Did Manafort Lie to Mueller to Protect Trump?: A Closer Look

Did Manafort Lie to Mueller to Protect Trump?: A Closer Look

-The president keeps insisting the Russia investigation
has found nothing, even after his ex-campaign
chairman lied to the FBI. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Democrats might control
the House right now, but Republicans
still control the Senate. The GOP-controlled Russia
investigation in the Senate led by North Carolina Senator
Richard Burr said this week they didn’t find any evidence
of Russian collusion, despite not looking at most
of the actual evidence. And Trump has been touting that
fact in rallies and TV interviews all week. -They’ve been investigating
this Russia hoax for two years. They found no collusion
between Donald Trump and Russia. What’s happened to me should
never be allowed to happen to another president, with investigations on things that never took place,
like Russia. You know, the Russia collusion
delusion we call it. Oh, wow, Trump found
two words that rhyme. [ Laughter ] If he gets kicked out of office, at least he’ll have
a second career in advertising. -Beanz meanz Heinz. [ Laughter ] And Trump wasn’t just whining
about the Russia investigation to friendly crowds at rallies
and at Fox News. He’s also been screaming about
it all week on Twitter. These are all different tweets
he posted in the last week. -Highly respected senator
Richard Burr, chairman of Senate Intelligence, said today that after an almost
two-year investigation, he saw no evidence
of Russia collusion. Not only did Senator Burr’s
committee find no collusion by the Trump campaign
and Russia, it’s important because
they interviewed 200 witnesses and 300,000 pages of documents. -The mainstream media has
refused to cover the fact that the head
of the very important Senate Intelligence committee, after two years
of intensive study and access to intelligence
that only they could get just stated they have found
no collusion between Trump and Russia. -Senator Richard Burr, the chairman of the Senate
intelligence committee just announced
that after two years, more than 200 interviews,
and thousands of documents, they have found no collusion
between Trump and Russia. Is anybody really surprised
by this? -The Senate Intelligence
committee, there is no evidence of collusion between
the Trump campaign and Russia. -My God, they doubled
the character limit on Twitter and it still wasn’t enough
for him. At this rate, they’re going to
have to start sending us bound copies of Trump’s tweets
in the mail. [ Laughter ] “Honey, I just saw a roach
in the kitchen. Hand me that Trump tweet.” The thing about Trump screaming
on Twitter all the time is that it’s easy to just
start ignoring him. Sure, two years ago
when you woke up and saw that the president
of the United States posted an all caps tweet
at 4:00 in the morning, you were like,
“Start digging a bomb shelter.” Now we all react
to Trump’s tweets the same way we react to a
telemarketer call during dinner. “Yeah, sorry, no, America
isn’t home right now, bye.” [ Laughter ] The Senate investigation that
Trump has been tweeting about is a partisan Republican
investigation that didn’t even look
at most of the evidence. By contrast, when Democrats
took over the house, they announced their own
investigation of Trump, and Trump freaked out. -Today the president targeted the committee’s Democratic
chairman writing, “So, now Congressman Adam Schiff
announces after having found zero Russian collusion, he’s going to go look
at every aspect of my life both financial and personal even though there is no reason
to be doing so. Never happened before. Unlimited presidential
harassment.” The president went on to add, “The Democrats and their
committees are going nuts. The Republicans never did this
to President Obama. There would be no time left
to run the government.” -No time left
to run the government? You don’t run the government
now. You’re — you’re basically
the security guard in every heist movie. “Murph, wake up!” “Ugh, I was just resting
my eyes!” Also, the reason
they didn’t do this to Obama is because he didn’t have
any corruption scandals. I know this is hard to believe, but we used to have a president
who made it eight years without anyone who
worked for him being indicted. Meanwhile, you rack up
indictments like you’re trying to fill up
a punch card. [ Laughter ] Obama didn’t have — [ Cheers and applause ] Obama didn’t have real scandals, so Republicans had to make up
fake ones. In fact,
Republicans subjected Obama to so many ridiculous
investigations, one guy even freelanced and started
his own investigation of Obama’s birth certificate — The guy who’s currently
complaining about hoax investigations literally sent investigators
to Hawaii for a hoax investigation
into Obama’s birthplace. -I have people that actually
have been studying it and they cannot believe
what they’re finding. -You have people now down there
