Defender 2K Wireless Security System

Defender 2K Wireless Security System

Meet Mike and Sarah. They have a family, a home and a business. Their son depends on them. Their employees depend on them. Their customers depend on them. And they can Depend on Defender to protect
what they value most. Introducing Defender’s next generation of
high definition security. With wireless technology Mike secures those
hard to reach locations.And using the SmartSignal app, Sarah can stay connected to their home
in 2K resolution. With instant alerts right to her phone, she
knows if someone’s snooping around the house, or if it’s just the delivery guy. When it’s time to head home, they know they’re
covered because they’ve set a schedule to see what they want, when they want it. With no contracts or monthly fees, they’ll
catch the good, and the bad, day or night, directly on their included local storage.Featuring
a 127-degree wide-angle lens Mike and Sarah only need one camera to cover the entire back
yard, rain or shine. So no matter where they are or what they’re
doing, they can depend on Defender. This is what peace of mind feels like.

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  1. I love the Defender, I still have a few questions about the audio system and how to move the cameras in the back of the house.

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