Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 157 – Full Episode – 19th February, 2020

Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 157 – Full Episode – 19th February, 2020

Greetings. I, Anup Soni,
welcome all of you to today’s episode of
the Black Headlines Series of ‘Crime Patrol Satark’. Ballu, Yogi,
you are out on parole. You have not been released. Remember this. Jailer, don’t be scared. We won’t take advantage
of our freedom. You had stolen 37 cars
and sold them. You won’t be able
to come out from jail even if one car
goes missing from the city. Vivek.
– Yes. Is there any tension?
You look stressed. There are many
stresses in life. But life becomes
more stressful if we use the wrong way
to get rid of that stress. Sometimes, human beings
invite lifetime problems just for few moments
of happiness. Why are you being
so philosophical? Tell me clearly.
What is the matter? Who are you?
– He is my husband, Vivek. How did this happen? Vivek and I were
returning home from a party. A bike came suddenly and.. Are you crazy?
Move your bike. Stupid! Can’t you understand
what am I saying? Come out.
– Hey! Come out.
– Come out? Hey!
– Who are you? Vivek! Didn’t they try
to steal anything? Who were they?
Do you have any idea? Sir, one of them
had worn a helmet. And the other man’s face
was covered. Which bike was it?
Did you see the bike’s number? You told me that you were
returning from a party. Whose party was it? Vivek’s boss’. His name? Bhaskar Gupta. He is the manager
of Winsure Company. And Vivek was
his supervisor. Where is the house
where they party was held? Model Town. You guys keep coming.
– Go carefully. Yes, sure. See you tomorrow.
– Sure. Please go carefully.
– Yes. Don’t worry.
I’m there to take care of him. Sir, I found this mobile
in the car. Is this Vivek’s phone? It is locked.
What is the password? I don’t know. Sir, one second. Sir, there are no chances
of finding any CCTV till a long distance. And if Vivek was returning
from his boss’ house the bikers might have been
following him from there. But the murderers
did not try to steal anything. And he left
Vivek’s wife unharmed. It looks like they came
to kill Vivek. But leaving the eye witness
alive? Doesn’t it look fishy? I mean, weren’t the murderers
scared that Vivek’s wife
can identify them or note down
the bike’s number? Sir, the victim’s windpipe
and foodpipe have been slit badly. The knife has been used
so carefully that the victim must have
died on the spot. What happened with Vivek
was bad but work stops
for no one. Tapan, you will handle
all of Vivek’s clients. Keep Akash with you. Akash has all details
of Vivek’s clients. Yes, sir. Akash, you will now
report to Tapan. Now he is your boss.
– Yes, sir. Excuse me, sir. Hello?
– Tarun, I am scared. If the cops find out about us I will be publicly
ashamed. It will be better for us
if you do not call me. What? Tarun, listen to me. Tarun.. No, sir. No occasion. A casual get together. So Vivek and his wife
were here for dinner. Who has to gain
from Vivek’s death? We suffered a loss. Meaning? We lost an efficient
supervisor. He brought all the buisness
to the company. This year we have got
about twice the turnover. Vivek has brought us
more than 40 percent of clients. Thank you, sir.
– Good job. Now I’d like to see who brings
more clients next year. Mr. Bhaskar, is there
anyone in here who had a fight
with Vivek? Or someone that hates
Vivek. Sir, Vivek was a kind man. Everyone liked him. Ma’am, I was serving him
for past one year. So you must be knowing
about Vivek’s friends and foes. Sir, this is my office.
We are all colleagues. Not friends or foes. Competition, if not foes? You and Vivek held
the same rank so you must have
competed. And a race to move past
the other. Yes, a healthy competition. It helps us grow. You did grow. You got all of Vivek’s clients
now that he is dead. Am I right? Yes, Ma’am.
Tapan did gain a lot. So you are saying
that Tapan is behind this. No, that is not it. Sir, I do not think it was
about his professional life. Was it about his
personal life? You must be knowing
a lot. How was his relation
with his wife? Any affair? No, sir.
I do not think so. I am drawn to you
against my will. ‘The number you called
is not reachable.’ Listen to me.
