– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV producing the best breed documentaries. (dog barking) (soul music) – My name is Gerald Antoine,
I’m a native of Jackson Mississippi but I’m an avid dog lover and an avid lover of the
European Doberman Pinscher. The breed was created for specifically to be a protection dog
for personal protection. In the 19th century the
creator of the breed, his name was Karl
Friedrich Louis Doberman. Back in the 19th century
the tax collectors like the IRS today, they would,
back then they would knock on your door, whether
it was monthly or weekly or whatever the time period was. And he had gotten threatened so many times with people saying oh
don’t come to my door, don’t come to my door,
don’t ask me for no money and he would get his life threatened. So, he decided to create
a breed that would not only physically intimidate them but would do some personal protection. So he made a combination of
the different type of breeds like with the Great Dane for
the speed, the Rottweiler for the size, the Terrier
for the heart, the drive. He created this breed, he
also included the cropping of the ears for an intimidating factor. So that’s what the breed,
that’s how it evolved. There’s a difference
between estate guardian, personal protection and
police K-9 training. There’s a huge difference. If you’re talking about
an estate guardian, we’re guarding his compound,
his territory, his domicile. Examples of compound guardians
or estate guardian dogs are like Bull Mastiffs, English Mastiffs, and Great Danes, those
are some of the examples of some of the compound and
an estate guardian dogs. Personal protection dog
protects the individual no matter where they’re located. Whether they’re going to the ATM, going to the park, going to a late night neighborhood walk,
whether they’re driving. The personal protection guards that person where ever that person is. Examples for personal
protection dog are like German Shepherds, Rottweilers
and the Doberman Pinscher. When you’re talking police K-9 training a dog specifically trained
to not only probably sniff out drugs but also
to do a deterrent and catch a fleeing felon or fleeing criminal where the actual police would not go. So if they go into a
building where it’s dark, the police gonna call out
K-9 because they’re the ones that will go in when
the police don’t wanna go into the building to
secure it or clear a building. Some examples of the K-9 police
dogs are German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgium Malinois. So it’s a whole different
gambit of what these dogs do but the end of the day
they’re trained to protect, they’re trained to protect on command. (upbeat music) The reason why I chose the
European Doberman Pinscher for personal protection is
because it had a combination of a lot of other dogs but
it didn’t have some of the things that the other dogs had. It was short haired and I like that, it was smart, it’s part
Greyhound so it loves to run. I love to run and it was,
I’ve found to realize that I’ve determined and found
by research that they are very co-dependent upon their owners. They love to be around their owners. And maybe a lot of dogs
do but for me I think the personal protection
for this particular breed fit me good because it had the
right amount of size, right amount of stealth and the
right amount of intelligence. During my process of determining
what type of dog I wanted it narrowed down to some
of the most popular dogs. Malinois, the reason why
I didn’t like the Malinois because they’re great dogs and
they do great work the drive is very high but some of them
lack the size that I wanted. And that’s something you can’t
make them, you can’t make them big if he wasn’t
born genetically big. The reason why I chose
the Doberman over the German Shepherd is because
obviously a lot of hair shedding. I don’t wanna keep every
morning using a roller, getting a lot of hair off
of me throughout my house because I want my personal
protection dog to not only be an outside dog but an inside dog. The Rottweiler, don’t
get me wrong, I love the Rottweiler’s they’re
probably one of the best breeds out there compared to a Doberman’s. But they tend to have the
tendency to gain weight if you don’t work them out a lot. You know, they tend to
have a little bit of a hip dysplasia in some of
them as they get older. And I love the Rottweiler
because the Rottweiler shares some of the same DNA
as the Doberman Pinscher. But I decided to stick with the Doberman because I did more research,
the Doberman Pinscher does have some genetic issues
but if you get a right one you can get a good 10 to 12 years out of the dog with minimal hip issues. And I know all of the working
lines, the show lines, and it’s like you give me a
pedigree I can tell you right off the back if the pedigree
is what I would buy. A lot of people come to me and ask me how do you think about this pedigree? If I see certain lines in
there that is very similar to a lot of show lines I say
hey it’s gonna be a pretty dog but I don’t know about the workability. I’ll be honest with you. The reason why I decided
to protection train my dog and let me put this out there first. I am not a K-9 trainer I’m
apart of a club and I give all props and respects to the
trainers who have helped me out a long the way, Louis Williams
of Black Mask Kennel. You’ve got Adrianne Santino
from who did the rings for a trainer with my dog,
you’ve got Wolfgang Radar who’s a German K-9 expert,
that’s the name of his club. You’ve got Alvin (mumbles)
who has won national titles in personal protections
and you’ve got O.J., Otis James Knight from the K-9 Coach. You know, all these guys helped me build my dogs up to what they are now. But the reason why I decided
