DIY Tripwire security alarm device using a transistor / Cut wire alarm / Wire Break Alarm

DIY Tripwire security alarm device using a transistor / Cut wire alarm / Wire Break Alarm

HI! Welcome to electrical projects channel In this video I’ll make simple ” Tripwire ” security alarm system using a transistor. For this device I use IRF540N MOSFET, but you can use different transistor Also we’ll need 47 kilo ohm resistor and active buzzer Here is the schematic: so let’s build this device Now we can connect this device to power source and check it. Device works ok. Now you can pull thin cupper wire and connect to this device and guard your territory If someone tears the wire you will know it You can connect even 1000 meters of cupper wire and this device should work ok This device has very low power consumption, so you can use a buttery for powering this device. If you don’t have a buzzer you can make your own sound indication device using a loudspeaker. Video you can find here: (link) Also you can use a relay instead of transistor, video you can watch here: (link) Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hey, if i put smth like 900m of a wire, what thickness of a wire should I get?
    Did you try a wire that long, ad does consumption jumps?


  2. Hi, I would like to stretch a wire around my garden, and tight the wire on a fence. One week ago, it was the 5th time I was robbed. The robbers are passing alway thtrought the fence, thus I want to connect your invention with the security alarm. I bought "Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Auto Dialer SMS SIM Call 433MHz". Is it possible? the fence is around 450m. Do you think 12V is enough? What about the thickness of the wire? What transistor and resistor I need?.. Thank you in advance for your answer :). Greetings from Greece, Petr

  3. What kind of wire did you use to do this? and where did you get it? I have some but the wire won't hold a charge at all. Thanks

  4. Hi guys, If you liked this project, then check out my next project where I build a totally different device with the same components:

  5. nice video., so easy to understand.. anyway, if I wish to modify this tripwire alarm into 220v buzzer.. what components should I need

  6. Hi Adam,
    I wonder if you could help me, I'm trying to develop a weighing scales that has a built-in max and minimum alarm.
    let me explain I'm in the process of setting up a weight loss business and I don't want my patients to be able to see their weight. Ideally what I want is for them to stand on the weighing scales and if they go over a preset maximum weight, an alarm will go off and similarly if they go below a preset weight an alarm will go off.

  7. pretty cool. I'm going to build one of these for a security system for a tent. Planning to use necklace magnets to connect the wires at each corner of the tent. If someone opens the tent at any of the 4 corners it will pull the low strength magnets apart and set off the alarm. Thanks for sharing how to do this.

  8. Hey! Would anyone know how I could implement this on a larger scale? I'm trying to build a security fence around my house that, when touched, would trigger a siren and shoo away potential burglars. Anyone have any ideas? The technology should be fairly similar. Thank you..

  9. hi nice project. i'll try twice times but i listening some humming (noise) sound and the transistor also dead . how to remove that sound please help? i use copper wire around 280m long.

  10. Hi Friend great. Why using 2 wire?

    If I touch one wire the alarm sound can come? Do you have any circuit?

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