Deputy Must Respond To Serious Threat | Active Self Protection

Deputy Must Respond To Serious Threat | Active Self Protection

100 Replies to “Deputy Must Respond To Serious Threat | Active Self Protection”

  1. He thought he would die and get his 70 virgins he failed so when he dies his virgins will be dudes hahaha Paradise my ass

  2. Great restraint shown considering scum bag backs ISiS. A lot of people I know would have disabled cam and just unloaded.

  3. The sergeant did not do what he was suppose to do.
    He should've kept on shooting, until the threat stops moving.

  4. Stupid little fool Ishmael
    Brought rocks and a knife
    Almost got sent to hell
    When he came to a gunfight
    Very dumb Islamic asshole.

  5. Serious question here. How many times are officers required by law to tell the perpetrator to drop the weapon before shooting?

  6. This is the mentality of isis what was the point in doing this nothing it was pointless pity the cop didn't kill this vermin Muslim idiot now our tax money will pay for his keep in prison if I had my way id take him out back and shoot him in the face and kill him good riddance to filth

  7. I'll just say this we don't have a bunch of terrorists here what we do have is a bunch of regular citizens that are fed up with cops and a few of them are willing to kill to prove a point cops are running around here doing a lot of bulshit!

  8. First of all I want to say thank God nothing happened to the police officer.But what I don’t understand is that if this individual call the police station and said he pledges allegiance to Islam and wants a police so he can deal with him why send only one police officer. I think that was pretty stupid.

  9. Now please don’t put muslims in the ISIS category, there have been plenty of terror attacks in america done by americans too like school shootings. Some people (like the guy in the video) are sick in their heads and actually willing to do such actions. Not to mention that it was USA who created ISIS to keep middle east unstable & for oil..

  10. John, I think Sergeant Wells did an excellent job also. It's just too bad he could've have tased him, knock him out, throw him in this trunk of his Squad car. Then he should bring him to a warehouse for some good waterboarding!

  11. Throwin’ rocks at the filth who is armed with a piece? What a great demonstration of the old world of isis comin’ hard up against modern technology. Rocks might work on some poor woman accused of adultery buried up to her neck in sand but they are no use on a parking lot when a guy is pointin’ a piece at you!

  12. Isis doesnt exist, this guy was crazy or just wanted suicide by cop. Either way this cop was amazing and give plenty chance👍

  13. His a good example of what most muslims say that Islam is Peace😂 lol. Same with Isis, Taliban, Alqueda, and tons more

  14. That double tap is pure compliance aint it. Ismail played a stupid game and almost won the ultimate prize. Constructive force quickly turned into deadly force. Justified all day long. Good for you Sgt. Wells

  15. They crave MARTYRDOM with its high status in the afterlife, 72 virgins whose virginity constantly renews while the martyr's penis is permanently erect. This is what they believe. Looking at the guy, not a great specimen, it's his best chance of any action.

  16. Stupid 911 dispatch. They sent a singular officer to confront a person who was obviously intending to do harm to whoever shows up.

  17. He's not very good at throwing rocks. I feed thousands of Seagulls to try to keep them alive during the winter time. I throw bread a hell of a lot better than that!

  18. I would not have been able to wait as long as the cop did. Would have shot him many seconds earlier. It was clear, that dude was about so get SBC'ed

  19. Should’ve killed him brother , piece of shit thought he was tough with the knife gave him all the chances 🤷🏽‍♂️ now you can think about this certain moment you’re whole life

  20. That guy wanted to commit suicide. He didn't have the courage so he got police to help him. Did he really want to pledge alligence to the Islamic state? Maybe or maybe he just thought that would get police to come quickly.

  21. the millions of dollars of money they confiscate they need way more better camera's on the officer's that's too dark. I can't see what's going on

  22. Duuuu i am allegance to morons and i want you to get a cop out here so I can bring a knife to a gunfight and loose badly… like morons in allegance like to do…

  23. I can see this situation in unarmed EU. This stupid terrorist has called 911 – and confront an armed officer – but what if he started to stab innocent bystanders?
    The only thing that will stop any terrorists and/or criminal is a well armed civilian population.

    But, Illuminati/the cabal/the elite are doing everything now to take the weapons away form the US citizens. The Europe is already disarmed decades ago…

  24. The problem is that these asswipes actually believe that Allah is going to protect them if they are acting in his name.

  25. Great self control by a fantastic law enforcement officer. This video proves John's previous points that human beings can survive close-range shootings and may be able to continue the threat, especially if under the influence of drugs (not the case here most likely).

  26. This is suspicious. The guy claims he's supports ISIS. Knowing how much of a threat they can be, they act upon his wish and send a lone cop to investigate. Sounds like some kind of propaganda or scare tactics.

  27. I feel like this guys plan was to go to prison as there’s a huge conversion movement for Islam in prisons at the moment. Obviously he is aware cops are armed here and he just invited them to arrest him. Somethings up

  28. Yea! Let’s these SOB get in here and open moques all over . They love our culture! Don’t eat pork, beat women, sharia law. Yea, let them have all the freedom they want, they are like us anyways. Here it is, this SOB declaring out loud what he is here for. I would’ve kill this SOB with shot in the head and one in the heart! Buy! No more. Oh guess what! He survived! Oh guess what he is going to do next?!

  29. To bad he did not die! Allah promises 6 Virginia lady’s with no condums! He missed his chance! Now he gets butt fucked in jail! Nut job

  30. What was he throwing at the officer? Looks like he tried the Hollywood Ninja Smoke Screen trick ($19.95 at your local spy supply store) so he could disappear.

  31. Hahaha see what happens when you show allegiance to a dying group also I love how he was hard than after shot is all about complying and giving up lol

  32. Have you uploaded a video where verbal judo was actually effective? Because every time you praise it the next thing we hear are gunshots and you pointing out how ''you have to shoot until the threat is stopped"

  33. This dude literally said he is apart of ISIS and want to "deal with some cops real quick"
    And you send this dude ONE DUDE to deal with him?????

  34. Always thought little rocks half dollar sized pebbles were jokes… I saw a kid throw a half dollar small pebble and hit a guy literally between the eyes … dude drop like he got shot laid there for six minutes couldn’t move ambulance had to be called…

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