to do personal protection is because I wanted complete
control over my dog. People assume to believe
that personal protection training is cruel and
it’s not good for the dog. Well I put that in perspective
when you see these police dogs, when they come to people’s aid, when you see this other
personal protection dog, when they come to their owner’s aid what do you think it took
to get to that point? I put that in the same context
as these ballerina dancers. You see how elegant they dance
and how easy they move along the floor but when you pull
their shoes off you see the deformities, the bone
breakage, you see the corns, you see the discoloration, you see all the scars on their feet. But what you see on the
outside is them dancing around, you don’t see the work
it took to get in there. When you do a personal
protection you have to break them down where you let him
know you’re in charge and then you build him up, you
don’t break him down as a dog but you break him down
and show him you’re gonna do things step by step by step. You’ve gotta build the
drive work, whether using ball or food or a toy, you’ve
gotta build the focus up. So what I wanted to do the
reason why I personal protection training because I don’t
wanna a liability on my hands. People already, when I walk
my dogs on the street in my neighborhood they
part like the Red Sea. But they don’t know that I
have complete control over him. So when you’re doing
personal protection not only are you obedience training
him but you’re training him how to identify a threat, you’re
training him when to bite, you’re training him when
to release that bite. Dogs they come into a tunnel vision and when they in a vision, a
tunnel vision nothing around them, they don’t see nothing
they don’t hear anything. When you do personal protection training the dogs can be able to
hear you and you only even in the heat of a battle and that’s something you wanna be able to control. If he goes after a person
and that’s the wrong person you wanna be able to recall him
in the middle of his pursuit without using using e-collars, without chasing behind him because
you won’t catch him. He’s got four leg you’ve only got two. So personal protection is
really obedience training but you’re giving the dog
the training and the tools in what he wants to do, he
wants to play, he wants to prey. He wants to bite, he wants to please you. And when you water him
down and not let him do the things he were
designed to do then are you really getting what you asked for? People buy Dobermans for a reason. If they want just a house hold pet they would have got a
Maltese, they would have got a Pomeranian, they
would have got a Chihuahua, something that’s a lap dog,
something that is docile when it needs to be but
a %100 pet and confidant. When you get a Doberman
understand what you may be getting into, you may get a dog. Not every Doberman is
designed for protection work. You know, not all of them
are gonna bite on command. Some of them may be scared of people, some of them may be
skittish but when you get a Doberman and you do research
on getting the right genetic bloodline, you should
know what you’re getting into. With that being said put
them into some sport work. Put them into ring sport, IPO training. You know, PSA training but
you wanna get him active where he’s stimulated all the time. That way when you come home,
your yards not tore up. You know, these are, this
is called a working breed. It wants to work. Since our last video,
Brody has achieved his IPO 2 and the handler was Alvin (mumbles). Right now we’re gonna
be competing this month in December in Las Vegas for his IPO 3. If he does well enough with the scores well, we’re discussing about
doing regionals with him. Alonzo has an IPO 1, he’s
right now seven and a half years old, human age is like 49. So, he’s into, he’s a house dog now but we still do personal protection
work to keep him active, keep his joints moving, keep his muscles and his tone right and
keep his mind right. Alonzo is, he’s dual title, he’s got a few obedience titles in AKC, CGC, CGCA. He has an obedience title in a ring sport it’s called a CSAU. We have a third dog his name is Bishop, he’s an up an coming champion. He’s an offspring of Brody. Right now Bishop has a BH,
and been working on IPO 1. But he’s a new breed and
with dogs like anything else, if you’re gonna stay in this game, you have to, if you’re
avid lover of the breed, whatever breed it is and
you wanna constantly do something with the breed a working line, you have to start getting
another dog for replacement. These dogs get old, you
wanna make sure they live as long as they can so you get a replacement. So, Bishop now is two years
old, he’s the son of Brody. He bites hard, he’s bitter sweet. That means he’s very, very
mild but when he works he cranks up and he shoots like a torpedo So right now, working
on the third dog Bishop. He’s, the next time we do a video or shoot hopefully,
hopefully, we have him on. At the end of the day, I’m always gonna be into a working dog. I think the Doberman is one
of the best dogs out there. That’s my own personal perspective, a lot of people have their
own idea of what their dog is but for me, for me only I think
that the Doberman Pinscher is the ideal dog whether it’s
for a small living quarters or a large two and three acre compound. No matter what dog I have
I’m gonna always do a lot personal protection because
it stimulates the dog’s mind and body and it keeps them sharp. But it also it keeps me
sharp because when you’re training dogs, you’re
training yourself as well. And it keeps me active
and with that being said, I’m always gonna be
around people I’m always around kids and I want my dog
to be able to be acclimated to society but also be able to
work when he needs to work.