Every place has secrets. Be it the house
or the company. And if it is out
everyone can suffer. Here, have this
offertory. Your day will be good. All you can do
is pray. You cannot get a job. Turn off the gas
after three whistles. Can you at least
do that? I am going work. Useless fool. Sir, I checked all CCTV
from Bhaskar’s house to the crime scene. From the CCTV
at Banjara crossing we have seen a bike. This is Vivek’s car. And here is the bike
following it. I had shown the same
to Shweta. Yes, this was the bike. It is them! The footage is blurry. We see no number
nor the face. Sir, Shweta is certain
of them being killers. And Vivek’s phone
was unlocked. I checked. Vivek was speaking
to a girl named Pratha. They used to chat and it seems they had
an affair. Who is she? Sir, she is Tarun’s wife.
Tarun is Vivek’s colleague. There is a picture of Pratha
with Tarun on profile. So Tarun and Shweta
have a strong motive. But it is shocking that Tarun and Shweta
were close. You were with Shweta, right? On one side I can see Vivek
and Tarun’s wife’s affair and on the other hand
Vivek’s wife Shwetha and Tarun were in contact. I’m not able to understand. Sir, there’s this biker too. I think these
bikers are killers. They can be connected to Tarun
or Shwetha. Check their backgrounds well. Also meet Tarun’s wife. Look at what she has to say. Okay, sir. What is this? Make it sharper. It should cut like butter. The chicken.. Sir, I and Vivek don’t have
any such relationship. The way you think it is.. Ma’am, this mobile phone
belongs to Vivek. It has all the messages that you
used to send to Vivek. Shall I read it out? It’ll refresh your memory. Vivek says
“Pratha, you’re a magnet.” “When I look at you,
I feel like coming to you.” You have written “O Vivek, when
are we going to meet again?” Shall I proceed
or is this sufficient? Sir, I’m a married woman.
I wasn’t cheating my husband. So did both of you trap Vivek
together? Sir, what are you saying? We have nothing to do
with Vivek’s murder. We’ll find out. But keep one thing in mind. If I get to know that you knew
something and you kept quiet you won’t get a chance to speak. Sir,
you can do whatever you want. But I haven’t done anything. Gullu! – Yes, Mr. Yogi. Enjoy as much as you want. Tell me, whom do you want
to have fun with? ‘Eenie meenie miney mo..’ ‘Catch a bad chick by her toe..’ Go.. Be careful.
Enjoy yourself. Mr. Yogi.
– Yes. See you later. Yes, I’ll see you
later but take your time. Come on. Hey, why are you worried? Shall we go? What’s your name?
– Chanda. I’m not bothered.
Listen. Do you know my name?
– I know your name and I know what you do. You’re a thief, right? A vehicle thief. What do you think?
Policemen will visit you instead of thieves. Even policemen come here. They enjoy and go. They don’t even pay. Who came here?
Tell me. I’ll charge you
extra for talking. Oh! You’re a very greedy woman. Tarun, the police questioned
your wife. I hope they aren’t doubting you. Sir, they have a doubt. But she didn’t
tell them anything. Sir, but Shwetha.. Sir, Vivek’s wife is troubling
me a lot. It’s getting difficult
to handle her. What do.. Handle her.
The police shouldn’t know our secrets. There were many personal and professional
secrets of Vivek’s life which could be the reason
for Vivek’s murder. The police accepted the two
bikers to be killers. But there was no way
to find them. But Vivek murder case was going
to be associated to another murder case. Sir. Sir, the way Vivek was murdered one month back, a similar
murder took place in Supela. The details of this murder
was same too. The victim’s throat was slit. Just like Vivek, even his body
was found near the vehicle. Who is this man? Sir, Nagesh.. He was a criminal lawyer. Do you know who wins
between the truth and lies? No. The one who has a good lawyer. There is a strong case against
your brother. There are two eyewitnesses who
saw him committing the murder. Sir,
that’s why I have come to you. You show us a way, sir. We need to buy eyewitnesses. For that you’ll need money. Rs. One lakh you’ll need
to bail him out. Sir, if you reduce the amount.. If you want to bargain, you
can go to the vegetable market which is just two streets away. Don’t get angry, Mr. Nagesh. I’ll arrange for the money. Just bail my brother. Please..
– Think he has escaped. Bring the advance by tomorrow. So you think this lawyer Nagesh and Vivek’s murder
can be connected. Sir, at least the murderer
can be the same. Or maybe two different people
bought the same man. Then let us find out
from the Supela police. What is the story
of the lawyer Nagesh? Here you go.
