Crafty Defender Uses Umbrella Fu | Active Self Protection

Crafty Defender Uses Umbrella Fu | Active Self Protection

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  1. Funny that you've uploaded this when i almost use my umbrella two times today

    The first one was a dog barking at me, i can only saw it's silhouette 15 meters away since the road was dark. I turn around and walk another route

    The second one was a dude in a bike almost crash on me while overtaking a car

    Situational awarness is definitely one of the most important thing i've learned

  2. " having robust empty handed skills is useful for you all over the world"
    ahahaaha im dead……
    so true.

  3. Hey John! I’ve said before that us Canadians cannot carry. So I’ve thought about it a lot! Metal pens and metal flashlights are my go to, oh, and a solid carabiner that fits your fist!

  4. I am forbidden to carry at work but as an electronics tech field technician I always have a small screw driver in my breast pocket. I can use it like an ice pick if needed at close hand to hand range. I've had it out often over the years in sketchy situations and the bad guys have never once knew it.

  5. OMG I'm always thinking about throwing my coffee in someone's face, stabbing them with a pencil, toothbrush or car keys or even throwing anything like a banana skin, soda or hand full of rice in someone's face can buy you some time. Is there something wrong with me for thinking like that? 🙂 Do you remember the James bond movie (I think it was Moonraker) when 007 threw a urine sample in someones face and for a second they acted like it was acid or something? I think anything in your face when you don't expect it will throw you off guard and buy time. Maybe long enough to not see that haymaker coming.

  6. i dont really mind when criminals get hard punishment, it's well deserved, he's lucky all he got was a punch and a smaller ego

  7. I once used an umbrella to defend myself on the bus! The umbrella broke. It was my favorite umbrella with a duck head handle. RIP.

  8. Worn these Rings all my f**** life, have actually use them on multiple occasions no broken bones. would gladly take broken bones over a f**** gunshot to the face. Unsubscribed thanks to your smart-ass comment.

  9. Dammit John, don't through a Narnia comment and a Judy chop comment so close together. I almost missed the Judy chop one. Thanks for all you do.

  10. When I was kid and misbehaved, my mom used anything within hands reach to correct me. Remote control, broomstick, the good ol’ chancla etc. So yeah for sure I always scan the room or area around me to look for any potential weapons to defend my self if when necessary.

  11. When walking through parking lots, I like to stick my car key between my middle and ring finger with the base of the key in the center of my palm. It works as a makeshift brass knuckles and concentrates the force of a punch on a small point. Haven't had to use it, hope I never do, but if I have to go hands on, it's ready with zero prep time.

  12. Every time I see a can of baked beans I hope something goes down so I can be the second guy on Earth that ends a fight with the “Assault Beans”

  13. You missed an important part. The lady moved away and let her man throw down. How many men are restricted by their woman screaming and pulling them away? That's not the time to teach her .

  14. From watching this series I've realized something important. The first rule for protecting yourself is basically to stay out of Brazil!!

  15. Here's a little note related to improvising! Alot of unarmed security guards in New Jersey carry large black "MagLite" flashlights on them even if there is absolutely no reason for them to ever need a flashlight. The reason is because unarmed guards in NJ are not even allowed to carry nightsticks or tazers. Those are both put in the same category as firearms and can only be carried by police officers, other law enforcement, and armed guards. Pepper spray is permitted, but unarmed guards can only carry the small ones sold in stores for civilians. Not the large cannisters carried by cops. So basically an unarmed guard in New Jersey has little to nothing that he/she can use to defend themselves if they need to (or to protect anybody else). Good self-defense also is rarely or never taught as part of standard security guard training. Since carrying a flashlight is total legal though, many unarmed guards carry MagLites because they can be used as a weapon to a certain extent, to fight someone off, wack someone over the head, etc. Also, there is an added intimidation factor because someone is probably less likely to jump someone holding a large metal flashlight in their hand, than someone who has absolutely nothing, or just has a tiny cannister of pepper spray on their keychain.

  16. I always carry my Vape box on me. it's a regulated device so it's pretty hefty I would assume if ever had to hit some upside the head with it it be like it getting hit with a brick it crosses my mind every now and then luckily I've never had to do such a thing.

  17. I think of things I can use all the time. Sometimes due to laws I will not be able to have my firearm with me and I think about what can I do and where can I go to get to safety or to fend off an attack.

  18. I work in a federal building. We had active shooter training a few months ago. My weapons of choice are an 8 lb piece of polished Tiger Iron followed up by an 8 lb piece of polished Lapis Lazuli. The laptop is next followed by the chair. I have a very small knife in my desk, but I wouldn't get to it fast enough to do anything helpful.

  19. I noticed the lady with him started moving away at first sign of trouble and didn't just sit there. Good job on her part too! Reminds me to have the "If the sh!t hits the fan, you need to run" talk with my lady again.

  20. In the 90s i worked in an internet cafe and while biking back home after a long day, i got ambushed by 2 guys waiting on the side of the road (it was 2AM).
    I had some cdroms in their cases in my hand, i threw one like you would throw a frisbee right into the face of the nearest guy to me. After that i managed to escape the second.
    Next morning i called my boss asking him to find someone else as i wasn't planning on biking the same road again.

  21. Just wondering: could that second person on the motorcycle be a female? Sort of looks like it, but it was still a great move by the umbrella man.

  22. It’s funny, some may see that umbrella as an improvised tool but I bet that guy intentionally chose that specific umbrella because it served double duty keeping the sun and criminals at bay. Boom!

  23. And that is how its done. Closes umbrella with quick fingers and nailed that right hook 👏👏👏 that was a perfect example of reading your situation having a plan and taking action. Couldn’t have done any better 100/100👌

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