  1. over 50% here in Germany sadly have heart issues. It could be prevented by more genetic research but because the breeding association apparently doesn't give a fuck you'll have a 50% chance of your dog just dropping dead on a morning walk…

  2. Nice video dear. I have 3 Doberman. No one can dare to enter or walk around my house. Doberman is actually an amazing athletic dog and can be handled by an athletic person better to meet his expectations of regular physical activities for channelising his energy to control aggression.

  3. I say this as a straight man. This dude is beautiful. Beautiful in his respect, understanding, knowledge, patience, and demeanor. What a humble dude. The world needs more of him. My only regret is his undoing……….he has no hair for me to stealthily clip, so I can clone him! lol.

  4. Doberman Pinscher is the worse dog to have … they are smart dog but they will turn on you.. my cousin Dove turn on him my brother friend dog turn on

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  6. Anyone know/recommend any Euro Doberman breeders? Got my first dobie from a backyard breeder and dealt with nothing but health problems. Having some trouble finding a trustworthy breeder that produces good, healthy dogs

  7. This guy makes a lot of sense and knows the breed (Dobie's) quite well. As of 11/21/18, I have a 5 month old Dobie girl. Abby, is my 7th Doberman. Dobie's are extremely confident and have quite a bit of drive and intelligence in them. Most are extremely smart which is a paradox for the owner. Sure the dog is smart and can do some incredible things. But at the same time it can get the dog into trouble for being too curious. My Abby just finished up basic obedience training and now working with her to protect the family and her turf which is a few hundred acres of land. Roughly 8 acres is cleared out and flat the rest of the land is trails and some natural openings. Every thing we do is a teaching moment for her. She is well socialized with dogs, other animals, as well as people. BUt she is learning when something is a potential threat per se. What I love about the Doberman's is they are a people dog. They want to be around their humans. My dog can go outside or come in when she wants. However, when I lock up for night, she is inside…on the bed between my wife and me. She wants to please and wants to PLAY a lot. Her baby teeth care beginning to come out. And on Monday she is going to the Vet to be spayed. Just an excellent breed to have. I love ALL dogs, but will always have a Dobie in my household as a family member.

  8. Your documentary was very informative and your dog is gorgeous! I have a Minpin and she is the best.  She has the ears like yours and long legs except she weighs 10 lbs. LOL Thank you again for your video info.

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    even more horrible to look at… the guts spilling out. A K9 officer suffered this very attack.
    Change this… somehow.