– Upasna! Did you get to know
about that man? Let it be. It’s about our daughter. If you do something, we will
be defamed. You want to guide a lawyer. Tell me the name.
– Birju. He lives in Rasali. Your daughter wants to make
a degraded man sit on her head. Is this what you’ve taught her? Sir, Nagesh was a strong man. He knew the law and also
the people who go against it. After that,
we went to his house. Sir, my husband’s murderer
is at home. She has killed my husband. She has finished her father. So that she and her lover Birju
can be free. Who’s Birju? Where can we find him? Do you have Birju’s picture?
– Yes, sir. Here you go, sir. Birju has the motive
to kill Nagesh. But why will he kill Vivek? Is there any history
behind Birju? No, sir.
There’s nothing as such. How can Birju be
related to Vivek? Tarun, you can’t get rid
of me like this. You have no idea
what condition I’m in right now. Shweta, we used to meet
only to have fun. I have no responsibility
towards you. Please stop calling me.
– Really? Are you running away now?
Listen, Tarun.. If you keep avoiding me this way I’ll frame you.
Understood? Are you blackmailing?
– Yes, I am. Hello!
Hello! This is Vivek. We think his murder
is connected to your husband. Do you any of these people? No. I know none of them. No, neither do I. Do you know anyone among these? No. I know none of them. Stop here. And listen, pick up Pushp
from school, okay? And don’t stay busy with prayers
the entire time. I’ve to do two facials.
I’ll need time. So, go home and cook some rice. Okay?
– Okay. Ma’am, is this much pressure
okay? Ma’am, I’ll go and get
some hot water. – Okay. What were you looking at? W-Well, nothing.. Don’t be shy now. Tell me. Do you like me? A lot. Then kick that old hag
out of this house and keep me here with you.
– What! Yes.
– Are you serious? Yes, I am. What happened? Nothing, ma’am.
Your husband was about to fall. I saved him in time. Sir, the victim’s name
is Sanjeev Sinha. And he’s his father. Sir, even in this case
it’s the same pattern apparently like in Vivek
and Nagesh’s cases. Look here.
And just nearby.. Over here.. There are bike tyre imprints. So, just like in Nagesh
and Vivek’s cases even Sanjeev was killed
by slitting the throat. What enemies, sir? My son Sanjeev was a decent boy. He had recently got a job
in a steel industry. Steel industry?
– Yes, sir. Three murders took place and they were committed when
the victims were in their cars. The modus-operandi is the same. But how could these three
murders be connected mutually? Sir, there is a connection.
The steel industry. Vivek Sharma and Sanjeev Pandey
were linked to steel industry. And Nagesh? Sir, even Sahu found
some information about Nagesh. Nagesh was a legal advisor
in the steel industry two years ago. So the killer is targeting those
related to the steel industry. Maybe he’s on the lookout
for his next target. Any leads on that boy Birju? The one whom Nagesh had
insulted before everyone. No, sir. Sahu told me that
ever since Nagesh’s murder Birju has been missing. ‘Birju was the prime suspect
of the Nagesh murder case’ ‘but the police believed that
Nagesh, Vivek and Sanjeev’ ‘were killed by the same man.’ ‘But they couldn’t find
a connection between Birju’ ‘and Vivek and Sanjeev,
nor were they able to find him.’ ‘These three murders
in the steel city’ ‘had spoiled the atmosphere
of the city’ ‘and reacting instantly
the police had rounded up’ ‘all repeat offenders
in the area.’ ‘But despite all that’ ‘these murders showed
no signs of stopping.’ Sir, this man’s name
is Debashish. He owns a small eatery nearby. Even his murder’s modus-operandi
seems to be the same. All the other victims
were from the upper class. And they were murdered
in their cars. But this man owned
just a small eatery.. Is his murder really related
to the other three? Or is this a ploy to mislead us? Sir, I can’t figure out
the killer’s mind. We have to figure out. This is the fourth murder so far and Birju is still absconding. What now, Mr. Yogi? If we’re pinned in a murder case
we’ll go to jail for long. Don’t worry. I’ve thought of a way out. Sir, our informers told me
that a week before Vivek’s death Vivek and Tapan had
a heated argument. But no one from the staff
told us this nor did Bhaskar, their boss. Found out the reason
for the fight? – Yes, sir. Vivek’s performance was better
than that of Tapan. Vivek had also been winning
best performer of the year award since last two years. So, once the best is gone
the next best one is best. Bring in Tapan. Sir, I’ve got nothing to do
with Vivek’s murder. Listen, just admit it. Or else, I’ll beat you up
black and blue. Sir, I did envy him. I used to complete my target
with great difficulty. And Vivek would get sales twice
than that of the company target. We were at the same level, sir. But salary..
