DaBaby | Complete Legal History | Before They Were Famous

DaBaby | Complete Legal History | Before They Were Famous

Da Baby has become arguably one the hottest
rapper in the game coming into 2020 and started off the year on the wrong foot with new charges
out in Miami. This isn’t his first time Da Baby has been
busted by the cops, nor his first time behind bars. In fact the dude even killed a man inside
a Wal Mart… don’t fret all charges were dropped and the shooting was deemed as self
defence. I guess we know how Da Baby;s stance on American
gun laws. At the time of this recording Da Baby’s recent
arrest and words inside the court room have gone viral. Whose got a quarter million just sitting in
a bag… Damn! Da Baby stole $80 bucks of a promoter who
failed to pay him for his most recent stint in jail but as I said this wasn’t his first
time locked up behind bars. We could do a Before They Were Famous on Da
Baby and I’m sure we will make an Epic in the future but today I wanted to try something
a little different. We are gonna take a look at Da Baby’s history
of trouble with the law. The dude seems like a good kid, the ladies
love as do the broskis but after doing all this research it’s fair to say that Da Baby
can be all smiles one minute but if you clown him he goes Bahd Babie real fast…. Aright, let’s get into this video. Da Baby was born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk on
December 22, 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Charlotte when he was 6 years old. Growing up, he was the baby of the family… With two older brothers he was raised by his
mom while his dad traveled the country working for the army. Dad stayed in the picture and he would see
him over the summer. In Da Baby’s interview with Nardwaur we found
out that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Da Baby revealing that he was actually
raised by robbers. At 5 years old he knew that he wanted to make
a million dollars, stay in a mansion and never have to work a 9-5 but how you gonna do that
in Charlotte, North Carolina? Da Baby spent time on the streets making money
by 17 but knew it was never the lifestyle that he wanted to pursue. The kid did well for himself husteling, he
bought himself a conco and two cars before he was 22 and then sold it all taking a big
gamble on himself to become a rap super star. The average house price for a Condo in North
Carolina is around … A quarter million dollars so dude had definitely
made some moves building up his net worth and of course this would come with a few run
ins with the law. On June 15th 2013. Da Baby was caught in possession of half an
ounce of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon. He was released on $500 bail. He got booked again a couple of times in 2016
for a misdemeanour in weed possession, possession of a firearm and was arrested for driving
with a fake license. In early 2016, Baby Jesus which he was known
as at the time. He headed on his first tour throughout America
with his friends. On that tour, Baby had a little run in with
the police…. Ironically enough while trying to shoot a
music video at a local Walmart. He ended up doing 8 hours in Virginia before
getting out but this wouldn’t be his last Wal Mart with a fatal shooting that happened
in 2018. He explained to his fans his side
of the story. Essentially what happened was two men approached
him while he was with his baby mama and two kids. An altercation broke out, these other dudes
were packing and Da Baby did what he had to do to protect his family. This altercation resulted in the death of
one person. Da Baby pleaded self defence and after reviewing
security footage the courts agreed. initial gun-related charge was dismissed,
he was found guilty of a concealed weapon charge and received one year of unsupervised
probation. The next year he would be a XXL Freshman and
his career would sky rocket but so would the fandom which resulted in a few situations,
most notable the dude at the Louis Vutton store. The best part is how this mans pants fell
down…. He got arrested after getting off stage in
his native Charlotte in 2019 and this one made the news. So that’s what mainstream news had to say
about the incident but more behind the scenes footage had him talking about being targeted
by the police. He also took to Twitter to explain his side
of things: Someone died last night while the police department wasting resources and officers
to harass me in attempt to make a bad example out of me. When in reality, i’m the most positive example
the city of Charlotte got. Especially for anybody in the streets of Charlotte
and the KIDS. 2020 is when things got extra wild for Da
Baby. At the Dallas Airport he was seen getting
into a scrap with someone in a Bagel shop. It’s actually a shame, the man had spent that
day doing a toy drive giving gifts to hundreds of kids. The last thing you ever want is your own city
to do you bad.. you ain’t see Drake getting locked up here in Toronto. Although he did cut the Toronto Chair Girl
from his video. Anyway, let’s get to Da Baby’s most recent
arrest. DaBaby was owed $30,000 for a performance
but the promoter showed up with only $20k, so DaBaby’s crew allegedly pounced on him,
stole $80, a credit card and an iPhone 7. He spent 48 hours behind bars and when he
got out made a few posts that read. Please stop talking to me about that weak
ass 48 hours I spent in jail and that failed attempt to break my spirit & interupt the
path I’m taking to my god given success. Don’t allow yourself to be mislead by Janky
Promoters and lazy ass grown men itcjing for the opportunity to file a lawsuit that they
won’t win. I remain compsied and focused knowing allegations
made without honesty and intergrity will never be honored by the most high. Please be reminded that sucka ass situations
like there arent worthy of your time or attention. Don’t allow yourself to become lost in the
sauce or misinformed by the media. I encourage you all to kick back relax and
prepare yourselves for this new wave of music and entertainment I have prepared for you
all. So there you have it. Let’s hope this is the end of his time incarcerated. I personally could picture Da Baby transitioning
over into film and being an all around super star. So let’s hope he stays outta trouble. As for the rest of the story. Well I’m gonna wrap this one up here – because
this is Before They Were Famous. Or Legal History. Or whatever the hell it is we tiltled this

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