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  1. I had a system a few years ago that would take a picture if it didn't find my phone or bluetooth tracking tag. So the security wasn't a magnet, it was something I always had on me.

  2. Pleas add grommets to terminate your wiring! Also push notifications to your phone with cctv feature. Love your channel btw

  3. Great set up & video.

    I'm confused though how the reed switch works in this design.

    Is the reed switch normally closed or open?

    Thanks from Ireland

  4. Hey Scott great content, I have a question. I'm working on a car project. I have two power sources that go on one load, one power source is a 5V 1A Solar power bank ther other one is a 5V 2A from a car charger that I can turn off with ignition off. How can I make it that when I turn the ignition off the other source still provides power to the load (in my case a tablet without an internal battery)? Can I use only Schottky diods, only Mosfets or is it better to make a circuit (or better to buy one for a such purpose), I also saw some SPDT relays that can also work as a switch for two different power sources? I would appreciate an answer because I really need one 😀

  5. I think some nice upgrades would be an automatic pepper sprayer and targeted nerf gun to pelt said — now visually impaired — intruder into oblivion. And maybe something to alert you via some messaging service that an intruder has been detected.

    So the steps are:
    1) Start recording video
    2) Deafen them with the horn
    3) Blind them with the light
    4) Pepper spray them
    5) Pelt them with nerf balls or darts
    6) Alert you of an intruder

    And then sometime after you are sure everything is safe, you upload the video to a second channel so we can all have a chuckle at the person foolish enough who tried to enter your workspace uninvited.

  6. Add a liquid fine spray pump for pepper spray. You can make the liquid yourself and assures the thief doesn't ignore bells and whistles while he grabs a few things and runs.

  7. als nächstes zuerst eine schöne kabeleinführung für den verteiler 🙂
    danach vill als zusatz zum alarm ne nebelmaschine + entlüftung

  8. Hey I stumbled across a guy who made a car/bike speedometer that uses nixie tubes as the display, I think it would be interesting to see your own attempt at such a thing. Love your channel! have a good one!

  9. smoke detector, PUSH notifications (internet or voice call or sms) if alarm is triggered and image or video record from the event (ip cam or arduino cam)

  10. Actually, in industrial PLCs, fewer and fewer are using this annoying out-dated ladder (and other 80s languages) and program more in STL (basic-ish + C-ish language, which is not ideal either, but MUCH faster and flexible to program). In the more modern PLCs, there is even an integration of C and C#. And Beckhoff's TwinCAT 3 actually integrates in the Visual Studio environment (which does leave me with a double feeling sometimes).
    Using a Controllino, personnaly, I would never consider using any visualisers, and definitly stick to the free arduino IDE. But that's just my opinion off-course.

  11. It probably is an overkill but given that the controllino already has internet connection capabilities, having some kind of surveillance system installed would be nice (infrared cameras or something like that).

  12. Does anybody know what ic is used in the siren microphone.
    i am doing a project with the 30W version and would like to build the circuit myself in a new enclosure.
    this so i can leave the mic intact. sadly there is no number printest on the ic itself

  13. What extra functionality do the controlino hardware plug and the controlino library provide in the Arduino IDE?

    Edit: nevermind, saw it.

  14. Could anybody please help to make me a full bridge igbt inverter using sg3525a that can pass 1000 volt from drain to source without burning the other components, just need for my tesla coil because I can't make it coz it's making my brain go 🤯, not that expert in dealing with electronics yet, so that's why I'm here and calling for ur help, thank u very much in advance! 😊🤗

  15. Hi! I am going to start a new arduino based project. It is based on controlling a backhoe loader gearbox like the original controller. All i need is a arduino compatible controller that works when the tempature is negative. Can you recommand me one?

  16. what next to build? come on… a 5000watt laser gun of course! Just a relay and ur done 😉 (and so is the theif)

  17. Modify it such way that you will get a notification on your phone if there is some intruder

    And add the feature of deactivating the alarm with your phone

  18. here are some ideas hope u like it :external baterry + sms module to alarm U when U away + ultra sonic activated lights for ur work + dust and garbage system

  19. This is not an industrial grade PLC. This is an Industrial Grade Arduino.

    Awesome…but it ain't Rockwell.

  20. You should add an infrared camera so it takes a picture or video of the intruder and send it to you. If something important was stolen even with the siren, you can use those videos as a clue for the police


    I mean use the IOT feature to know the current status of the Garage on your mobile phone!

  22. Add a motor that is controlled by remotes so that you don't have to manually open or close it and what about. A light sensor that should automatically switch on the lights when the door is open.

  23. I don’t know how hard it is but eventually you could build an system which calls the police automatically or a camera which makes a photo of the thieve

  24. Reporting module – a phone module to send an sms when an intruder event is detected.
    You could also add a bluetooth module so it recognises your phone, and self-deactivates if your phone is detected.

  25. I misread the tittle as "DEATH Laser Barrier Alarm System…"

    But I won't worry, I still have hope one day he will make that video.

  26. GreatScott: "It is no secret that I adore my garage."

    Automatically generated captions: "It is no secret that I adore my crush."

    GreatScott: Am I a joke to you?

  27. its more easier to use a real PLC rather than the current one as its less expensive and more reliable and more friendly to program

  28. Automatic Lights, at open but with some sort of delay so it's not "instant". Hmm… An automatic door perhaps? Haha 😀 I guess eventually you will had a big red "world domination" button in there somewhere 😉

  29. You should really replace the "magnet switch" (because there will be a scratched spot on the exact correct point) with a RF keychain transmitter. That's basically a standard now.

  30. do all your project actually come together with this flow, does anything ever just go work? i wish i could build as efficiently

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