Does Inner Beauty Nutriment Really Restore The Skin’s Health? | Edible UV Protection

Does Inner Beauty Nutriment Really Restore The Skin’s Health? | Edible UV Protection

Today’s video is going to be focused on the effectiveness of Edible UV protections and how to make the most of them. Aren’t you guys excited? I am too. Hi Wishtrenders welcome back to Wishtrend TV. I’m your new host Jihyun. Thanks to all the love you gave me on Four Reviewers I’m back as a new host. Thank you so much Oh also, do you ever get curious what hair color will suit you best? If you do, make sure to check out What’s Trending video. Episode right there! Eunice explains it so well. So, What do you think today’s topic is it is? It is….. Inner beauty! Watch till the end if you want to know what inner beauty is and what product there is. Also, make sure to comment down below if you like the video First, let’s learn what inner beauty is. Inner Beauty refers to obtaining natural beauty through taking care of one’s health rather than obtaining temporary beauty. The inner beauty market is growing quickly every year in the global market. Before, people only thought of them as a health supplement However, it is now revealed through studies that stress, sleep, active oxygen, and UV rays, dryness and so many other more are having close relationship with skin’s health That’s why these products are slowly becoming known as supplements for skin’s health. Inner beauty food has so many functions. Shall we take a look? Nourishes the skin. Helps with weight loss and bone health. Detoxifies, is an antioxidant Moisturize, improves skin elasticity Strengthen the immune system, improves wrinkles, protects against UV rays and There’s a UV protection product How does it work. This is my random guess Umm.. It increases the melanin pigment in the skin to block UV rays or Sweat and sebum and other fluid gains a UV blocking power to block UV rays or Does it block UV rays and prevent damage by repairing UV damaged skin? Anyways, I can’t believe you can get protected against UV rays with something you eat That’s so cool That’s why Today’s video is gonna be focused on the effectiveness of edible UV protections and how to make the most of them Aren’t you guys excited? I am m too. Edible UV protection first came out in 2010 I heard they’re gaining popularity in such places like the US As much as they are popular, there are many products on the market such as HelioCare noUV Sundots and many more. There are various ways to ingest them They even come in capsules or you can even drink them if you had any interest in inner beauty You probably somehow heard about this. Now, this is where I get my question. Does edible UV protectant have the same strength as a UV protectant that we apply? Let’s find out how edible UV protections work. There are so many different types of edible UV protectant Of these, here’s some of the most well known Fermented honeybush extract: antioxidant effect. Polyphenols: antioxidant effect Lycopene: antioxidant effect Polypodium leucotomos extract: antioxidant effect Astaxanthin: antioxidant effect, and
brightening Very scientific. I analyzed various edible UV protectants and looked for information on them There was no special ingredient that worked as well as I imagined it to. But it does seem to prevent UV damages such as burns and oxidation Therefore I recommend edible UV protectants for those who wants to have a double shield of protection By also applying a layer of sunscreen. If you eat and apply UV protectant You should have to worry less about UV damages, right? Inner beauty, What do you think is the best food for UV protections? Want to find out? These are the inner beauty foods that Wishtrend TV recommends for you. First, tomatoes. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which prevents UV damage and increases the skin’s resistance to UV rays. When I was a little girl, my grandma used to sprinkle sugar on sliced tomatoes, and it would taste like heaven. And since then I like tomatoes but you know, if you want to eat healthier, maybe you should just put out the sugar. Two, cabbage and broccoli. Cabbage and broccoli contain a substance called sulforaphane, which acts as an antioxidant and even prevents skin cancer. Wow, you know, I kind of like broccoli. I don’t, I don’t hate them So like if you see the movie Inside Out, the main character Riley hates broccoli so she even has nightmares because of broccolis, but you know, I can’t relate. I like broccolis. While there are a lot of foods that can protect you against UV rays We recommended the most easily found and safe foods. If you guys know any other food that are also good for UV protections, please let us know on the comments down below. Also, don’t forget While it’s important to eat these UV protectant It’s equally as important to apply UV protections as well. When going out for a long period of time, Don’t forget to put on sunscreen Let me summarize this video for you. First, if you’re concerned about UV damages We recommend you to eat UV protectants such as tomatoes, cabbage and broccoli. Second, if you’re planning to be outside for a very long time, make sure to put on sunscreen. As we mentioned before, doing this along with the inner beauty will lead you to a better effect This is the end of our video, what did you guys think about today’s inner beauty video? We’ll test out, if they really work, and find the best way to use them. If you want to see more video about inner beauty in the future Make sure to leave your suggestions on the comments down below. And also share it with your friends Our next video is going to be an episode of Wishtrender, We got you! We’re going to share how to get different face makeup looks only using one cushion. Thank you for watching! Make sure to LIKE and subscribe and buhbye! You

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  2. I have terribly photosensitive skin plus sensitive to topical creams. My skin reacts to most of the topical sunscreens I have tried. The last one I liked was discontinued and I can't seem to locate Cetaphil Daylong gel anywhere, even online. So my doctor suggested I try Heliocare SPF 90, if that doesn't work I'm gonna try the oral sunscreen…so far, Heliocare works for me but I'm gonna need another brand to interchange with heliocare as I get desensitized easily too. LOL #problematicskin

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  7. I hope this comment works as constructive criticism…

    Jihyun, I think your energy is amazing, and you look enthusiastic about what you do, but watching the video, on a public speaking, kind of persuasive-informative speech-type vid, I wasn't entirely convinced or well informed.

    I think the order of things were all over the place, and choice of words, or more like redundance, happened a lot. It becomes distracting and confusing.

    Your small segment were you read the ingredients behind edible UV(?) was unclear, and maybe it's the struggle you had spelling these names, but it made me feel like you didn't know what you were talking about (taking out credibility from you).

    As soon as you started talking I could tell your "thesis statement" wasn't clear. I didn't know if you were talking about edible UV or actual inner beauty care (like eating healthier, drinking more water, etc).

    I understand and assume this is your first scripted video on your own, and I think you did a good job. Great and interesting topic! I hope my criticism is constructive and for your growth.

    A tip! In case you don't know, the MLA outlining speech format could help you a lot in making this much more clear and organized!

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