searching in Hawaii? -Absolutely, and they cannot
believe what they’re finding. -It sounds like the real story is you sent investigators
to Hawaii and they lied to you to get
more time in Hawaii. [ Laughter ] For a scam artist,
he is very easy to fool. So Trump’s been screaming all
week that he’s been vindicated and that all these
investigations are hoaxes. Now, that was already untrue, but Trump’s lie got even harder
to believe Wednesday night when we found out
his ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort had lied to
the Special Counsel’s office. -A federal judge ruling
that Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former
campaign chairman, intentionally lied to the FBI. He lied to
the Special Counsel’s team, and also to a grand jury
in the ongoing investigation. -Judge Amy Berman Jackson says
there is sufficient evidence to say that Manafort broke his
plea deal with Robert Mueller by lying about three
of the five matters the Special Counsel singled out
for cooperation. -This guy actually thought
he could lie to Robert Mueller and get away with it? I’m sorry, but have you met
Robert Mueller? I mean, look at him. Mueller doesn’t need a polygraph
to tell you if you’re lying. He can just hold your wrist and monitor your heart rate
himself. If you whisper a lie to
your girlfriend in California, Mueller sits up in bed
in a cold sweat. Also, this isn’t even
the first time Manafort has committed a crime
while he was being investigated for committing other crimes. In June, for example,
a judge jailed Manafort after prosecutors claim he
attempted to tamper with the testimony of two potential
witnesses in a criminal case. That was after he had
already been indicted. Every time he commits a crime
to make things better, it makes it worse. When Manafort goes to prison, he’s going to tunnel out of
his cell into a smaller cell. [ Laughter ] And this isn’t just — [ Applause ] This isn’t just some sort
of so-called process crime that has nothing to do with the core question
of Russian collusion. Mueller’s office said Manafort’s
lies go to the heart of what the Special Counsel’s
office is investigating. For example, Manafort lied about
the fact he shared Trump campaign polling data
with a longtime associate of his who the FBI thinks has ties
to Russian intelligence. He shared polling data with
a guy tied to Russian intelligence while Russian intelligence was
helping Trump win the election. That is the definition
of collusion. If someone said,
“I don’t understand collusion.” Can you give me an example?”
You could say that. It’s like if the cops
got up in court and said the suspect handed
money to a drug dealer while the drug dealer was giving
him cocaine, and we’re all like, “Oh, I wonder if the two
are related.” [ Laughter ] And the arrangement they had
to share polling data wasn’t just some casual
get together. The details of the meeting
themselves were incredibly suspicious — from where they met
to how they left the meeting. -The “Washington Post” reports
court records show Manafort met with a Russian political
operative, a guy named Konstantin Kilimnik at a midtown Manhattan cigar bar
near Trump tower. -That meeting occurred
on August 2, 2016. The meeting between Paul
Manafort and Kilimnik happened in a private cigar room called the Grand Havana Room. They were joined in that meeting
by the deputy campaign manager and Manafort associate
Rick Gates. The meeting appears to have been
so clandestine that it, “Ended with the three men
leaving through separate doors. -They met at a private
cigar room in Manhattan and left through
three separate doors. There are only two explanations
here. Either they were coordinating
illegal election interference with a foreign adversary
and trying to hide it or they were filming a sequel
to “Goodfellas” called “Goodfellas 2: It Happens
at the White House Now.” [ Laughter ] Now, the central question
at the heart of the Russia investigation
still remains unresolved. We don’t have all the details. But what we do know for a fact is that everyone involved
keeps lying about it. Michael Flynn lied about
his contacts with Russians. Paul Manafort lied about
his contacts with Russians. Michael Cohen
lied about the deal to build a Trump tower
in Moscow. Donald Trump Jr. lied about
his meetings with the Russians and Jared Kushner
lied about his age. [ Laughter ] “Sir, you can’t come
into the cigar room.” [ Voice cracking ]
“But I just turned 18.” [ Laughter ] There’s still
a lot we don’t know about the Russia investigation,
but one thing we do know is that almost everyone who’s
under investigation has lied. Either they’re lying to cover up
something really bad or they’re suffering
from a serious case of… -Russia collusion delusion.
-This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. Russia if your listening please help us find the. Collusion between trump and Russia… and then Hillary's 32thousand e-mails that are missing you will be mighty rewarded

