinity provided rental router, and I saw an immediate jump in speed. Now, it would’ve been nice
if Xfinity had let me know I was using an old one, but oh well. I figured it out anyway. So, like your modem, check your router. Next, most of us are using wifi. And that’s another thing that
can slow your speeds down. Wifi technology is good enough now that if you are literally standing
right next to the router, you probably won’t see much
difference between that and being plugged in via ethernet. But, if you’re a few rooms over, or on a different floor, then that signal will degrade, and you’ll slow way down. So a wifi extender will help with this. Or, a wifi mesh system, especially if you can wire
that mesh system together. And wouldn’t you know it, I did another video on just this subject. So, I hate to say it, but I’m gonna because I was guilty of this at one point. While sometimes Xfinity might be to blame for delivering slower speeds, and we get really upset at them, sometimes frankly, they’re not. And, there are maybe things that we can do to up our own speeds. And now, of course, I look forward to everyone
calling me an Xfinity shill in the comments, bring it on. –Boo! Boo!– – Anyway, the point is this, Xfinity is, well, they’re
pretty good at what they do. And, they’re the biggest
and baddest for a reason. So, if you’re thinking
about choosing Xfinity, or if you’re thinking
about switchin’ over, it’s frankly, not a bad choice as far as I’m concerned. It’s not an accident that
they rank really highly over at where I encourage you to
check out our full review. All right, if this video
was helpful to you, give it it a like. And, subscribe if you enjoy
what we do here on this channel. And, hit the comments
below with what you think, what your major concerns are with your Xfinity service, or what you really enjoy about them. Thanks for watchin’.

36 Replies to “Does Xfinity Deserve All the Hate?”

  1. It would be nice when you call Customer Service that the agent could speak better English. The India call centers leave much to be desired.

  2. I actually enjoy my internet service from xfinity and the mobile phone service is awesome too! Cable television is where they are just ripping people off right and left. Once I cut the cord and downgraded to internet only I've been very impressed. I pay for 150mbps internet and my speed tests all over my 3,000 sq ft home consistently come in at 170-180 mbps. I use my own modem and router which will pay for itself by getting rid of rental fees in just under 2 years. I pay $50 flat for 12 months and then I think the plan goes up to $70 but hopefully they will honor the $50 again.

  3. I'm on Xfinity 250 service and I also have cable with them. As a internet provider I will state that it always performs at or above the 250. Cable on the other hand is a mess. 1000 stations that nobody watches, everyone knows this already. I'm cutting my cable when Disney plus bundle comes out and getting over air channels. My main beef with Comcast is the monopoly, because that is exactly what it is. No competition in the same category of service. Lastly, I will most likely need to upgrade my service to an unlimited data plan, further adding to my frustration about Comcast monopoly and lack of competition.

  4. I have spectrum at my home and it’s awesome however I have Xfinity at my beach house and I’m paying $90 a month and we just got bumped up to 75 MB down and still five up I don’t know where she saw one gig for $70 and I have all new equipment and a new cable run to the house and still have to reset at least once a week including last night at 11:30 when I was laying in bed trying to watch something on Netflix

  5. I have no love for Xfinity (Comcast Cable) but I have to admit, it is the most stable and reliable Internet I have ever used. Wow, $70 per month for 1 gig, they are charging me $103.00 PM for 250/20. They sent me an email and told me my speed was increased to 300/20 at no additional charge. It's been a week and I have not seen that increase and everything on my network is on Ethernet except for my Cell. I will still rate them on the higher side for Internet and Cellular Only.

  6. My Mother-in-law has Comcast internet/tv/phone service. When it works, it's fast and great. The issue is when there is an outage. They refuse to send a tech to her house unless she agrees to pay for service up front and then they will decide to refund the charge if it is determined that the issue is in her rented router or farther out towards the pole. 99% of the time, it's in the edge networking equipment on the pole outside and could be solved if they had monitoring/notifications that could tell a phone tech that it needs reset/maintenance.

  7. I had the 150 mbps with Xfinity and was getting 170ish so I had no complaints with that. It was their constant price hikes and not wanting to offer me just internet that caused me to switch.

  8. The one thing Xfinity needs to do is bump up their data cap especially for gigabit customers. 1 TB simply isn't enough today when multiple people can be streaming HD content several hours per day. My family consistently hovers at 900 GB per month and busy months where there's a AAA game to download easily puts us in the danger zone and we've started having overages.

  9. I just don't like the contracts. 24 month contract for 12 months of the deal. Then you have to call in and get passed around trying to get a good deal again. Just offer a good product at a reasonable price. Ditch the contracts and believe in your product. Why do you need to trap people? Take a page out of T-Mobile's book.

  10. Great video! I have AT&T internet 75 mbps for $65 a month. I wish it could be a bit lower but internet is pretty good and I always get almost to 80 mbps.
    Can you also do a review on internet? It’s available in my area (since it’s a AT&T reseller) and the prices/internet plans are better

  11. The price problem is with their fees!! I have xfinity and quality wise I’d rate it worth the price! But they are the king of fees! There is a fee for everything which raises your bill $20 – $30 higher. My cable bill for example is the $70 plan but add in all the fees and taxes and it’s just over $100

  12. The only problem I have is the stupid data caps. What a scam. All data caps are ripoffs. Pay us double for pretending that it helps networks keep unclogged. Data caps help network congestion as much as limiting the amount of gas people can use per month would help rush hour traffic.

  13. I have xfinity and pay for the 250 mbps and run an eero pro mesh system 3 pack and I get 300 mbps download and 25 mbps upload. This covers my half acre lot with a concrete home with storm windows seamlessly in South Florida. I find going to the Xfinity store better for customer service which is only a couple of miles away from me. If your interested in the eero system wait for the Prime day deals on Amazon or Best Buy as they usually cut the price by 200 bucks from the standard price of 499. Had AT&T U-verse previously and it’s honestly horrible and never delivers speeds I paid for in several different areas and homes.

  14. As a former Xfinity customer, my chief complaints with them were less about their internet service and more about their television service/practices. My complaints about the internet service were:
    1) Upload speed of only 10 Mb
    2) Data caps
    3) their funding to end net neutrality

    It was interesting when a local fiber company started offering internet service in my area around 2 years ago how about 75% of my neighborhood dumped Xfinity. They are offering gigabit speed (upload and download) for the same price as Xfinity's Blast service (180 down and 10 up at the time). And no data caps.

  15. Comcast is gouging customers with the 1TB data cap and overage fees. Comcast does enforce the data cap where they face competition. I hate Comcast because I hate being nickled and dimed to death. The Xfinity Tv picture quality is overly compressed and looks terrible when compared to OTT providers.
    The picture quality of Youtube Tv is far superior to Comcast/Xfinity.

  16. I would suggest buying your own cable modem if you can it’s better than the garbage cable modem the isp gives you. I now I AT&T Fiber 1Gb down/up for $90/month way better than what I was getting with Spectrum 400 Mbps down and 20 up.

  17. My issue with xfinity is that the price of my service went up 30% in a little over a year, and that is not even accounting for the bundle rate that dropped off. If I include that, then it went up 48%. Contracted customer service and all they could do was offer a plan that had fewer channels, a lot less storage space, for just slightly less than the increase that I am paying now.

  18. Yes, the answer is yes. From their shoddy customer service, to their mysteriously added fees, to their limits on on demand content when watching outside home wifi, to their overlord threats if you download something they dont approve of. Yes they deserve all the hate I can up chuck your way. Thanks for the Xfinity fanboy one lopsided waste of my time.

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