DIY Home Security System : Bolt Locks for Home Security

DIY Home Security System : Bolt Locks for Home Security

Hello, my name is Tony Ramirez from Tampa,
Florida and on behalf of Expert Village this is “Do it yourself home security systems,”
let’s get started. Bolt locks this is another inexpensive way to add extra security usually
to a door. Some type of door maybe even a window that would open inwards or outwards
you want to put this on. Of course nothing that slides up and down because it really
won’t give you the same effect. But what these do you just simply screw them on to any door
surface, make sure that the door is leveled to the actual wall. You don’t want to put
it if the door is kind of onset you can’t put it on correctly, if the door is flushed
with the wall go ahead. Now what you do, I mean of course I don’t have this one hundred
percent setup but it’s basic, you lift the bolt slide it back and now you’re unlocked.
So now the door can open, however it is exactly it is going to be, and the same thing whenever
you want to unlock it back you just close it up just like that. Of course these come
in dozen of sizes, colors even some other shapes if you want them to match the decor
of your house, your door or where ever else you are going to put it. But like I said really
inexpensive way these right here cost about a buck in a half each and a couple of screws
and you got that extra protection just in case somebody is going to try to kick the
door down or anything like that. So that is your sliding bolt right there and that is
another home security.

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