  2. i'm not sure why the senate is doubling down on this because if they do find something… something big, it's going to be far worse than a bit of egg on their face. This president could literally turn over the entire Republican Senate and House.

  3. Anytime anyone says something he likes, orange fuhrer start writing love letters of how wonderful they are. Then the second someone bruises his ego, he cries bloody murder and creates a personal life vendetta.

  4. Manafort's just using the Jason Mendoza maneuver: "every time I had a problem, I obstructed justice, and — right away! — I had a different problem!"

  5. Ffs. Could you stop filling 3 minutes of your 9 minute segment with videos of the lying Orange asshole? Listening to his barely literate word salad makes me want to put my head through a wall.

  6. Who cares!! The US is a dirty corrupt shithole of a country. Everyone is after Trump but then I see a Democrat running for president who when she was an attorney general thought it fun to jail the homeless mother of a truant child. Is there a school in America that churns out all these lying despicable people and why do so many Americans find them so attractive?? What a dump!!

  7. Authentic audience laughter is always fun. Take satisfaction from a creative life well lived you comedic genius.

  8. ZERO EVIDENCE. DUH. McCabe just admitted they CONSPIRED to overthrow Trump. DUH. They just admitted they were going to get Rosenstein to wear a wire to frame Trump. DUH. ALL roads lead back to Obama and Hitlery. DUH. Becoming OBVIOUS this was just OFFENCE to COVER AND DIVERT from all their crimes. DUH. Do you feel stupid for believing lying "comedians" for 3 YEARS, when I was telling you for 3 YEARS EXACTLY who was to blame? How come I had al l this figured out YEARS ago, even TOLD YOU who was to blame, and you STILL couldn't figure it out? 🤔🤔

  9. I think Manafort WANTS to be locked up in a nice, safe minimum security Federal penitentiary. That would make it less likely that he'd be assassinated for owing millions to Oleg Deripaska or some other Russian mobster(s).

  10. (rolling eyes) . Obama was beset upon by a bunch of completely made-up scandals ("Fast and Furious," the "IRS scandal," the Birther conspiracy and other things were completely manufactured by Rightwing media, and do not hold up under any scrutiny). But he had tons of real scandals that the MSM simply chose not to call scandalous, because they furthered the Establishment's goals. Obama codified assassinations. He used "double tap" drone strikes that targeted first responders. He let war criminals and financial criminals off the hook, allowing some of them to re-enter governmental positions now. He had a strong hand in the suicide of Aaron Swartz, who was given a 35-year prison sentence for downloading documents for academic research that would have slightly embarrassed the Pentagon. He did nothing while hired police goons from an oil company brutalized the Native Americans protecting the water supply in North Dakota. He secretly helped kill a Public Option in health care, while he publicly stated his support for it more than 100 times. With utterly no basis for such a Draconian measure, he used the Espionage Act against more journalists and whistleblowers than any president in history.

    So don't tell me he had no real scandals. If Trump is the tip of the spear in terms of presidential criminality, fascism, and atrocity, Obama was one of the people that helped forge the handle on that spear. As did Bush, Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan and others. And they all got away with everything, which is part of why Trump assumes he can get away with everything also.

  11. The one thing a serial cheater knows is when your wife questions you about an affair DENY DENY DENY!! Cheeto Head is a well-practiced cheater and liar. His No Collusion mantra is going to be the greatest epitaph in the history of disgraced failed presidents. He's a perpetual loser.

  12. I wouldn’t have believed the “findings” in Hawaii either … as long as it got me MORE time in Haw … oops, I mean to dig deeper … my bad, Donny Tiny Han .. I mean, Drumphf .. oops, I mean trump 😏
    Holy 💩 ! this guys dumb … I mean, PERFECT for the Republican base.

  13. Did they forget about Benghazi? They investigated that endlessly, and couldn't find anything when they really wanted to. Meanwhile Mueller has multiple convictions of Trump organization officials. Even if he doesn't bring down Trump, catching criminals is generally a good thing. If Trump were innocent, he'd be happy that the corrupt people he trusted have been removed from his organization, Trump is definitely guilty of crimes, the only question is whether it can be proven to the standard needed for impeachment and conviction.

  14. Democracy? Rule of law? Treason? Who could believe this is really, actually happening in the land of the free….. Wow, the free have been neutered so deep it has pulled their guts out with it!

  15. Donald Trump and the Republican party is willing to burn the Constitution to get what they want whether or not it is what the majority of Americans want.

  16. Manfort is going to get extra time for lying to investigators; but Manafort was a Trump empoyee. Trump is OUR employee, and he is lying to us about whether he is guilty when everyone they have indicted so far has been convicted. Therefore, it seems only fair that Trump should get extra time for lying to the country. He claims that the degree of scrutiny he has received should be outlawed: I contend that knowingly running for office when you have disqualifying scandals should, in an of itself, be a crime that will automatically results in your removal from office. You shouldn't get to use your office to prevent your removal from that office when you should never have gotten into office in the first place. This "you can't indict a sitting President" horseshit means that the president can abuse his power to prevent his crimes from being properly investigated. Electoral misconduct should be the one crime where you are guilty until proven innocent: you should automatically be forced to resign such that you can defend yourself. Meantime, we would get someone actually governing, not spending their time and our money covering up their crimes.