  11. Thank you for sharing, your Dobies are gorgeous. I’ve owned dobermans my whole life and I’m well into my 40s. They are the only breed I’d own. Until 3 years ago all my dobermans have been rescues, I’m really enjoy working with Doberman rescues and helping displaced dobermans, so all my Dobies has been American. Then we lost our Dakota to an osteosarcoma , of course it was devastating and our other Dobie Indiana was depressed, though I could never replace a Doberman who passed I always have two, I find having 2 is good for the dogs and I just love the breed so much I wish I could have 100 😊 anyway there were no rescues at the time so I went to a breeder for the first time, i had been researching for weeks when Dakota got sick knowing no matter how hard the vets and I tried he only had a few months. So I found a good breeder thru my rescue group actually got to meet some of the breeders Dobies who lived out here in Colorado near me and temperament and health of his dogs were great. They are a long line of show on the moms side and protection on dad’s & the parents are European from Belarus. I write this just to say wow now that I have a European I see the difference from American. Atlas (the European) is very work driven , he has to work. He is trained as all my dogs are because they go every where with me, including the up coming St Patrick’s day parade where we march with our dobermans to spread the word about the breed and about Doberman rescue. So my dogs do have to be very social and be able to listen on command. But working with Atlas and now that he is 3 and really grown into his personality and is coming out of the teenage years, I find all Dobies go thru , it’s like a switch is flipped at 2 1/2 -3 and they grow up 😜. His main trait I find is just how protective he is, now I know every Doberman I’ve owned would protect, its part of who they are, they would lay down their lives. But Atlas is beyond anything I’ve seen, he knows instinctually to stand between me and a threat, he “patrols” his yard before he will pee. I won’t bore you with all the details but it’s amazing to see the instinct in the European and he is larger then the Americans I’ve owned and all muscles. He’s my “red head” ❤️. But now that I have a European and worked with him and seen just how smart he is, I’m torn, I love my rescue work and rescuing a Doberman who needs me but we are looking at getting another this summer, Indie our black rescue is getting up there, and I need a service dog due to a medical condition that will just get worse, so I need a strong Dobie who can help me up when I fall and can help do small tasks, so I’m struggling whether I train a rescue or get another breeder. Plus my husband wants the service dog to go thru basic protection training, not for shows or competing but to protect me on command, as I said Atlas would protect but he is not trained to release on command or give a warning and I physically could not run after him if I had to. We did have one of ours protection trained many years ago before we had kids and he was the best so smart (RIP Parker). Anyway thank you for sharing your beautiful dogs and watching them is helping me decide what I want in my next Doberman. May I ask who was the breeder and/ or are you breeding your male?i figure I need to start researching breeders again. I love Atlas and his line and the breeder was great but I want to explore my options because this next Dobie will be more than a family companion , he will be a beloved family member as they all are but also a service dog and protector . Have a great day.

  12. I have a doberman and i need a personal protection dog from him i do not want a houshold pet i know what i want and he is not scared he needs to be directed properly yes he wants to work how muchh do you charge

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    If you train them for protection to listen to u etc… what happen if a bulglar get in my house and i m not there? Will they protect the house without me telling them?
    How about if i m there, will it protect me by biting the intruder?
    Or does he wait for me to say the command to bite.

  14. Thanks Gerald Antoine for this informative information about the Doberman Pinscher, my future purchase when it comes to dogs when I buy my home.

  15. My buddy had a doberman that was just a regular old family dog and it was almost shocking how friendly and well behaved the dog was. Im not into dogs for personsal protection so i never considered a Doberman but Rusty showed me a whole other side of the breed really great dog.

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  17. Wow you are wrong on many accounts the ears and tail are cropped bc they were seen as places of weakness for the doberman and the creator created them bc he was also a dog catcher and people would steal his tax money he collected

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  19. I grew up with Dobies, they were all naturally extremely protective especially of us kids. Best dog in the world for a guard dog! It's natural to them, but at the same time very gentle and loving either family and smart as a whip! Dobermans are so underrated

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