Hey guys, I’m the Hacksmith and this is make it real we’ve actually done quite a few Overwatch projects over the years. But on this episode of Make it Real we’re making everyone’s favorite Overwatch character Mei! As I was saying. Everyone’s favorite character? Several months ago. We hired a co-op student within the University of Waterloo to help design and build some projects here. Her name’s Elena and she fit right in with team here at Hackmith Industries. This this is freaking awesome. Ah man, i’m never going to get this done! Elena’s gonna try it now. No, you’re done You’re done Anyway, she knows mains exothermic ice blaster on a project list and asked if she can make it. We said why not? Hope you guys enjoy the video. Okay, so how are we gonna do this in the game her weapon literally freezes bad guys. So we’re gonna use co2 which is also known as dry ice. For convenience, we can use a fire extinguisher tank. To control the flow we’ll be using a linear actuator to pull the fire extinguisher lever. To make it shoot more like a gun in the game. We’ll upgrade the nozzle. We can control this all with the wire and then make it look pretty. Piece of cake. This episode will be amazing. I can’t wait to get started We should compare notes sometime Wow We actually have a more detailed Electronics diagram which you can check out using the link in the description below to visit our project on maker dot IO Watch this, is it getting cold in here? You should have gone for the head. This is awesome Go into commercials. We’ll be back after the intermission This video has been sponsored by Simply Safe. An easy to use customizable home security system. Which is great because Ian lives on the wrong side of the tracks Side of the tracks. I Lived here for two years. And in that time I’ve had three break-ins. This is my back door that was kicked in. I’ve also had to board up the windows in my shed. I’m sick of it. I don’t want another one. Which is why we’re so happy to get a Simply Safe sponsorship. It’s an incredibly effective and reliable home security system that’s super easy and intuitive to install. The sensors are tiny. You won’t even notice it’s there and since everything is wireless Anyone can install themselves without any to be an electrician, but don’t take my word for it Let’s hear about some of the features for Ian. This is a freeze sensor, so your pipes don’t burst. This is my sump pump. So I’m gonna put the water sensor here. I’ve got a security camera, but let’s be honest. I’m gonna use it to watch my cats. Just plug in the micro USB it’s got a panic button Plus it’s super affordable with honest prices and no contracts or hidden fees. And if the power or Wi-Fi goes out it still works. Monitored by professionals 24/7 you can sleep easy at night knowing that in case of an emergency The monitoring center will notify the police and get you help Check out to learn more and get your own security system. How it’s going great. Until the end. Every connection causes a flow restriction. Try number 343. Thumbs up to that. I’m going in I’m just trying to do the best I can. Amazing! Loud noises! The nothing serious Don’t worry about it! Way to go I’ve come to appreciate zip-ties. Ta-da. Zip ties. Did someone say overkill? These zip-ties are only 50 cents each. We are almost there. Okay ready. That’s an empty tank, isn’t it? There was a hosepipe on their. Was that a success? Half way. That could have gone better. Did I scare you? Oh Yeah! So what happened was the hose came off of the gun and it ripped off the wires connecting to the trigger So the linear actuator stayed in position and it kept shooting dry ice around and scaring people off. So this time I added a couple of relays so that if that happens again Then the linear actuator goes back to its position and it stopped shooting ice. I’m never ready Well, there’s not a lot of gas left. So we’ll see. I’m getting good at this. Wow, that’s nice. I’m ready to start a blizzard. Oh my god it’s so cold. Nice. What does it do? Loud noises. Again Ohh nice hair. Time to see if we could free some water. It’s empty. What? Disappointed! Let’s see if we can freeze this water. All right, i’m going to blast it. See that? It’s curling right off the edge. Alright, let’s see what’s better. A Not a Flamethrower from Boring Company form Mei’s Ice gun. Scared? Haha. I Guess this really is not a flamethrower So, hang on why is it so hard to make stuff freeze even though it looks effortless in the game? Well changing the temperature of water actually takes an insane amount of energy. To cause an effective heat transfer. As you guys know Colin Furze actually made a liquid nitrogen freeze gun a while back and even shooting liquid nitrogen at water. Well, it took a very long time to freeze. I know Let’s try freezing like a cup of water. That is a true test. How cool does that look? It’s completely frozen. Since dry ice isn’t even as cold as liquid nitrogen The best we’re gonna do is make things a little frosty. For example to freeze an entire liter of water We need about 770 grams of dry ice. Assuming perfect heat transfer. Which we don’t have when we’re shooting it violently from a ice gun. Most of its being absorbed by the surroundings but it is still an awesome looking cosplay prop. All right, so it’s not actually that good at freezing things but it does work as a pretty good fire extinguisher. Which is quite handy considering I’m on fire. Mei. Mei. Mei! All Right, that was pretty awesome. Elena did a fantastic job on one of her first make it real projects Don’t forget to check out her other project that she made Pandora’s box Unfortunately, she’s back at school now to finish her engineering degree. But we’ve hired a new co-op student to replace her Charles. Charles get over here Charles! If you guys are interested in working for Hackmith Industries We do actually take on co-op students from local high schools and universities and colleges. Unfortunately at this time we can’t accommodate international students But maybe someday in the future when we have a larger facility and our business is bigger. We’ll be able too. Well I hope you guys enjoy the video. It smells really bad Which is pretty handy considering You’re not flammable. And cut

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  1. I'm in high school and I want to work at the industry. I have no expereince in engineering however and my problem solving skills aren't the best. Either way I don't live in Canada. Oof
    Maybe one day when I get the degree this channel will become a full blown company…

  2. wana know what works better at stopping criminals then a camera and a 10 min police arrival time?
    a gun.
    just thought might want an update on a better security system.

  3. If you want to avoid the Leidenfrost effect, you need a substance that remains liquid BOTH at room temperature and at cryogenic temperatures.

  4. So what exactly does an engineer do…. I mean the ones that don't create crazy awesome gadgets and what not

  5. You should make a Tick from Titanfall 2. But instead of it exploding, it's just a remote controlled walking robot

  6. the hack smith I may not be able to help you with this thing considering I'm 13 but it would be amazing if you made the reapers duel shotguns with his mask + as a little challenge why not make a reaper suit that produces black smoke before you fire your duel shot guns by the way stay in business and don't become pore with the amount of money on your projects so keep those sponsor ships up ps love your channel

  7. I think how the ice gun works is that ice guns shoot water and a freezing source – when the minute amount of water makes contact it would freeze on the subject and the build up of water and ice would cause the the subject to be immobilized

  8. could you try a three-part chamber in which the center admits dry ice the second layer is propylene mix with salt and third layer nitrogen

  9. Walking into a cosplay convention and people going “cool prop.” Just dating back “you think this is a prop” and shoot it in the air!

  10. Please dont refer CO2 to dry ice ever again. Both are fundamentally different… And the illustration on how you were gonna make the CO2 vapour dispenser.

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