DIY ATTIC TO 4K HOME THEATER RENOVATION | how to remodel an attic.

DIY ATTIC TO 4K HOME THEATER RENOVATION | how to remodel an attic.

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  1. Nice video, as a plasterer I can only give you advice. My advice would be to put your skrim tape on the joint of the board before you skim on top of it. It will stop any cracking you’ll receive from the movement of the joint. Plus it will give the skim more strength when pulling in 👍. Really like the video, has given me ideas for my future home.

  2. I don’t know how you guys skim in America but over here in the uk we don’t use a roller. Classic hawk and trowel with a 2 coat multifinish. Paint straight on top of it

  3. Shoulda installed a sky window and added blinds to it so that way your getting some air in and the room doesn’t potentially get damp from the moisture that will be coming in from that window he just dry walled. Over all room does look amazing 👏🏼

  4. I first time saw your video and the are quite funny 😂😂😂😂😂 than the other wood working channels
    Keep up the good work

  5. 0:06
    The sound bar that’s in the middle. Is it actually a JBL sound bar with a wireless subwoofer?

  6. There is a reason they make drywall screws And drywall screw gun. The nails won’t hold up for long. That was a rookie drywall job

  7. Very nice but if this house ever becomes up for sale; they are going to have to uncover that window to pass a home inspection. Due to building codes, every living quarters and bedroom has to have a window in case of a fire. The number of windows depends on the sq footage of the room. It looks like the builder put a window there in case someone ever decides to finish the room that he just covered up; and the window even being there tells me that isn't even an attic but an unfinished room. That and have fun trying to breathe in there 😐

  8. theather room step 1: do NOT paint the walls white, to avoid the light bouncing around. go with dark colors or even better straight black. then use a white projector screen

  9. You should just have stapled fabric on the posts instead of drywalling the whole room and you would have great(er) acoustics too. If at one point you want to increase the sound of the room, you will learn that you need absorbers. And if then you are looking for the cheapest way to get those, people will recommend you to build absorber panels filled with insulation 😉

  10. Не плохая комната отдыха получилась #сваимонтаж

  11. A lot of lil shits here that think they know everything but honestly you re talented and a hard worker. You might not know some simple things like venting a room or not covering up a window with drywall but you know a lot of other complicated work and trades that these people in your comments dont. Keep getting that $ with your channel, beats working on the field for someone. And get more interested in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC its important if you re a reno expert.

  12. Am very disappointed with your video that I can’t watch I am deaf and your captions cover the whole screen to block the view of your action. Most videos has two lines in captions to read while viewing the video. Same with TV. It turns me off as disrespectful!!

  13. He's clearly lied about this being an attic, you can see the hallway with other rooms outside when he opens the door.

  14. A tip. I work at a flooring company as an installer. You can call the stapler a slap or hammer stapler. And the pad you installed upside down. And you only need to staple the perimeter of the pad. A kicker isn’t designed to stretch carpet solely you need a stretcher for that. Then you finish with a kicker. And you could get a a metal stair nose to finish off the edges of the steps way better.

  15. White walls and ceiling in a dedicated cinema-room? Thats kind of a big no no!
    Paint it black or very dark grey and that will do wonders for contrast.

  16. Way over priced. You can get a short throw for half the price. I would just extended that attic to make house ceiling higher and put the theatre elswhere…likeclose to the kitchen? There is no air in that room.

  17. Being a professional carpenter this video makes me smile! Not because your doing all the flooring wayy harder than it should be.. but because normal people don't even take carpeting on! Impressive, respect bro

  18. That is not a attic and it's a lot of things that's all wrong with that so I hope he fixes it but it still looks nice if you getting the projector for free

  19. @16:33 am I the only one seeing the plug ins that look uneven and it’s upsetting ? .. like I know they get covered but still .. hahaha

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