He got a higher salary. He even got more incentives. And everyone in the office
would praise him, too. Thank you, sir.
– Good job. So you paid someone to kill him. You eliminated him forever.
– Sir, I didn’t get him killed. Really? Get the baton.
– Sir, I didn’t kill anyone! Sir, listen.. Vivek is to blame
for his own death. Why? – Sir, I would underperform
compared to Vivek. But unlike him I would never eye
my colleague’s wives. Are you talking about
Tarun’s wife? No, sir. I meant Akash and his wife. Akash is Vivek’s assistant, sir. Vivek had said something
about him, sir which left Akash infuriated. Mind your language, Mr. Vivek! If you say that about my wife
again, you’ll regret it! Akash, relax. If you have problems
I won’t talk about it again. But go home and think about it. Look.. If you just cooked up a story trust me,
I’ll roast you right here. Sir, I’m not lying. You can confirm it from
Akash if you want. Sir, why have you
brought me here? I’m getting tortured here. Tapan has told us everything.
There’s no use of lying now. Tell me, what happened
between Vivek and you? Sales job is very stressful. Neither client can be happy
with me, nor my wife at home. Everyone has complaints
with us. Right? Yes, sir. That’s normal during the
initial few years of marriage. Curse of routine. You know. I don’t understand. If a person can get bored
of having same food everyday how can’t he get bored
from the same partner? But we can’t change partners
like we change our food. We can. Sometimes. We do it. Mr. Bhaskar, Taran and I. We exchange
each other’s partners.. You know. What? Relax, Akash. If you want,
you can also join us. Sir.. Sir, Mr. Vivek was asking me
for wife swapping. Wife swapping? – Yes, ma’am. Is it true what
Tapan and Vivek told us? Yes, sir. But we did that
with each other’s consent. How could anyone
have any problem then? Sir, everyone has
a stress buster. This is our stress buster. And we haven’t committed
any crime. We have nothing
to do with what you do within the four walls
of your house. But it doesn’t remain personal
when there’s a crime. Wife swapping,
the exchange of wives. Did this game played in the name
of entertainment among the reputed and rich
take such a serious turn? Was the growing closeness
between Shweta and Tarun became the reason
for Vivek’s death? Or was it the enmity between
Tapan and Vivek the reason behind Vivek’s death? Or was there some other
reason behind Vivek’s death? Police did not leave any
stone unturned to nab Birju and they finally caught
hold of them. Tell me, why did you
commit these three murders? Tell me the
name of your partner. Sir, I didn’t commit any murder.
– Is it? Then why were you hiding? Sir, I was scared.
I used to love Archana. But her father, Nagesh,
threatened me of framing me
in a murder case. I chose my life over love
and ran away. Did you choose life? Scoundrel!
You went for taking a life. Nagesh,
Vivek and then Sanjeev. Tell me, why did you commit
these three murders? Tell me the
name of your partner. Sir, I haven’t even heard
of these names. My mistake is that I’m
from a different caste. That’s why you are
framing me into this. Look, tell it to me clearly.
Or else you will rot here. Tell me the
name of your partner. Tell me. – Sir.. Get the truth out of him. Say it. Sir, we thrashed
the two parole history-sheeter Yogi and Ballu. So they have given us
a different information. What is it? Sir,
we often visit a prostitute. She told us this when we went
to her a few days ago. Do you know who is committing
those crimes in the city? Who is that? It’s that policeman.
He is my regular customer. But she didn’t tell us who
that policeman is. I hope you are not lying,
are you? No, sir.
We don’t want to die here. Sir, I’m telling you the truth. Come on, tell me the name
of that prostitute and her address. Sir.. Give me a minute. Sir, I want to talk
to you something important. You roam around the locality
with your pride. But you become so soft
when you come to me. Sir, please show some
mercy on me. Listen to me once. You don’t talk to me.
