dbell HD Live Vs Ring Pro Vs Skybell HD Video Doorbell

dbell HD Live Vs Ring Pro Vs Skybell HD Video Doorbell

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  1. you compare only the 3 wi-fi incoms. please check out the WI-BELL that can also open ANY gate from any where in the world and has no infra red but a bright LED light so it is color at night. And our cloud service are free. no monthly payment FREE

  2. Where can i find the Dbell for @129.99 I only see it for @299.99 Everywhere, Please send me the link, hurry, before the price goes up :o/

  3. Thank you so much for the side by side comparison of video security doorbells. I am just putting my toes into the security pond, and 11 days ago, bought a Ring doorbell. After those 11 days of use, and now watching your excellent video, I am going to return the Ring to Amazon.

    I do have one question for clarification. Can the dBell operate on battery only, and upload 24/7 to my existing NAS (Netgear).

    I was just also checking online, and the prices I am seeing are much more than the $129 you mentioned. Where online did you see that price?

    Thanks again !

  4. Holy crap, that rehearsed voice pretending to be Vienna White was more than annoying. This review didn't help me at all. Her comparisons were trivial, incorrect, and quickly outdated. Clearly shows how little research she put into it. And if you're going to do a review on technical items, understand technical things.

  5. Great channel! Very informative videos. Not sure about the dbell but the Skybell HD and Ring are great picks and both connect to our security system. You can watch live video on the app, the doorbells have motion detection and you can have multiple users that are able to view footage.

  6. My friend recommend Armorax Home Security, so I’m headed that way. I can’t dish out so much money upfront. Armorax is $99 down with a 3-year contract and the equipment is professional – not this China stuff. The monitoring is damn affordable too. It’s encrypted, cellular and supports the Ring doorbell camera, Z-Wave for my lights, locks and thermostat.

  7. First of all, its not always cold in Canada, (I live in Toronto)
    Second, some of your facts are incorrect or changed during the duration of the video
    This sounds like you are trying to convince people to go with the Dbell
    By the way, I am a professional electronics installer

  8. Please make a video that compares the time to receive a notification and view a clip. I want to know who is coming to my door before they get there. Most cameras send the notification after recording ends. I can't find the info to compare anywhere.

  9. The d-bell HD live gets horrid input from Amazon buyers. So many one Stars! Yet you want to say that this is the product we should be buying? It sure does sound like you were paid to say that. Consumers that actually buy the product don't agree with you

  10. DO NOT BUY THE DBELL CAMERA!! It does not work as advertised. Sent it back and never got refund. The company is a sham and will rip you off. Filed a complaint with paypal. Again buyer beware, don't get this camera.

  11. Here is part of the email I sent to Dbell on Jan 19.  But no response as usual.  In my email I include my receipt and tracking.  Talked to my CC company and they too have tried to contact Dbell and Dbell never replied to them either.   So this is a warning that this is not a legit company.   MY EMAIL "Ok,  tell me what happened to my refund ($199).   I returned the camera to you on Nov 6, 2017.   I am tired of the excuses.   If I don't see a refund in the next few days, I will file a complaint with the Consumer Complaint Dept in Canada. "

  12. Purchased both the Dbell HD and the Ring HD and found Ring is the clear cut winner in almost all areas: Style: The Ring is a nice looking doorbell while the Dbell is just plain ugly. Motion Detection: Ring works and the Dbell was ok during the day but fails miserably at night. Had to shut off motion detection as it was generating alerts every few minutes. Price: Ring wins here too as you can get it at Costco for $189 with chime and one year subscription whereas the Dbell is $199. Ease of Install: This is pretty much a tie. Notification: Here too the winner is Ring. The only area that Dbell was the clear winner is with ONVIF support as you can use free or inexpensive software to setup your own recorder whereas Ring charges $30 a year for the subsctiption. Customer Support: This is not even close. Since Ring has such a large customer base they have spent the money to create an excellent tech team that really helps you in all areas. Meanwhile Dbell phone just rings and rings and rings. The only real way to get in touch with Dbell is via email and then you wait days and the answers were not very helpful. Yes, Ring has the $30 a year subscription (again Costco gives you one year free) but with all the pluses this is a small price to pay for a really good camera. I had high hopes for the Dbell but if failed miserably and doubt that the company will be around much longer.