  17. Let’s not forget folks: Senator Burr served as National Security Advisor TO the Trump campaign. So did Devin Nunes. So both have a vested interest in saying no collusion.

    The 8/2/16 meeting happened in Kushner’s building too…And what Judge Amy Berman Jackson & Mueller broke down for us about Manafort on Friday…we will soon get our country back. ❤️

  18. President Trump is an innocent angel baby with golden tufts of angel hair on his beautiful innocent angel baby head. 😇

  19. Ok… but Muller knows that the three men left a private cigar hall via three different exits? How? Security footage obtained on site? If they have that, then what difference does their testimony make?

  20. 4 U.S. Code § 8 – Respect for flag(d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free. Bunting of blue, white, and red, always arranged with the blue above, the white in the middle, and the red below, should be used for covering a speaker’s desk, draping the front of the platform, and for decoration in general.


  22. Mitch McConnell’s Suspicious Money  It has been a well-known fact that several top Republicans took large donations from a Kremlin oligarch named Len Blavatnik during 2016.

  23. BeanzMeanzHienzhttps://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.4f0e73ae002bbb7773595f81a2e059a5&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fVrSZDlpRaHYje%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=%2brZWYrHJhgsaUiMsRiqeBg https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.a568a92333a86f5375be6d58b48f6982&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fCFJqC6fgQF4pG%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=HFA4tKDqfaKqHFcfEucr5A just lol

  24. …Trump is angling to be able to justify another government shut down as soon as the Mueller report hits the desk of his new AG…He will claim the report is an attack on the country and he will use that to shut down the government again… he will claim executive order and attempt to take over the DOJ…True Americans need to wake up…

  25. Senators are not lawyers, what has Mueller have to say. It is all about Mueller, an actual investigator, what has he got to say. Take your time, get it right the first time, no mistakes no excuses!!

  26. If I would have been one of those investigators from Agent Orange who got sent to Hawaii, I would have made a niiice vacation out of it. Chilling on the beach, swimming, enjoying drinks,…. as long as Trump would indeed pay for all of that. heh



  29. When this is all over and Drump becomes the first "precedent" in American history to go to prison Andrew McCabe will be declared a national hero….

  30. So I watch videos supporting Trump and bashing trump. I'm not seeing as many Trump supporters defending him on videos like these any more. It's a noticeable decline.
    I do see a few people bashing Trump on pro-Trump videos, but not as much as it used to be.

    I'm guessing our YouTube algorithms are making it so we are only shown what we agree with. That should be good, creates a kind of a "bubble." What could be wrong with that?

  31. When John Gotti was elected head of the Gambino crime family he decided he wanted to be a celebrity. He was on the cover of Time Magazine and gave numerous interviews. He was acquitted so many times he was known as "the Teflon Don"
    All of the senior mafia dons warned him that his luck would run out. That he could only thumb his nose at the FBI for so long. That a Don must operate in the shadows. Even your own wife and kid shouldn't be positive what you do for a living but he knew better.
    As we all know: not only did Gotti end up spending the rest of his life in prison but it crippled the Italian mafia so absolutely they've never recovered to the day.
    The point is is that any time, 100% of the time, when a crook decides he wants to be famous he suffers an excruciating downfall and there has yet to be an exception, in the history of our country.

  32. It's not collusion, you idiot, it's consulting. It's only collusion if actual votes were tampered with.

  33. Don't be surprised by the eventual outcome:
    Both parties are going to come up with opposite conclusions on their investigations and it's just going to be a draw. Nothings going to happen.
    Oh, Manafort's gonna get a full pardon.
    Democrats will have egg on their face like usual.
    Old Democrats – the cucks of Congress.

  34. Why the hell does he always refer to himself in the third person? Like he's talking about someone who's not there.

  35. Look at the liberal idiots who are so bent on regaining they are liars just like all the main stream channels. It’s sad and it’s about to get ugly because we are coming after the media first!

  36. Short answer yes.

    Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  37. I actually think that Trump was lying about sending investigators to Hawaii…I think he's a pathological liars

  38. Putin knew better than to leave evidence of collusion. That's his field of expertise. That's what Trump meant by "I don't know why there 'would' be evidence…"

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