Send her. I will talk to her. Leave. Sir, listen to me just once. Sir, Chanda’s number
is inactive. Her pimp is saying that
she has gone to Goa but he doesn’t know where
exactly she is in Goa. Is Yogi
and Ballu misleading us? May be, they are bringing
us to this policeman’s angel thought Chanda. I don’t think so, sir. Because at the time
of the fourth murder Yogi and Ballu were
in our custody. If they are telling us
the truth it’s important to know
who that policeman is who is committing
all these murders. Sir, the problem is that,
if this is true we have to take action
against a policeman. That’s not a problem. Everyone is equal
in the eyes of law. Be it a policeman
or a common man. But we must confirm
if there’s actually a policeman behind all these murders. Das. Stop.. Give me the key.
I will drive the car myself. On one hand, a policeman
was being considered as suspect in these murders,
and on the other hand the fifth murder was of
Anand Kumar, a senior officer. This murder shook the
police headquarter too. Sir, we have got the
information that it’s someone
from our department. You are believing
those two goons. Still, if I suppose
what you said tell me which policeman
would do this or get this done? Sir, it’s difficult to be
sure about anything now. But we are unable to find
any connection between these murders. I think someone is doing this to challenge
the police department. Tell me
what you want to do. Sir, I’ve fetched the dump data
of all the five crime scenes and studied them. I have got a number which
was present in all these five crime scenes. Whose number is that? Take sweets.
It’s a joyous occasion for us. What’s the matter? My husband has
got back his job. It’s a great news.
Congratulations! Sir, you are here!
Have sweets. It’s great!
You are distributing sweets to celebrate your arrest.
– My arrest? What are you saying? 444547685.
Is this your number? Yes, this is my number.
But my husband uses it. Your husband uses it?
– Yes, my husband, Mukund Kumar. Mukund, your suspension
has been revoked? – Yes. Mr. Anand had revoked
my suspension before he met with an accident. Shall we go now? You are making a false
allegation against me. Do you have any proof? We have enough evidence.
And we have a witness too. Witness?
– Yes, witness, Chanda. Yes, sir. A policeman like you
commits murders. How do you know, Chanda? I saw traces of blood
on his clothes many times. Once I saw a knife
with him. Don’t think you will be spared
since you are a policeman. Will you confess your crime
or we will make you confess? Have you washed your hand?
What is he doing? Sit down. Oh, God!
What have you served? This is a non-vegetarian dish. We ordered for
a vegetarian dish, right? I asked you to take us
to a vegetarian hotel. Debashish tried to hurt
our religious sentiments by serving chicken.
Hence, I killed him. Hey, are you out of your mind? Have you gone mad? Is this the way
to ride a bike? Sir, you? Why did you kill your senior,
Mr. Anand Kumar? He revoked your suspension. He was a scoundrel. He was responsible
for everything. People belonging to his caste
bow down before me. But he was my senior. He used to boss me around. He used to make me do
his personal works too. I got fed up of his torture
and sent him where he deserves to stay. What wrong did the cab driver
do to you? One day, my wife, Radhika and I were going
somewhere on our bike. He hit our bike
with his car. It was his fault.
We got injured. But he was showing
me attitude. He had contacts
with influential people. He complained my department
against me. And what did my department do? They suspended me
without knowing the truth. Who helped you
to commit murders? Who was your partner? I have a distant relative,
Brajesh. Even he suffered a lot
because of his caste. Hence, he was helping me. He was confident
that we would never get caught. It’s not wrong to be proud
of your caste or religion. But when someone feels hatred
towards the people belonging to other castes
or religions it is harmful
for any civilised society. Mukund didn’t kill
only five people. When a person died,
it affects his family too. The lives of the wives
of the five victims got ruined by Mukund. And he hurt his wife the most. Radhika couldn’t believe that her husband had
committed five murders. Today’s Radhika’s
life is at a stand still. She is known as the wife
of a murderer. She knows very well
how badly it will affect her and her child’s life. I, Anup Soni,
will take leave now. We will meet again
with a new story. And remember one thing. As long as you are alert,
you are safe. Be alert and stay safe. ‘Jai Hind’.

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