Dangers of 5G network – how to protect yourself from radiation

Dangers of 5G network – how to protect yourself from radiation

– Hi everyone. My name is Ray and welcome to my channel. Now, I know you probably
heard a few things about the new technology and you want to dive
deeper into the details of all the different rumors. Let’s just begin with the
fact that humanity usually prefers to build something
that brings in more money. And only after we discover that it ruins our health in so many different ways. Some really, really good examples are genetically modified foods, radiation from magnet trains, cell phones, pollution, bee disappearances and many, many more. You’re probably familiar
with some of them, including the hole in the ozone layers. In this video, I’m going to dive deeper into the science behind the new technology and what dangers it might impose on us. I’m going to tell you the truth and the things that I’ve
learned and discovered and I have to say that it
really ain’t so pretty. So stay tuned. (brooding music) There are serious concerns
about the implications of new technology to the human health, to wildlife and to the environment itself. In September of 2017, almost two years ago, the European Union had a
5G appeal that was signed by more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 different nations. They demanded freezing the increase of mobile antennas for
the planed 5G expansion and many other things included. Their main concerns
were actually the impact that these might have the antennas from the higher radiation
exposure on neurological impacts, infertility and cancer for human beings. Here’s a quick quote from their appeal. We, the undersigned scientists and doctors recommend the moratorium on the roll out of the fifth generation 5G for telecommunications until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists, independent from the industry. And then in 2018 an international appeal to stop 5G in space and on Earth had over 26,000
signatures from scientists, doctors, building biologists, engineers, citizens and many, many more. 5G is actually the next
technology of mobile and wireless communication. It will provide speeds
up to 100 times more than what we actually have today in the three and four generation It will allow more information for things like driverless cars, smart cities, drones and for faster video streaming
like Netflix services. There are even plans in motion to provide 5G from space. Meaning, thousands of satellites to cover the earth with
wireless radiation. The problem is that in order
to provide these speeds, 5G will include the higher
millimeter wave frequencies never before used for the internet and communication technology. Now, these frequencies are somewhere in the microwave in the low and really high band
frequencies in the high. Microwave, that thing
that we actually use to warm our food and again microwave. (laughs) So this higher frequencies
don’t travel far and are blocked by buildings
and different structures. So high band systems will
have to use a dense network of fixed outdoor antennas
almost every 300 meters or about 1000 feet as
well as indoor systems. Now this type of radiation
didn’t really have the pre-market long term testing and humans that are continuously exposed to microwave radiation. For example, millimeter wave technology was actually used in high intensity in non-lethal crowd control weapons and in military applications. Environmental effects
have also been ignored. 5G is going to massively
increase the microwave and millimeter wave
radiation in our environment and this will probably
have a detrimental effect on wildlife and on trees and on mother nature itself. Take the bees for example, there is a very serious bee
disappearance phenomenon and it’s been going on for years. You can read about it everywhere. And scientists are
theorizing that it’s probably because of the different radiations and exposure to different frequencies. Frequencies like
electromagnetic frequencies or radiation frequencies and these cause the bees to actually
lose their way back home. Now without the protection of the hive, they wander off and they
probably die somewhere and that’s why we have disappearance and we have crop issues as well. Some risks from the long
exposure to 5G technology also include damage in the eyes, damage to sperm and fertility, severe swelling, skin damage, immune system disruption, metabolic disruption, neurological disruption, increased risk of cancers, potential collapse of insect populations and damage to the plants and trees. Now there is of course, a great conflict of interest between the global community and the large companies
that are predicting the new 5G technology is going to bring $7 billion industry annually, Okay? And it’s called the
Internet of Things IoT. Now, the industry, of course, is trying to make its
message about lack of harm, prevail through large
investments in the media and by lobbying. Now am not the one that is
really happy to be the bringer of bad news or criticism. But I try to be as objective as I can and learn a lot about the subject before I display it to you my viewers. As both as scientifically and spiritually oriented individual. I try to be as holistic as I can and right now I see no real solution for the issue at hand and I think that the forces
that are pushing this technology and no matter what. Okay, in other words, we we don’t have a lot of
things we can do about it. So instead of focusing
on them screwing us over, again, let’s think together
about what we can do after all. I suggest, first, avoid making it worse by
using the placebo effect meaning your belief system. Second, live a healthier lifestyle and allow your body to cleanse itself. In other words, you already know if you’re one of my viewers. And third, avoid purchasing
any new 5G technology that you know hasn’t been tested and approved for long term health issues. The last thing I can suggest
is to sign a petition or join the fight in whatever way you can. There are many ways that
you can actually do this from the comfort of your
home without going out to the streets in protest. Now please don’t be pissed. This is again just a
phase that humanity we all are going through right now. We are like a baby learning to walk. We need to be more forgiving and use the power of
our mass consciousness and our free will to see positive outcomes even under these type of circumstances when we hear really bad news. (laughs) And together I believe that our manifestation
ability is much greater and then a solution
can actually be created without us knowing about it. I love you all and thank you very much for watching and giving me your time. Enjoy this, pass this message along. Namaste and I will see
you in my next video. (somber music)

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