Craziest Things Ever Stolen (CAUGHT ON CAMERA)

Craziest Things Ever Stolen (CAUGHT ON CAMERA)

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  1. okay you guys need to check the facts haha, I am from Denmark and the vodka was being borrowed to a vodka museum in the basement of a bar long term from the Dartz empire and the bottle was stollen with keys to the bar and basement, but a few days after it was stolen, the bottle was found empty and dropped on a building site a few cities away(actually my city haha), and the bottle was given back to the guy who has the vodka museum.

  2. Love playing along!

    1: 1.2million (answer: 1 million)
    2: $460,000 (answer: 3,000)
    3: $415,000 (answer: 1.2 million)
    4: 3.6 million (answer: 1.3 million)
    5: 62 chicken combo meals (answer: 12)
    6: $800 (answer: $334.75)

    Seems like my luck ran out after the first round!!

  3. [Whispers] "That's a lot of fajitas."

    Retta's commentary was a joy to listen to. Loved her expressions and how much fun she seemed to be having. A great gal =D .

  4. Bet money the condoms were actually Lifestyles. Cheap condom machine condoms always seem to be Lifestyles. No, I don't have any reason for knowing that…

  5. It's Donna from Parks and Rec 😀 I always liked her cause we had the same name and she was a good representation of it… not like the other Donna at my school… I hate that Donna… grr

  6. That serious look on Links face when he asked about Trojan or Durex was priceless 😂😂😂😂

  7. Ben Schwartz, Nick Offerman, Retta…

    Are they planing on getting every cast member of Parks and Rec?

    Because Chris Pratt would be amazing to see on this show

  8. How did Link not know that Rett lived in "the Oaks" or whatever it's called. I thought they were homies and been together since college n stuff on South Carolina or whatever

  9. Retta is literally so perfect, she’s absolutely stunning, hilarious, an amazing actress, and so much fun. I’ll love Donna forever :’).

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