DIY Home Security System : Labels & Engraving for Home Security

DIY Home Security System : Labels & Engraving for Home Security

Hello, my name is Tony Ramirez from Tampa,
Florida and on behalf of Expert Village this is “Do it yourself home security systems”,
let’s get started. Product labels and engraving, now this is one of the best ways to protect
your stuff as well. What you want to do in the event if somebody does want to get through
all those other pieces of security and gets into your house and they start stealing your
stuff, you want to make things a little bit easier on the cops. One of the best ways and
inexpensive ways is just to get these label sheets that you can get at any office supply
store. Write your name, address, phone numbers, maybe even the serial numbers and then stick
them all over your valuables. Electronics, jewelry boxes, anything that you have that
makes things a little bit easier to prove that it is yours. So what I did right here
is I simply just printed out a bunch of them, I put Expert Village all over the place, just
cause see what I did here I labeled them 123456, 1234567 and so on. This way each one can be
cataloged and written down somewhere else. So what I have here is I have a pretty fancy
expensive keyboard that I own and I want to protect it. You just grab one of the stickers
that you need and find a place to hide it on, we’ll say right over here, so this is
a great way like I said to protect your stuff. If you can afford to get things engraved or
if you have an engraver yourself you can actually edge your name or other things like that.
Because of course a sticker won’t a hundred percent won’t last forever, it is easy to
see and people can try to remove it but another way to do it is just actually open up your
electronic just a little bit. Maybe take off the cover, take off the lid, anything that
you can to put the sticker on the inside that way no crook, no thief is actually going to
think about looking on the inside to take off the sticker, or some protecting engraving
or what not. So that is your product labels and engraving.

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  1. Excellent! Now the assailant will not only have possession of my valuables, but they'll have access to my personal information.

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