27 Replies to “Deer Crashes Through Hair Salon”

  1. I'm glad that it got away before the police arrived because they would have killed it and not by shooting it once but until their clips are empty. Police think that they always need to shoot and kill animals instead of attempting to let them get free.

  2. I think the guy getting a haircut hired the dear to crash in and frighten the lady, so he can hug her.He had been planning it .πŸ˜†

  3. Some poor American kid who is so frustrated with her frizzy hair has been calling out to Santa Claus for help. Looks like she is gonna get her straightener after all.

  4. So sweet, the man hugged the owner, the owner was concerned about the customer. The deer probably saw a reflection of the woods in the window and thought he was headed for more woods. BTW nice clarity on the security cam, most look like wax paper are covering the lens (wonder what brand and model name it was). Glad everyone was ok and so caring toward one another

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