  13. A pretty enjoyable video, mainly because of the reviewer. Was like watching a game show host. This lady can actually be a good tv host. But the bias review was bad. I was gonna suggest you use this video as an audition video for a tv show, til the bias-ness kicked in. Skybell doesn't have hidden fees. They offer a certain, 7 days worth of video I believe, free video cloud storage.

  14. I have a couple of comments. 1) I have a Ring Pro but it looks to me like when she was showing the video of the Skybell it was too quick to bring up their screen. To me it looked like she was showing the Ring Pro's screen as the Skybell's screen. 2) Using an AC adapter means you would either have to run a wire outside or drill a hole in your wall. Ditto if you want to use an Ethernet cable.

  15. Don't let the pretty girl distract you from a garbage product. Got it and wish I didn't. The motion sensitivity does not work. This was a waste of money. Good luck trying to get any support from this company. The phone rings but no one answers. Go with Ring as this company and their doorbell are not good.

  16. So hoped this camera would be good but alas it is junk.   Sure some functions work but overall, the functionality especially motion detection which is the most important feature does not work.   Don't waste your money on this.   Get the Skybell or Ring

  17. I bought ring 2 and i had no door bell installed. I just run little wire outside to bell and back inside to transformer 16v then plugged into wall and it works. I get notifications to my phone or tablet in the wall. No need for existing doorbell

  18. Thinking about switching to Skybell. The Ring takes to long and sometimes fails to connect. I upgraded my internet speed and bought a new modem/router and it still has issues. My indoor cameras work great though.

  19. I suggest EVERYONE to buy the Ring 2 product.

    This is the reason why:

    1) Excellent build quality of the doorbell which doesn't feel or looks cheap at all.

    2) The easy Ring app to set-up the device/doorbell is really, really easy to use on your smart phone. No jargon or rocket science promise!

    3) Very easy set-up/install on your front or back door walls. Tools and screws are provided !

    4) Excellent day and night video quality.

    5) Excellent 24/7 Customer Service.

    6) Super cheap upgrade from Ring 1 Doorbell which I had to Ring 2 Doorbell. It cost me £20 or $18. It was 100% worth it !

    7) Yes this is a expensive bit of kit but tell me something isn't your family and love ones worth it?

  20. I have to laugh when people like this do reviews when they have no idea hat they are reviewing and also when they try to act professional. What was the first “discrepancy “ about?

  21. dbell HD live can be found here, https://www.dbell.ca/product/dbell-hd-live/ but at a higher price than advertised in this video. This is because it is no longer available on indiegogo and is now in full production.

  22. Just installed this product because my ring quit working and ring was not helpful at all. The camera coverage is an outright lie. The ring has a much better lens. I called them and they said they were working on it and should be improved in June 2018. After installing it and turning on the motion alarm it went off every 2 minutes. Standing at a window where I could see everything there was no motion happening but it was going off like crazy. It took me a lot of clicking around the internet to find the instructions for this product. I finally found how to set the sensitivity set it to the lowest setting and it still has false alarms like crazy. I had to leave a message for tech support and when I received I return call I couldn’t understand the person on the phone. My conclusion is both this product and the ring are very poor performers. I am going to try and return both of them…

  23. Bottom line is that these things are only as good as your wi-fi signal strength , period end of story. Very unreliable. In my case "Ring".

  24. UPDATE: This video was done before the "Ring Video Doorbell 2" was released, and the points raised in this video are outdated and not relevant anymore.

  25. Smart Home Tech in this video https://www.amazon.com/shop/X
    Amazon UK https://amzn.to/2Iy6Ubv
    Amazon CAN https://amzn.to/2RhvCRD?

  26. She did the Best review EVER!! Love the illustration, got my attention because she's a woman, haven't seen a woman do a review that was so detailed..in fact, this is the first time I've seen a woman do a doorbell review. She helped me to make a decision. I was leaning toward the skybell, but I'm choosing the dbell now.
    Thank you..I appreciate you..

  27. Thanks but.

    I own the ring doorbell pro
    It has an angle mount now. Battery last about a month, charges in 4 hours.

    You left out in Maine thing you should have reviewed. It is about how far away you can get the motion sensor. Or how fast the camera reacts. The reason about the ring doorbell was because it had the longest range.

    Please review the setting on your next one that is what most people want to know


  28. Ring pro has also a angle option!!!Ring Pro has also a wireless chime!Ring pro is delivered with a transformer!In Europe anyway,with 24 volts.

  29. Yeah the Dbell won’t work in Canada get to cold for it. The sky bell works up to -45 c so that’s my pick.

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